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I am the author of the Afictionado fan fiction so it will be no surprise to learn that I'm a fan of the Harry Potter novels, Alan Rickman's acting, and most of all of Professor Severus Snape whom I consider to be J K Rowling most inspired and inspiring character. 


      I was born in north east London in 1952, and I now live near the south coast of England with my husband and umpteen cats.

      I do hope you enjoy reading my stories, all of which are completed works.  Thank you for your time.



Complete Stories
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Those Who Wait
Sequel to Villain of the Piece
a Severus Snape fan-fiction 3-part novel

Villain of the Piece  
(in 7 parts - now fully complete and revised as of January 1st,2008)

This is my fifth piece of fan fiction.

I wrote it after reading Half-Blood Prince, so Snape’s character is intended to be consistent with J K Rowling's first six books, and draws upon the detail in those stories.

  • Part 1 starts with Severus' s parents in the family home at Spinner's End, and it ends with Severus leaving Hogwarts in 1977 at the age of 18; so Part 1 tells of little boy Severus and teenage Severus.
  • Part 2   starts when Severus is a trainee at St.Mungo's in 1978, and ends the October of Harry's birth. How he met Voldemort, how he received his mark, how he ended up in Hogwarts... All the mysteries revealed following the canon books. Beautifully done!
  • Part 3 Severus' first teaching years at Hogwarts.
  • Part 4 -
  • Part 5 - Year 5 canon
  • Part 6 - Year 6 canon
  • Part 7  - Year 7
    [Lady Claudia says: Highly recommended! It's non-canon but it's a much better book than the Hallows because it's Snape-centric. Plus, he and the Trio actually spy and plan brilliant schemes instead of waiting in a tent all year and use sheer dumb luck ; ) And yes, he survives ^_^]

This fan-fiction is novel-length, and is completely independent of my earlier stories.  I have worked to keep Snape in character, and because of that aim I think this represents the best of my work.  I am not only indebted to J K Rowling for her wonderful creation of Severus Snape, but also to Lady Claudia who is a constant source of inspiration and encouragement to me.

A Maker of Potions (alternate link)
What is his past, present and future? What could this irascible wizard possibly have to fear from a new trainee teacher? What are his long-term ambitions, and can he develop the maturity to achieve them? Could he ever come close to equalling the great Albus Dumbledore, that powerful wizard and inspired manager of difficult personalities, who – as we shall see proved again for us in this tale – can bring all the right people together to resolve a crisis. And is ‘Super Sleuth’ Snape as good a spy as he thinks he is? If you would like answers to these questions, this emotional roller-coaster of a story should fit the bill nicely.

A Measure of Equinimity
Would the final downfall of Lord Voldemort leave Professor Snape untouched, or could it have repercussions? Could you ever feel sorry for the sarcastic and bitter Potions Master? Snape is famously mean and sometimes cruel to students, but what is he like with his colleagues and peers?  Is he tough or shy, sure of himself or vulnerable, ultimately trustworthy or with a bedrock of elemental deceitfulness? Is the petulant Head of Slytherin House a prisoner of his past or can he acquire the maturity to move on?

Dark Angel in the Guardian Host
Why is Professor Snape such an unpleasant person? And does the ‘arch Slytherin’ have any vulnerabilities?  Whatever happened to kindly Professor Lupin? Can the great Professor Dumbledore make any use of Snape’s Slytherin temperament, or must heroic attempts to bring down the terrifying Lord Voldemort rest only with Gryffindor acts of bravery and chivalry? Can Voldemort actually be defeated, or has he found a means to make himself invincible?

All these questions are answered here.  

Professor Snape’s Mystery Guest
A brief aside to his normal teaching duties gives the Potions Master a tempting challenge - Professor Snape is asked by the Headmaster to help unravel an old and baffling mystery. But can Snape do so?  And how might he do so? Will the key to the mystery lie with the Keeper of the Bookes? Or will it be found from the Enchantress of Robinwood? Or does fate have something quite different in store for this most enigmatic of J. K. Rowling’s inspired and inspiring characters?