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Snape Misc Collections


Snape Centric Fictions

These are mostly wonderful fics that only deal with Snape in fictious or book settings.  I've chosen them because, in my opinion, they truly grasp Snape's nature or actions.  If you happen to know other fics like these, please e-mail the url to me!

      Therapy by Azazello (Snape undergoing therapy! ^_^)
      A Marked Man
      by Dhrelva
      Severus Snape becomes a teacher at Hogwarts. Minerva accidently discovers something she shouldn't.
      A Deserving Man by Icarus
      Snape makes an ignomious return to Hogwarts to be - of all things - a teacher.
      A Late Night Scroll by Aeryn Alexander
      Ron goes for a walk one night, only to run into the potions\' master, and finds that it is sometimes necessary to aid the enemy. Or is Weasley simply in need of a little perspective?
      Failure by Drusilla Dax ( short yet direct fic dealing with how Snape grew up to be who he is now )
      Cold Water by RJ Anderson
      Lupin asks Snape forgiveness (after 5thbook).
      The Upper Hand by Allison from Ravenclaw
      (Official summary: What can drive a man ever toward hate with more force...than love? A story of loss, psychological instability, and the simple human misconseption that power heals all wounds)
      Hubris by Allison from Ravenclaw
      (Just wonderful!!  The wording, the ideas, the psychological analysis...  Incredible!)
      Just like Mommy by HLB
      And yet he flinched by HLB
      (Very moving! I loved it the second I read it. I had just forgotten to put it here until one of my visitors reminded it to me.  You have to read it!  It's short and excellent! Minerva as Snape's teacher)
      When a student becomes a friend by Taran
      (Filch's cat has been the victim of the Marauders and Snape comes to his help. Very nice!)
      Snape's first kiss by Dahlia: a powerful short story, not romantic at all, set in his student years.
      Choose your weapon by Quillusion: Snape is buying his first wand with his father. Strong family characterisation!
      Herbology lesson by Tess3: Prof. Sprout's encounter with (and sympathy for)  the new hired Potions Master.
      Hard to understand at first when you're not an anglophone, but after a 2nd reading, it's good!
      Transformation by Zebee: Snape is sent to Azkaban before his trial. An outstanding fiction! Bravo!
      If you are prepared... by Zebee: Sequel to Transformation dealing with Snape who must return to his spying days
      I was right! by Earthwalk
      (Summary: Severus speaking "In a live horribly mislived, strewn with wasted gifts and irreversible regrets, one thing I did right : I know that was right to have let you go.") This fiction characterises Snape so well! You feel the darkness around him! Bravo!)
      Who is it to be Severus by Elysia (Can't find it anymore! Someone knows where it is?!)
      (Official Summary: COMPLETE - Ever wondered why Snape is so cold hearted? Why he hates Harry? Why Dumbledore trusts him? Find out here in this fic which looks into the private life of Hogwarts most hated Potion's Master.)
      What dream may come by Elysia
      Angst: Severus and a spider
      A Squib without a clue by Ozma: Filch's own thoughts about the confrontation between Snape and Moody in the staircase in Book4. Very good insight!
      A Squib and a Potions Master by Ozma: A new one!!! : )
      The Fifth Heir I by Griffon
      (This author is a real writer in life! She's very educated too and I love how she deals with her theme!)
      Conspiracy of Silence  by Nomad (Multi-part fic: Seven years of Hogwarts education in Snape's life!)
      Learning Curve by Nomad (Order of the Phoenix stand-alone) (Can't find it anymore! )

    From Strega Brava (one of the most skilled fanfic writer of the kind)

Bitter Reflections : why Snape maintains his "bastard" image
He is here: Snape thinking about Harry Potter's first coming to Hogwarts
He will never know : Snape thinking how Potter will never know he is his secret protector
Lead me not into temptation: Snape reflects upon why he can't get the DADA job when Hermione gives him some indirect answers and hopes
Masks: Snape ponders upon how others see him
More the fool he: Snape's thoughts during his duel against Lockhart (I love it!)
+ sequel Unexpected Development
The first step back : two weeks after Snape received the dark mark



Other Misc Fanfictions
(suggestions from visitors I haven't read)

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