Severus Snape's Analysis 

Control Theory

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 Lady Claudia


As I read in your 'Why do you love Snape'-section, some women seem to love the idea of being controlled by a dominant person like Professor Snape. I wonder what makes them think that someone like Severus Snape would enjoy being in control of a person he likes.


Maybe the fact that he has a grip on his students or that he is strict and feared? - After all, Snape is head of Slytherin and thus responsible for at least 100 students. Of course, he doesn't want things to get out of hand. That he wants to be in control of his students doesn't mean however that he also seeks control in close personal relationships.


As for me, I strongly doubt, he could really love a submissive woman. He barely likes anyone and only respects those being at least on a par (not so much in terms of cleverness after all he seems to respect Filch, but dominance and attitude). Now, how can the person being controlled and the person in control be of equal rank?!
(Lady Claudia: see my response to this issue here)


Thus, I believe, he could neither truly respect nor love a submissive woman. Quite the contrary in my opinion, he would get bored or even annoyed and before long he would probably kill her with words and sarcasm.

[That doesn't mean, he is a bad person. Sarcasm and cynicism seem to part of his nature, and thus probably, cannot be controlled all the time. I'm convinced, he doesn't always intend to hurt, intimidate or frighten others, but sometimes just can't help it.


This could also explain why Snape doesn't seek the company of others. Of course, he is suspicious due to his past as a Death Eater and spy, but that's not what I mean. Frankly, I think, he is straightforward by nature and learned (probably the hard way) that people usually can't deal with it. They are offended, hurt or even get angry.

In order to be liked and tolerated by others he would have to deny his true nature if this was possible at all. As to me, I understand that he chooses not to do so.


Frankly, he might even be forthright and ruthless in order to test people before getting personally involved. Those few, who prove to be match for him or are capable of dealing with his sarcasm have his respect, provided, of course, that they are of equal or higher rank. (e.g. Dumbledore, McGonagall, but not Harry!)]


I think it's a very pertinent question indeed! One that few have dared to ask by fear of being flamed by Snape-fans!!





I'm glad this point came up in Isabelle's analysis!  That's my perception as well. Snape hates Neville so much that I reckon he'll hate anyone who surrenders her power to him entirely or in majority!

I'll add this: think about how he treats anyone who won't defend themselves or seek his attention?  He ignores them! What with Dumbledore, Minerva, Moody and Lucius: he respects them because they stand their grounds!


Snape's lack of diplomacy is legendary. Except when it comes to Slytherins, but then, it's not the same, it's a trait of character!
I totally agree! 100% I am lonely by choice too and I prefer it to any social hypocrisy!

This is also my opinion. I think a lot of fanfiction authors got that point. It's essential if you want a good characterization! Snape is to be acquainted with on a long run if you want it to last!