Spinner's Endy 

All see the HP Lexicon description

    Main characteristics:  

    • Spinner as in a possible spinning and weaving industrial housing neighbourhood for mills workers.
    • End as in some English street names
    • "Spinner" also suggests a plotter in a spider's web of intrigue, and "end" suggests that either the spinner is to meet his end in this chapter or that this chapter's events will lead to the spinner's end. (HP Lexicon - Bravo!)
    • Cobbled street suggests an old street
    • Looks like a Muggle dunghill (said by Bellatrix)
    • "The walls were completely covered in books, most of them bound in black or brown leather "
    • "The place had an air of neglect, as though it was not usually inhabited." No surprise there if Snape only uses it during summer or for a hideout as a spy.  Why he keeps it in this state while he could use magic to renovate it is unknown (and strange if you ask me, but then again, so is the Owlery at Hogwarts!) It seems wizards are not so prone on cleaning after all. Maybe he's even doing this out of spite to Wormtail ; ) Joking! No really, ladies, don't forget men do not require as much as women do and the state of his house may not bother him at all.
    • Inference: he lives there alone and nobody else lives there on a permanent basis
    • Whether the Order and/or Albus know of this place is uncertain. May be unplottable to allow a safe retreat to Snape  at all times. However, if he has been residing there in summer, he will not be able to go back 'home' after killing Albus.

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The next two look more modern because of the windows and the doors,
but I think it fits a bit. I wanted to show off some colours!