What  MBTI personality type are you?    


You may already have read or skimmed my MBTI Snape analysis (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator). If not, you may find it here (Snape's MBTI type) I am now transposing the question to YOU, dear Snape fans. I want to know, based on this world-wide reknown personality test, who are Snape's fans.  By this, I would like to better assess what types of person love Snape. Maybe results will be likely or come from a variety of different personalities, too. Would it not be interesting to discover that?  So do it and ask as many Snape-fans as you can so that the poll is more accurate!! See it as a "Snape-fan personality demography test! : )


  • Before answering the above poll, please take the test at Personality Test Center. Some information is provided there as well.
  • Leave this window open. Another window will open on the PTCenter.  
  • Hit the "Take the Test" link at the bottom of that page.
  • When you get your result, come back here and click the "Ready to vote" button. Note: Letters in the poll represents your type. Be careful to choose yours because they look alike!

For more about the meaning of each letter, please see this link.


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