About Ron Weasley


 It seems I offended a reader by my comments on Ron Weasley because I received some anonymous e-mail

I'm sorry for that really. One of my goal is also thinking like Snape, how does he perceive him and why would he act towards him the way he does. But it's just that I don't like his flaws. You see, I've married a Ron Weasley and my inner flame ended up being "extinguished" by him, because of the same flaws Ron has in the books. So yes, I admit I put personal emotions in his description on this site but then again, I've never said I tried to be objective. I'm divorced now and I've never felt better and  realised how much my ex's flaws, the very same Ron has, were restraining me from my studies, ambitions and qualities.  

However, that doesn't mean I wouldn't accept him in my life at all or as a student.  Just that his type would not be my friend or lover.  Sorry if you didn't read my "About me" section sooner, but it's all explained there. You see, I am extremely tolerant with all kinds of people, trust me on this, and because of that, I allow myself to be extremely restrictive with my close relations.  That's how it works for me: I'm nice with everybody because I know how to find something good in each person (Snape is a good example!), but when it comes to my close relationships, I allow myself more restrictions.  Or if people attack me personally, then they've opened the door and I allow myself to be more stern with them.

That's why I said the things I wrote about Ron in my book analysis: because of this closer-relation, because he is a protagonist.  Ron is a close character and that's why I treat him as such from my point of view. But if I have to, I'll treat him as a normal student and you'll see how I respect his qualities too.  Everyone is good for professional or not-so-close relationships for me. And only a few for personal relationships. Ron's a very nice boy with a big heart!  Also, you have to take what I say in comparison to Snape too.  I've studied a lot in psychology and I know flaws are there for life!  My own are there for life, so that's why I seem so hard on Ron even though he is young: he'll have the same flaws in a couple of years from now. Couple that with my personal experience with my ex-husband who was exactly like Ron Weasley, and you'll understand why I said he was kind of dense which meant short-sighted or not mature enough.  He's a normal boy, that's what the Harry Potter series is all about, but I'm not into normal people here. I'm into Snape-like characters, people like me who are different.  I have to stop here, and I hope whomever sent me this e-mail will understand what I meant.  I love the books for what they hold of reality, very much. I love my students too, each of them, but on a personal level, that's a different matter.  

Thank you, Lady Claudia