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Updated January 9th, 2006

Hila's Live Journal about Snape

Live Journal essays - a must see

I've decided to start this section as I kept receiving praises for my analysis! (Thank you for your nice comments!)  I'm glad most of you come back to this site for these.  That's why I thought I'd develop this stand-alone section where YOU could do the same.

Hence, each essay or theory
(with supporting evidences, not rumors)
will be accepted here!  

This section is devoted to knowing what YOU believe about Snape!  
You can develop themes, thesis or subjects to your liking about why people love Snape, why not, what about him, his childhood, etc.


Lady Claudia's (my essays)

  The Philosopher's Stone

To be updated in January 2006. I'll underline all updates in another colour so you don't need to re-read the whole thing!

The Chamber of Secrets
The Prisoner of Azkaban
The Goblet of Fire
The Order of the Phoenix

         Snape in the movies analysis

  The Philosopher's Stone (integrated to image gallery)
The Chamber of Secrets (see gallery for images)
The Prisoner of Azkaban (with images)
Goblet of Fire (preliminary with images)

Essays and Theories by various fans

Your opinion about Snape's personality type