Snape's Journal 

Dear Reader,
          I, Lady Claudia, decided to attempt a kind of different way to allow people to read about Severus Snape's thoughts.  How so?  By this journal.  This is absolutely NOT a "Ask Snape" section so no "do you want to go out with me" kind of stuff!  This is his personal journal if you will recording the different events or thoughts he may have.  I've set the date to today, hence, of course Harry Potter is not one of his students anymore.  I thought it might be best to allow Severus some distance between that part of his life in order to have clearer and wiser ideas about it. Also, I decided that this takes place AFTER the fall of Voldemort.  However, if you wish to ask about this part of Snape's life, I can easily refer to it in the past time.  This will be half-fanfiction and half-journal since I have to invent new situations or facts at times. However, I will try to remain as canon as possible while analysing day-to-day situations from Snape's point of view. Also, after reading one entry, if you wish to know more about one point or you want me to extrapolate on a certain idea, please feel free to ask!

Therefore, please, send in your ideas or requests or questions.  Nothing silly or stupid, I won't even bother to answer back. It has to be tasteful.  I hope we are clear on this one.  If you wish to e-mail me, please do so here:

Note that what I'm trying to focus on is giving Severus a "normal" life journal so that you can see him in more daily activities or problems than we normally do instead of only stunning and incredible stories. So suggestions may be, for example: "How do you think Snape would react to being send trash-owls or how would he deal with having to buy some day-to-day things?"  Something like that!

Lady Claudia

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