Huge update of January 9th, 2006
Happy Birthday Severus!

I've worked on the new design over the holidays! Yeah!! The last dark blue one was merely for Movie 4 and served as a transition! I hope you like the new look! I thought books and a potion worktable represented Snape very well.


December 28th, 2005: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! May nothing you dismay!! Thanks to you, I am a very popular web site amongst the Harry Potter community and would therefore like to forward my gratefulness to you for this! My teaching contract is over and I have to find another one or do supply-teaching come this January. Too bad, I loved it so! I just hope I can land myself a nice little contract though nowadays, asking for that much is a lot.   I'm taking in your questions and suggestions (the relevant ones of course, you know how picky I am, and if not I'll tell you why). So if you have theories, questions or things you'd like to share or discuss, please feel free to e-mail me.  I will use them since it will give me more insight and ways to support my theories!

I've found analysis, profiles or listings on the web lately:

Mystery picture...
pray so this scene will be included on the DVD!!
Thanks to Ms_S_Snape


December 19th, 2005

The secret is unveiled...
Find out Professor Snape's worst fear...

What will the Mirror of Erised reveal?...

December 2005
: I accepted to provide a link for this site by a fan of our Potion Master who really wants  to do something tangible for him so as  to, hopefully, save him in upcoming though not written Book7. If you are interested, please visit the link and subscribe!

November 2005


September 5th, 2005: Back to School Update: "Hello everyone! I'm back to school teaching in a private school! Huzzah! So up until Xmas, I will be working in the same school substituting for someone. I love it because it's very unlike the public sector and I can finally apply some discipline there. No, not Snappish verbal discipline, eyebrows and questioning looks are just enough ; )  I'll be updating as much as I can, but please understand that running this web site alone is not a piece of cake. Any proof-readers volunteering?! I hope to be able to update as often as possible, so please, keep writing to me. All e-mails are kept and categorised until I have time to deal with them.


Half-Blood Prince Spoilers Update: New -August 13th -  Added more comments and analysis for your pleasure! I think many of them are great and I also came up with good hypothesis!! Follow the bookmarks. Also: Read my closest friend's analysis (Afictionado). She did a wonderful job I have not been able to thanks to my arms and the overflow of e-mail I've answered to.  I'll publish the other e-mails this week.  Also see the Irma Pince theory here. I have still many e-mails to sort out and publish, thanks for your patience about my arms which are much better now!  I'll avoid my cousin from now on ; ) Thank you again so much for all your ideas and theories, I love reading and commenting them!

Also made 2 wallpapers


September 5th, 2005: 'Why do you love Snape 2005' (finally!!)

August 13th, 2005: Irma Pince theory - More HPB analysis - Afictionado's take on HPB

July 24th, 2005: HBP spoiler section  + 2 wallpapers

July 12th, 2005: Book5 analysis Chap 25, 26 and 27 Completed!! Phew!

July 2nd, 2005: More Puppet "Bothering Snape" 20 to 29!!

May 4th, 2005: Book5 analysis Chap 24

April 26th, 2005:Potter Puppet Pals Mini-Adventure1 Made by me!!


My friend Afictionado's Fanfiction Page


Bothering Snape March 27th, 2005:

The first ever Potter Puppet Pals - Mini-Adventure1
Made by me!! (Full of Snape of course!)

March 12th, 2005: Potter Puppet Pals - Scene maker

March 5th, 2005: new Snape's Journal entry - The Bane of my Life

February 21st, 2005: Book5 analysis Chapter 24

January 9th, 2005: Happy Birthday, Severus!!

January 2nd, 2005: new Snape's Journal entry -  New Year and a bit of fun

December 29th, 2004: new Snape's Journal entry - Christmas

December 18th, 2004: new Snape's Journal entry - Christmas Tree

November 28th, 2004: Azkaban Movie Analysis & Pictures (complete!!)

November 20th, 2004: Now 6 Snape Xmas songs!! + Xmas wallpaper

November 14th, 2004: new Snape's Journal entry - Today, I laughed

November 10th, 2004: Fanfiction sections updated New Romance section
Snape's 12Days of Christmas song - Humour!

October 7th, 2004: new Snape's Journal entry - Breathing hard

November 5th, 2004: new wallpapers

October 20th, 2004:  Book 5 Chapter 15 to 23 analysis!
new Snape's Journal entry - Dreaming Dark Dreams

October 18th, 2004: JK Rowling's latest interview comments

October 16th, 2004:  One more Snape report - Very interesting!!

October 15th, 2004: My friend Afictionado's Fanfiction  Forth story added

October 9th, 2004: new Snape's Journal entry

October 2nd, 2004: Updated Snape Report!! At last!!  

 Plus new "Annoy Snape" reactions! 101 to 202!!

October 1st, 2004: Updated Misc section. Please answer poll!

September 25th, 2004: new Snape's Journal entry - Decisions

August 13th, 2004: Updated the Potter Puppet Pals section. More bonus links and animations!

August 12th, 2004: My friend Afictionado's Fanfiction  Thrid story added

August 8th, 2004: new Snape's Journal entry

August 6th, 2004:

Bothering SnapeI can't believe this guy (Neil Cicierega) actually made this: Harry Potter Flash-animated Puppets!" Three animations and its soundtrack here!

August 5th, 2004: My friend Afictionado's Fanfiction Page story added

August 5th, 2004: Snape's Journal - Another sleepless night

August 3rd, 2004: Snape's Journal - Musing of a sleep-deprived man

July 31st, 2004: Snape's Profile and my complete list of analysis are up-to-date! Yeah!

And new Snape's Journal entry - A little bit about Shame

July 28th, 2004: I created new wallpapers! From new pictures!

July 27th, 2004: My friend Afictionado's Fanfiction Page

July 25th, 2004: New Bonus Picture from Movie3!!

July 24th, 2004: updated Link Section!!

Also Link to more Movie2 images here

July 23rd, 2004: Revised JK Rowling interviews (I noticed I published the incomplete version : P  

 Also, Alan Rickman Interviews about Snape

July 22th, 2004: New! Please answer new poll: What type of personality are you?  (I am attempting to assess what type of person love Snape. So the more you answer, the more accurate. Therefore, PLEASE spread the word!!)  Poll can be found here.

July 21th, 2004 Book 5 analysis Chapter 13 added

And new Snape's Journal entry - "joie de vivre" and kittens

July 20th, 2004:new Snape's Journal entry!  
About Lupin's visits 
Also uncommented Why Snape fan-answers

July 19th, 2004: Book 5 analysis Chapter 11 and 12 added

July 15th, 2004:  Finally!  I began Book5 analysis. I decided to write down chapter by chapter, hence it will be posted regularly until I finish all 38 chapters! Therefore, posts will work just as fan-fiction postings do! : )  So check more often! And you are always welcomed to comment, ask questions or pin-point something I may have forgotten along the lines. Enjoy!

Also, a new Snape's Journal entry!  
Look it up, short and sweet about bureaucracy!

July 14th, 2004 : My computer crashed and I lost ALL data and E-MAILS since
May 24th. So, if you wrote to me during that period and still have a copy of your e-mail or remember what you said, please, please, please send it back!!  I'm awfully sorry for the inconvenient. At least, I only lost a couple of essays I was about to publish only, I can still rewrite them. But as for your e-mails, I am afraid I couldn't retrieve them until July 2nd. After that, I got them all.

June 29th, 2004: Incredible!!  More than 100, 000 hits at Tsfa's Top X Snape Sties!  Thank you for all your votes and visits!

June 21st, 2004: MOVIE 3 analysis!  Yes!  Already there!  Enjoy! ; )   
Plus some
bonus images from Movie 3

June 9th, 2004: 2years old!!! It's been two years on June 9th, 2004!  Didn't notice this year, just like last year!  To celebrate, tonight, I decided to inaugurate "Snape's Journal". Not original you say, maybe. But it will be a bit like a personal journal where Snape confines himself.  Half-fan fiction, half-journal. Please review, but no flames as always. And if you want any subjects "discussed" by Snape in his journal, please feel free to e-mail me your suggestions.  No improper or stupid stuff!  I won't answer those. This is not a "ask Snape" section. No offence, but I'm sure Snape has better things to do than answer drooling hormone-driven women.  I'm into more intellectual analysis. Find subjects that may plague him, or write about situations Snape could be faced with and I'll start from that writing about his thoughts and feelings on the subject.  Can be about his past, present or future.  E-mail me here for Snape's Journal

 Also, Rowling transcript interviews about Snape and Is Snaoe evil or not?

March 6th, 2004: Why do you love Snape? fan answers  (classified by year)

January 8th, 2004: Happy New Year!! Dear Snape fans,  as I mentioned before, I've been abroad on a very important trip ever since. I wanted to discover more about a culture that's totally different from mine and which I loved, and of course, I also wanted to do it as a personal challenge.  It's been great but very exhausting on me, so I have not been able to keep up with my work on my website ever since, not to mention my access to Internet was somewhat limited. After six months, I'm happy with what I've accomplished on all levels of my personal and professional life!!   I have a lot to say about human behaviors after my experience here and even more new theories.  Indeed, that was a big challenge of mine: discover more about what makes us human, what is the same even in a country completely different from mine.  I hope my analysis will be the more improve. It may explain a bit why people from all around the world love Severus Snape! Right! Therefore, please be a little more patient!  I will answer back!

March 2nd, 2004: MBTI analysis by Afictionado  Updated link sections!!    And from now on, I'm working on Book analysis update + Why Snape answers!

February 17th, 2004: Update to Book2 is up! (see blue fonts, full of updates!)

February 16th, 2004: Welcome! I'm back home! Can't believe it! Can't believe how jet-lag gives me the sensation of being in a constant state of poisoning! x_x But I'm back! I know it's been a long time!  I wanted you all to know that I thank you for all your mail (reports, information, why-you-love-Snape, etc)!!  Also, for those concerned, that I will answer your questions, reports or requests as soon as possible! I will post Book 5 analysis too. In the meantime,  the Update to book 1 is up!! (all new analysis have been written in blue, so you don't have to read it all over again)  Also, I analysed an interview script from Rowling  concerning Snape and his future in the remaining books. I'm working on updating Book 3 to 4 analysis, too. I thought I needed to update the past analysis BEFORE engaging myself thoroughly in Book5.  I will take down a lot of the  image galleries (Angelfire saw to it that the images didn't show up anyway!) because of bandwith. My site's too popular for Tripod and I'm too poor. Sorry! But I'll work again soon, so I may be able to rent some space for them. In the meantime, I want my site to be lighter so that my analysis and fans' answers are available all the time, which is not the case now.  I'll put up necessary images and rare ones though! I hope you understand.  I also wrote a mini-Valentine short story based on Book2, nothing really, just a scene insertion! ; )

July 11th, 2003  

Why do you love Snape fan answer  

Arguing Corner

June 13th, 2003

Book 4 analysis
complete !

Characters like Snape

June 7th, 2003
Please, contribute to a fan-fiction!!

Snape around the world
please, send in your language's translation of
"Severus Snape"

May 23rd, 2003
Fanfiction section
Mea Culpa about Ron Weasley

May 17th, 2003
Snape reports
Best and general links  
Analysis and Theories section

May 12th, 2003
DVD 2nd movie images:
Snape's office scene and Bonus material

April 13th, 2003
Ways to annoy Snape!
(Read how Snape reacted each prank! Funny)


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