Essay about Snape 

by Sita (nickname)       

Snape, Snape, Snape…ever Harry Potter fan knows his name. Why? Because like stated on this site he is widely loved. I myself have been watching other people warship him and in my opinion change him into something they can love.

             Yet I myself love him. Not because he’s “hot” (for some reason I don’t think that’s what JK was trying to get across when she described him, could be the greasy hair that tipped me off), nor because of his past. I love him for the sarcasm, but then I’m in love with words, I also love him for the simple reason that whenever he’s around you know something good is going to happen. In the book there is no such thing as a boring potions class (for the readers anyway) it is guaranteed that Snape is either going pick on the Harry Potter or his fellow Gryffindors. Personally I find his little shots quite funny or at least interesting to read. He may also reveal more to us about the current plot. When Karaoff came in one day is a good example of this or the dueling club.

            This excitement is not the only thing that would draw us to him. He also has a…dynamic personality. He may be cold but when he blows he really blows, yet as the reader you almost (almost) wish he could get a constellation prize. Unlike Luicus Malfoy for example.

             People either make him into a hero, or they go to the other extreme and make him horribly evil. We just don’t know what else to do with him. His past IS a mystery and probably there ARE a few juicy secrets buried in it but probably not what we’re all speculating.

             I think that Snape was “evil,” (I dislike using the word since it’s not accurate. If someone was truly evil they would think/know what they were doing was wrong and do it anyway. Snape and Voldmort think they are doing right deep down inside, even if they won’t admit it.) He meant everything he did. Something made him see SOME of the error of his ways and go to Dumbledore, but still he obviously has distaste for “mudbloods”.

             Snape’s actions are always contradicting themselves. Fans have noticed this and escalated it. Example: Snape doesn’t really hate Harry or anyone he’s just pretending. That is not the impression I got. In the book he hunts Harry out even when he has no one to perform for. (Example: PoA: the map. Or GoF: stoping him from getting to Dumbledore after Harry meets Crouch in the forest.) There are some things that I am unsure of. For example: When Snape went after Lupin and Black. Was it really over the prank Black played. If so then that would be VERY childish on Snape’s part. I believe there is more to it. After that happened in what? Their 5th year or so. (I forget and I’m too lazy to go look it up.) If it did (and they were only 15) then there’s a good chance that more has happened between the 2/3 years later on in life when they had the chances to do even worse things to each other.

             There has been talk about Snape and Harry’s Mother Lily. I don’t think this is completely unlikely. People have brought out strong evidence to support it. I think Lily was in Slytherin (well actually weather I really believe that or weather I just think it would be really cool I’m not sure.) A friendship or even a crush wouldn’t be all that implausible, however, it isn’t exactly JK’s style to be so…obvious. I think we shall all be in for a shock when it’s finally revealed. (I never see her plot twists coming which is one of the reasons I love her books.) People love playing around with how Snape interacts with everyone.

             The guilt…the guilt that is said to plague Snape. I don’t know about that. It actually seems to me that Snape DOES enjoy some parts of his life. He just doesn’t strike me as one to show it. Some say he’s indebt to Dumbledore. How? According to the books, Snape was a spy: Nothing wrong there. He admitted to doing some nasty things, ok we go back to the spy thing. Dumbledore only confirmed it for the Ministry. Snape shouldn’t really OWE Dumbledore anything right? I don’t know. He does, however, have great respect for the man. That alone would make him want to work for him, Dumbledore is no “dunderhead”. Snape would hate having a stupid boss, think of the way he treated Fudge at the end of GoF. Yet again people like to play around with this. The guilt and Dumbledore draws sympathy from the readers, sympathy is a wonderful tool of affection.

  This ties in with the nightmares at night thing that many people have going on in their fanfics. Well although it’s a possibility as to why he never seems to sleep I think it’s just the simple reason that he doesn’t want this to happen: might be one of those people (like me) who work best late at night.

            Perhaps that right there was the whole reason we love Snape. There is just so much you can do with the man! As I said don’t get me wrong I love Snape, the books wouldn’t be the same with out him. I think JK has great plans for him, and I’m looking forward to seeing what they are.