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Let me start first with his appearance. I love his hair and the way he is always swooshing it so dramatically! haha! I don't mind at all that he has a rather large nose, he is pale, and has bad teeth. It makes him look cool. I love his clothes, and I love his cape which he swishes dramatically whenever he enters or leaves a room.

   Next comes his personality. I think his sarcastic snide remarks are the funniest things in this world! I love the way he talks and how he moves, as if his every word and movement were the most important things on earth! haha! I love how he is so in control, practically most of the time. He is like that because he is a master of Occulmens, which makes him even cooler!

I also don't mind if he looses control in his anger which is usually uncalled for, and I love to pity him! His past his haunting, complicated and full of secrets! Which goes right into that he used to be a Death Eater, and yet became reformed! I love people who have been redeemed! hehe! It just adds to their complicated characters. I love how he really is a good and true person underneath all his cruelty and harshness. I like how he depends on Dumbledore so much, and is so loyal to him. I like it that Rowling keeps us guessing on what will be revealed next about his character. I have a few theories of my own that I hope come true! (they aren't farfetched either unlike SOME theories I have read over the internet)

   I love so many things. He is a tragic character, but yet has alot of hope. I also love that because I love Snape I am able to guess correctly all the time that he is a good guy while everyone is proved wrong time and time again! haha! On a whole, Snape is an awesome character and I defy anyone who can't like him. I mean, how can you NOT like him? It is impossible.


I like him because he's all dark and scary and people fear him. He has this authority that people are afraid of and I like it!


Why do I love Snape? Snape just happens to push all my buttons. Through the years I have discovered that the three main qualities that make me fall in love with a man are intelligence, independence and wit. Snape has it all. Competing and making witty remarks is by far my favourite way of flirting with men, and I think I would have had a great time with him, had he been real. In addition, I have always been drawn to "the dark side". (For example, as a kid, my favourite character in Star Wars was Darth Wader...)


In my opinion, the allurement to dark, bad or dangerous characters that many women experience, is probably an instinct. We look for powerful men. Nice guys are great, but wouldn't you feel more secure having a bad guy on your side instead? Someone who doesn't need to follow the rules? Because that's what it's all about: We don't want someone to be evil, (not to us anyway) we want someone who can really make things happen, who won't let people step on him. What we ultimately want is a good guy who can be bad, as ridiculous as that may sound.

   This lust for power can take many forms: Some like men with big muscles, others like men with money, or looks, or social skills. And some of us like Snape. Because even if he is portrayed as a lonely, unpleasant looser, we know that he can be so much more than that. He just doesn't feel the need to prove it. And what is more interesting than a man who doesn't need to brag? In sharp contrast to that joke Gilderoy.


Oh, and I don't think I need to mention the voice... Alan Rickman has that "fuc* me"-voice that simply causes me to ovulate. Spellbinding...


Another thing that I do not quite agree on, is that Snape is bad to Harry. In the first HP-movie I found Snape to be a breath of fresh air after all that glorification of Harry, who has done absolutely nothing to deserve it (that he remembers anyway). What was so special about him? Although I don't always fancy Snape's methods in dealing with his students, I do give him credit for pointing out that "fame isn't everything". The admiration for Harry is completely blown out of proportion, and is well punctured by Snape. Mean, yes, but quite right. Snape may be strict to the point of absurdity, but he is not evil.


I must say that the question "do you know someone like him?" is well asked. What comes into my mind, having all these feelings for a fictional character, is WHERE THE HELL ARE THESE MEN IN REAL LIFE?! As explained above, I have a rather short list of things that turn me on, but still, men who are more than temporarily sexually attractive to me are hard to find. I met one eight years ago who did not respond to my feelings, and it has left me absolutely heartbroken. Perhaps that is a reason why I have fallen in love with a "safe" person: I can't be with him, but neither can he reject me. Still, I am not doing well at all right now. I don't want to think about Snape all the time. I don't eat, I can't sleep, I can't concentrate. I have become addicted to sites like this, and spend hours every night reading about Snape. I can't talk to anyone about it, because I find it so embarrassing! I'm hoping it will pass, like a flue. I hate being in love. Good luck to the rest of you...

Short and to the point!

It's purely sexual.


 I’m a new Severus Snape fan (late 40’s F). If I can, I’ll try to repost after finishing the HP books, but I hope you’ll indulge my initial reactions to Snape.

My Anti Hero! My 1st intro to dark anti-heroes was from Gram’s used Alfred Hitchcock & Dorothy Sayers’ books. As a child, my sadness, fear, & hurt feelings evolved into anger (personally, I suspect anger is healthier than depression). I channeled this anger into antiheroes & it was cathartic. After reading of Snape’s painful childhood (Snape's Worst Memory), I’ve felt a sadness/fear/anger connection with him – plus, I see it all reflected in Rickman’s very expressive eyes.

A post on another Snapesite suggests that “damaged people” are attracted to Snape. Moreover, the Bad Boy image might be part of a damaged/angry profile Snape shares with fans. As a teen, my 1st crushes were for Bad Boys. In my emotional hurt, I craved a kindred spirit who shared darker emotions - the antithesis of the carefree Golden Boy. Interestingly, CoS’s Golden Boy wannabe, Gilderoy (rhymes with “Goldenboy”) Lockhart, IS golden-haired & I loved the duel with Snape. Fortunately, I decided early on that the baddest of boys weren’t for me. I had to teach myself to like nice boys. I reached a satisfying compromise by eventually appreciating loner/nerdy/pain-survivor qualities within me that I also like in a man…but not until after a 1st marriage to someone who was a little too Golden for my own good. I equate Golden qualities with a lack of compassion for suffering – suffering the Golden One hasn’t experienced. While Gilderoy fakes the Golden image, young James Potter seems the most likely candidate for true Golden Boy status.


Columbine 101:  How can I NOT feel empathy for Snape & imagine his positive potential? I’ve read that JKR doesn’t consider her books to be morality lessons, yet she’s not opposed to conveying moral messages. To me, there’s just a hint of Snape in the bullied & ostrasized boy I knew in community college who wore combat fatigues & talked about guns & ammo a lot; or the bitter black-clad Neo-Nazi teen who’s website I stumbled upon while web surfing; or alienated, enraged high school boys who feel they don’t belong (so why not do some damage to the class with a gun)? Like young James & Sirius, we have the power to foster this problem or to help heal it. Snape could have easily slipped over the edge, but he DIDN’T! He extricated himself from the Death Eaters & Dumbledore gave him a place at Hogwart’s, which benefits Snape as well as the school. He finally “belongs” – in at least some sense of the word. Incidently, the community college student I knew got a break in life. Some of us befriended him, the meanest bully dropped out of school, he brightened his outlook, got a girlfriend, ran for class president, and won!


School of Hard Knocks: I think Snape molds his students the only way he knows how – by toughening them, as he was toughened by life. Inadvertently or not, his hardness on the students helps to armor them for life – the needling at their weakest points might just inspire enough anger to generate strength at the wounded spots (“That which does not kill you makes you stronger”). Whatever compassion Snape may have seems buried so deeply below scar tissue that I wonder if he’s acknowledged it yet. Yet he has protected Harry. Why? He often seems fueled by fear, hate, & anger. Perhaps Dumbledore sees that both Harry & Snape could grow by understanding each other better. Then Snape might see that Harry’s not a chip-off-the-old-block Golden Boy to be hated or feared, and Harry could see Snape as something other than a villain. I’d love to see Snape mature & evolve into a more emotionally generous character – perhaps in JKR’s very last HP book.


I’m Too Sexy:  Is Snape at all sexual? That’s a different question than “do we find him sexy?”. I haven’t finished the HP series, but wonder what I’ll read between the lines in books fit for children to own. Rickman has a sensual velvet voice – but does that betray a sexual nature? What if Snape were flesh & blood? How many men in their late 30’s manage to remain asexual? Snape isn’t a shy man, nor does he seem pure or virginal. His anger is passionate & he cares passionately about what’s important to him. I can’t help wondering if the real Snape has had at least some sexual exploits - if only of a transitory physical nature.



He intreagues me, because he has the physical appearance of all the parts of me I want to hide. Don't we all from time to time like to be the way he is, and he can be it ! Always! No commitment to social acceptance. I think, most people have such a dark side hidden that they try to keep to themselves.

Secondly he puts a very nice dimension to the stories of the "overall loved boy and his friends and helpers". The movies are less dimensional than the books (or else they would last a day and be too overloaded with information) and he is an essential element to the story to keep the movie interesting.

And I think that the actor gives him all the dimensions that make him a believable person. When I see Snape, the melody of "Sympathy for the devil" by the Rolling Stones plays in my head. He is for me the personification of that song ...


I'm 16 (maybe it's important) and I think your site is absolutely wonderful. I like the fact that you don't say if you like or dislike him (there is so much sites about him where a lot of crazy girls tell you how perfect and handsome he is. He's not and that's why I love him. I of course think he's sexy but he's thin 'with greasy black hair, a hooked nose and sallow skin' not exactly gorgeous. If you didn't understand I don't love him for his appearance or maybe yes, but I know he's not good looking (even if I don't admit it in front of my friends)

Well I don't love him cause he's nice and good looking but because he's not! (My sister told me I liked ugly old and bad (naughty) men: I'm also fond of A. Rickman even if I think he's too old in HP.

I like not to know who he is and I like every thing he is. I mean you can't control love (cause I really think it's love) I also love him cause of his unpleasant personality, the way he speaks, walks. I like lonely people, I would like to be lonely with him. I could spend my whole time whith him. I think I could accept everything from him. Every time I see his name (I love his name


I love and adore him since he is so extremely attractive, mysterious, dangerous sharp and intelligent. I have just fallen in love with him... I just want to be swept away by him. His voice makes me treble...


This is in responce to your request for entrees on why we love Snape

The character Snape first got me familiar with the person Alan Rickman, even though I had seen him in many movies before. Upon seeing him in his very first scene in Sorcerers Stone I noticed him mostly because of the familiar face and the long hair(I think long hair is very sexy.... drools.) Also older men have always been attractive to me. But I think Snape caught my eye because he is not like everyone else in that magical world called Harry Potter. He's the only black in all that color. The only darkness in all that light. He makes you want to hate him, but you can see that there is something there that is not all that mean, like it hurts him to act the way he does. It's like he sees his actions and the effect they have on people, but its too hard to change something that has worked for him for so long. His actions make him seem very mysterious, like theres something in his past that caused him to be like this. And that makes you want to get closer to him. To see what it is. It almost draws you closer, like a magnet. He cares tremondously, just not the way you would think. You know, I've always been interested in the drama, and thats what he is. He is sooooooo the Drama. He holds himself  like no one I've ever seen, with a power and pride no one can match. Thats why I love him.


Ohhh, this is going to get VERY fan-girly, I can already feel it coming. But, oh well, I guess that's what this is here for!! *grins*

So...Severus Snape. Why do I love him? I think the question is more why DON'T I love him! First of all, his voice. I'm always a sucker for accents, and Harry Potter movies definitely give me my fill of Brit's, but there's something REALLY awesome about that low, unwavering voice. Also, for some odd reason, the whole beyond-pale skin and the greasy black hair really makes me happy! It was also very nice to see him defend the 3 when Lupin and Sirius were fighting! :)


I love Snape because - well he has a troubled past, he is dark and brooding and romantic in the gothic wuthering heights way.  He is proably meant to be ugly but unfortunately, having him played by Alan Rickman he is just adorable.  I think he would be a very loyal friend to the people who he trusts, but I  fear few have got close enough to know that trust - just Dumbledore really.  He is a smart and powerful wizard.  He has made some dodgy decisions in the past - becoming a death eater - but he obviously turned to "the good side".  He is really good at potions - I bet he would be great at cocktail party (making the cocktails that is). I think he is just really misunderstood.  He has saved Harry on countless occasions but Harry still hates him - he is shallow like his father.



Why I love snape? Well, we just learned anti- hero in class, and that's so Snape!  I don't think anti-hero is necessary bad though, they are just deep, like Snape.  He is complicated, he got emotions, he had something that 's worth exploring about.  You just want to know him, to pity him.  He looks evil, but look at what he does.  He saves Harry ever since his 1st year. 

And Alan Rickman is great, I like the way he walks, it's just ......... so cool.  Why I like Snape? .......... well, he just have more to think about, you want to understand him, like one of those shakespearean character who is worth to talk about and think about.


I dont really know why I like him, but I love his voice, the way he moves.  I feel sorry for him sometimes I just want to give him a hug every time I read The order of the Phoenix when Harry looks back into Snape's Memories.


To be absolutely frank - it's because he epitomises dark and stormy in human form. I find it irresistible in any other incarnation, so in a man... well, you can guess the extent of my depravity. I have poems, I have narrative, I'll got more than you can shake a stick at - and none of these can quite communicate precisely why he is so enticing, besides the fact that a few of my more latent fetishes start doing the samba on my consciousness when I read about him.

I think Alan Rickman's uber sexy dulcet baritone helped immensely. Hell, I just think Alan Rickman aided Snape's cause. He gave Snape-the-uber-sex-God the tangible eloquence and form attributed to him, and for that, I applaud dear Mr. Rickman. What can I say? (Mulling over my 5thf creme conconction, I'm surprised I can type at all) I like my men like I like my drinks.


I suppose,, let's call it 'interest'... in Prof Snape arouse after having seen the first movie. The reason should be obvious... I think, Alan Rickman was the best choice to impersonate Snape. The voice (awesome), the looks, and the general attitude...

But there is something else I cannot quiet define. Snape is that impolite, and yet he shows good manners in some way. Moreover he seems to be intelligent, witty (makes always good jokes about the Gryffindors, doesn't he?) and kind of loyal without forgetting his own advantages. What I want to say is: the man is interesting. And in addition there is this 'I-hate-students'-thing, which attracts me, because I am one of these students liked by everyone- if he was my teacher, I would try everything to make him like me, just to proove, that everyone likes me and that even this cold man is capable of being nice just for the sake of it.

And last but not least there is the bad guy/lonely guy/ guy with secrets -thing, which attracts woman in general... Oh, and I forgot: I like the black-haired and fair- skinned most, for some reason, which is not quiete obvious to myself... *shrug*



Because he's so damn gooooooood to write.  Because he is bittersweet chocolate come to life.  Because his response to a painful childhood and a host of betrayals was to cleve ever more furiously to those he pledges allegiance to.  Because he will not pretend to care whether or not you're in a good mood.  Because what he will care for he'll die for; and not because he's a hero, because if it's worth someone's life, why not his own?  Because he'll do melodramatic things while mantaining a distancing disdain of melodrama.  Because if Harry had been poor and sent to Slytherin he'd be Snape.  Because's he's gotton into my head.  Because he'd fight for years, decades if need be, to fix one mistake.  Because someone has to do what the Angels won't. 

Because he is the archtype of the Lord, the Lady's consort, twin of creation.

Because smart Gryffindor girls grow up to be Slythin wives.   ;-)


Why Do I love Snape? There are many, many reasons.

    I have to admit, at first I was not a fan of the books. I thought the characters would be boring and the plot not at all interesting. Then I saw the first movie, I had the same opinion due to the, in my opinion, disappointing ending. But the character of Snape had definately piqued my interest. I think it was because the characters the story focused on(Hermione, Ron and Harry) suspected Snape when it was not actually him. It turned out he was actually trying to help! The whole time! It seemed as though his intensions were misunderstood, and I can relate to that. Even with friends, my point of view or intensions are taken the way they should not be. I tell a joke that I find funny, due to my seemingly strange sense of humor, and people stare blankly at me like I'm crazy. Or I write a story, as I love to do and do so often, and people take it the wrong way! I even offend people without wanting to! Then I saw the second movie and my opinion changed on not attempting to read the books. Bought the books, read them, and became extremely intrigued by the character of Severus Snape. Once I got to the fourth and fifth books, I couldn't get enough of the man. No one in the books give him a chance. There are characters like Ron Weasley who jump at the chance to blame Snape, and I cannot stand it. He is trying to help(most of the time, he still likes to take Gryffindor house points) and people never acknowledge his contributions to the good side. He seems to want recognition, but not want to tell people himself that the deed needs it. He stays silent and waits for someone to notice. That is much like myself. I don't gloat, ever, and I don't like to bring attention to my problems or injuries. It's actually a little pathetic, but that's just the way I am. I can rarely relate to characters as much as I do to Snape.

    I also like/love him because of his skills. He is a great potions master and has an impressive amount of control on his mind. I am also interested in him due to his fascination in the Dark Arts and the notion that the subject 'brings out the worst in him' according to JKR/Dumbledore.

    Him switching sides is one of the reasons I love him so much as well. I really want to know why he became a spy and wonder if he simply saw the errors in his ways(doubt it). I am also a little bit frightened for this character. JKR has referred to him as a 'deeply horrible person' and told people not feel to sorry for him. Which brings me to my next reason, his past. I don't think anyone would be born wanting to become a death eater. His upbringing, as well as everyone else's, shapes your decision and opinions. There are characters like Lucius and Draco Malfoy who seem to only harbor hate and bitterness, and then there are complex characters like Snape. I myself have been faced with racist comments and for that reason I seem to like the idea of a Racist changing their views and accepting that they are wrong.

    I also like the idea of a hero/villain type who you cant quite understand. Inside and out, Snape is the most intriguing character in the Harry Potter series and I don't see that changing anytime soon. I just love the guy!

Likes bad guys who are not so bad after all!

Well, I like him since he seems like a bad guy, though he isn't!

I've always liked characters in books/movies who aren't too nice. And then probably because I love guys white black hair... but Snape's a little bit too old, so it's just that I like the person.

But as I said, I like those who can be mean, whitout think "Oh no, what have I done?!" or "Oh My God, hope he's all right!" and stuff like that. 

Since Snape got that little "mixup" between good and bad (impressive), he seems to handle "the bad guys" in a different way then those like Dumbledore, Harry or someone else. For example... Quirrel. When Harry saw him and Snape in the movie, Snape tried to make him talk in a way that I'd never believe Dumbledore or Harry do.

Short words: Snape is absolutley NOT an angel. But neither the devil himself. You just can't hate him! So what do you do?...

A weekly correspondent of mine! : )

Afictionado's longer answer


Snape is not really attractive in the books: he's described as an "old greasy git" after all! Besides he always acts with harry potter as if he were on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Obviously, this is because Harry does all he can to endanger himself. But still, I find that Snape's character is really better in fanfictions. He is more settled, even chillish. He is often described handsome, athletic and surrounded by his own dignity.

In most of the books, bad guys are really more fun than the others, you know, with all the good will they have to show. Sometimes it is very satisfying to snap or yell at somebody...

 March 2004

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Brooding, mysterious, sinister yet not so bad characters are more interesting than good ones (very good assessment!  I noticed it in numerous Snape fans!)
I agree with choosing Darcy of course!!  The complexity, but especially the apparent coldness of Mr. Darcy which is just like Snape when one doesn't know him

 Pity and love of danger: popular "turn-on" for females, right?
Yet the very recurrent wish to "heal" Snape


Attraction of the danger

Snape's hard to get. What a prize for a woman!



Movie Snape is considered sexy


Snape's a master of control and decorum



Very good point indeed!  It's true so many fans are attracted to Harry Potter books for it's Gothic allures, hence, Snape is one of its important elements!  



I noticed some Snape fans also like Lucius Malfoy. From my point of view, there may be some important clues there.  Do Snape fans also like him?

Why Snape?
It's an interesting thing, this following of the dark character of Professor Severus Snape. At first I thought it was just me and my "off" taste, but I was delighted to see how many others there are who are equally fascinated by his character! It is a relief, indeed.

I am naturally drawn to mysterious, brooding, slightly sinister, but not wholly bad characters. There is, in darkness, an enduring draw for me. I love the "bad" characters in fiction simply because they tend to be more interesting than many of the "good" ones. I would much rather choose Captain Hook than Mr Darling; "Colonel Tavington" over "Gabriel Martin"; the "Sheriff of Nottingham" over "Robin Hood". And while I would not rather have a "Wickham" over a "Bingley", I would certainly rather have a "Darcy" rather than a "Bingley". This character of Snape falls into line with such men as these - dark, mysterious, complex. Why do they brood? Why are they sullen? Why so damn attractive? And why so alone in their universes? (Well, Darcy ends up very happy, but the others do not fare as well)

There is something about Snape that intrigues. There is an alluring quality that despite his cold reserve, his loner status, his off-putting nastiness at times, that draws a certain type of woman back to him.

I have always found that these "bad" characters appeal to my pity, my love of danger, and would prove a chance to be challenged.
There is immense appeal to the character who has more underlying their character than meets the eye. Maybe it is because of his humiliating past, that I have a desire to want to help ease his pain; a chance to show this poor afflicted man that even for people like himself, there can be love enough to heal the wounds, someone who cares for, respects and loves him.
Then there is the dangerous side of him: He is a reformed Death-Eater. What makes Dumbledore believe he is truly reformed? Since Dumbledore is an experienced Legilimens and Snape an expert Occlumens, it is possible that Snape could be hiding more things than Dumbledore is aware... but, Snape also uses Occlumency to block Voldemort's attempts at seeing whether he is the turn-coat he seems to be. We don't really know, and won't know until Book VII is released, and Rowling isn't about to leak any information before then. So there lies the attraction of the danger: is he really turned for the good? Is he playing double-agent? It's simply thrilling.
And lastly, here is the challenge. Someone like Severus Snape is just hard to get to, under the calloused, defensive layers of emotion. To try to crack this shell, to thaw his heart, to lure it out of its blackness is a challenge that always piques my interest. As I have not the means or opportunity to do something like this in real life, so my imagination takes off and soars when given the chance through ideas from novels.

But, really, were the film-makers mad to make him so damn good-looking?? It certainly seems that Rowling had only one person in mind to play him should he books ever be adapted for the screen: Only Alan Rickman could have pulled off playing Professor Snape. But they dressed him up so sexily, that it is hard not to be wholly undone by this man. His robes are the epitome of elegance, with layers of billowing black and fitted dark purples, accentuating his dark character and adding dramatic flare to it as well. His hair in the film is not as greasy as Rowling emphasises, but is long, lank and irresistibly sexy. And despite all his creepiness, he is portrayed as enduringly elegant, smooth and refined.
Severus Snape is a master of complete control and decorum. He rarely yells or completely loses his mastery over his voice or his actions. Indeed, with every increase of ire, he responds more coolly, his tone more "dangerously soft". Black eyes without warmth; fathomless depths... gives shudders of delight!

I am not attracted to merely "Gothic" characters, as modernly defined, all this stupid BS merely about Vampires and Wicca and undead, and what is really much more Romantic notions of pale, wan complexions, mixed with black lipstick - no "Hot Topic" gothic for me, thanks.
But the Gothic era of frightening, haunted castles, of knights and maidens, of the supernatural, and of obscure births and characters, of dark forests and graveyards, THAT is much more like the Harry Potter series, and much truer to the "Gothic" movement in Literature.
Thus, I am attracted to this type of "alluring antagonist, whose evil characteristics appeal to one's sense of awe".

So there you go. My essay on Snape and his magnetism on countless Harry Potter Fans, myself included. It is difficult for me to express myself succinctly. In closing, I shall say that Professor Severus Snape has a draw on me that appeals to my darker nature. I have many acquaintances, am thought well of in many circles of people, have a few extremely close friends without whom I could never do, and yet tend to be more of a sarcastic, bitter introvert, and do most things alone. I am somewhat of a misanthropist. And while I like to control things, would never step up to a position of leadership. So the prospect of Snape is understandably attractive. And then there's Lucius Malfoy, as played irresistibly by Jason Isaacs, but don't get me started!

Snape does what's right without awaiting a reward. That's one of the main point why I like him, too!


I am intrigued by the fact that he was so horribly tormented by the popular crowd (in book5), yet ultimately risks his life for the very same people who would abuse or dismiss him. He does this knowing that he will not be publicly rewarded. He aches for respect and recognition, and gets much too little of either. He is rightfully disgruntled, but remains a man of integrity and courage.

And I, like so many women, am sucked in by that silky voice and elegant manner.

Not a bad guy

Well, Snape is not a bad guy really... how many times in the books did he
save Harry? He did hate Harry's father I guess,but I think he had some good
reasons for that

Alan Rickman as Snape

I'm a fan of Alan Rickman, because I like his voice very much!

Can relate to Snape

Would like to tell Snape he's not alone

Sexy and voice

I guess that the reason I adore Snape is because I somehow can relate to him. I too have been an outsider in school and therefore I understand why he acts in such a malicious way. It feels like if each of the "heroes" treat him like dirt and I just want to say to him that he is loved.

Somehow I also find him sexy, especially in the movies. His eyes, his face, even his hair... but his voice is the thing that really makes me swoon.

Relates to Snape

Snape is my FAVOURITE character because he's like me. I hate someone and he's popular and everyone likes him while I have no friends at all and that sort of things

Qualities loved in a mate

He's gothic. He's sexy. Very witty. Mysterious. He seems controlling. All qualities I look for in a mate.




Passionate for subjects

Showing things right


His dealings with the Dark Arts is a "turn on"

Snape has potential to rectify his flaws!  Very important point I think!

He has a beautifully carved face that I want to draw and paint. Something that I wouldn't mind getting old. Something that has more beauty then most are given. The way he holds him self, the way he walks and talks. His slow slur of words at time. His billowing black robes that wave and flick behind him as he walks. And of course his black hair.

What else:
His passion for potions, and the dark arts. His passion for teaching students RIGHT! Yeah he has bouts with Harry Potter but Potter isn't to nice to him, stealing from him! They all have their faults, and it's not as if Severus has had an easy life. He is on his second chance thanks to Dumbledore, that means that Dumbledore sees more in him then the Gryffindor students and even Harry.

Also the idea of Severus Snape dealing with Dark Arts before Hogwarts makes him seem dangerous and that is always a kind of turn on :P! I believe Snape has very much room to grow, only being in his mid-30's gives him lots of time. I'm on book 4 now and I see so much more into who Snape is. He is just blinded by hate for certain people and has trouble letting go or admitting he is wrong. But these are things he can work on and I bet at times he does. Though some things are unforgivable but they are not as bad as Ms. Skeeter does. That horrible woman!