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Snappish traits close enough to be siblings

Updated January 9th, 2006

        NOTE: All characters have their intrinsic qualities and faults for which we, the readers, can identify them. Please, bare this in mind!

(red means I am not personally acquainted with those characters.
More data or point of view are therefore always welcomed! )



Hugh Beringar  

Cadfael series by Ellis Peters

My very good friend, Afictionado, has kindly introduced me to the Cadfael series. And I must say the first character that caught my fancy was Hugh Beringar. The only one in fact.  He is brave and will not step aside if villains come along. He will follow orders but he still retains his wits about him and understands when a situation, no matter how diplomatic it is, may not be for the best. Even though it may cause trouble for him, he will stand for what is right along with Cadfael. He seems loyal yet he keeps his secrets well and may not always want to do what's right. That's his dark side and Brother Cadfael seems good (from what I read off the Internet) in bringing him back on the right road. Sounds like Albus to Snape. I guess it is this relationship that attracted me even more to this series. In that age full of treachery and murders out of loyalty to unknown regents, it is no wonder that one may feel no guilt in doing something wrong. But Cadfael has a conscience and I'm sure he's used it to influence Beringar often.

Introduction in the first book - fan essay

From the reporter:

  • His looks are similar to that of Severus Snape: thin, dark, expressive face
  • Very private personality, his only friend (besides his wife who he deeply loves) is the equally sharp brother Cadfael.
  • His occupation: sheriff of Shropshire. In his working methods he proves himself to be cunning, methodical, logical, sharp, thorough, but also just and fair
  • He certainly doesn’t lack arrogance (to whomever he finds a dunderhead) and ambition.

Black Adder

from the BBC series

Lady Claudia: Again thanks to my very own wonderful British friend, Afictionado, I was introduced to the complete Black Adder series. She said I would surely enjoy it. Indeed, it has become one of my favourites! Black Adder I does not portray him as intelligent though, so I'll pass. But Black Adder 2, 3 and 4 plus Black Adder 5 (one shot movie) do.  If we were to make a parody of Harry Potter and do a series about it, Snape would surely be portrayed like Black Adder has been.  He's witty and will use cynicism and sarcasm to defend himself. In front of important people, he will whisper his true mind but he's so cunning and sly he won't expose his real thoughts out to anyone unless he is sure they are total idiots who won't understand they've been insulted even if you tell them you just did ; ) A must see!!

First reporter:

Blackadder has captured the attention of hundreds of viewers. It is typically English and Blackadder, with his ready wit and sarcastic comebacks, reminds me irresistibly of Severus Snape.

  Blackadder never wears any colour other than black, so his dress sense is similar to Snape's. He is very sarcastic and if Snape's not snarky then no one is.

 Second Reporter:

I love blackadder and I love Snape, and where as they share a few traits they aren't as close in personality as other characters.

Lord Edmund Blackadder (Blackadder II)

  • - Dark hair
  • - Expressive Eyes
  • - Sly
  • - Cunning --> "I have a plan so cunning you could stick a tail on it and call it a weasel!"
  • - ambitious
  • - Large Nose
  • - Arrogant
  • - Status is important
  • - cruel
  • - Sarcastic

Mr. Edmund Blackadder ( Blackadder III)
Servant to the Prince Regent

all the above traits only MORE ambitious.  (After all he assumes the role of Prince George the Prince Regent (later to become King George the IV...after the Prince disguised as Blackadder gets killed)

Black Adder 4 - Officer of his WWII division, all stuck in there until the end of the war


Jane Eyre
Charlotte Bronte


updated: I've bought the BBC's adaptation because lots of you told me to include him here. I did! Though unless I read the book he will stay here in the Snape in-part section because somehow I thought he was a bit too reckless even though he is very enigmatic, Byronic and brooding. He's too fiery and reckless to be a more wholly Snappish character. Like that reporter below said, he sounds a bit more like Sirius about this aspect. Then again, I always thought Sirius and Snape shared too many similar character traits to get along well ; ) Why? Because they react the same way but don't get me wrong: Snape is not reckless nor foolish, he's mature and would not have minded the Marauders had they not picked on him.  They also result to verbal attack, in their own way, when they feel threatened so that's how, to me, they are similar and easy to mix up for any 'untrained' eye.

More about the story and his character at Wikipedia

From the reporter:

Rochester has some Snappish characteristics. I read Jane Eyre a long time ago, but as far as remember he was a dark haired not so handsome man, too. But he was loved by women, in that sense he is more like Sirius: he is a bit wild. He was mysterious, quite charming and smart and he did no care if his words hurt or not. I don't remember him being perfectionist, and most of his mysteriousness disappeared when he fell in love with Jane, tried to marry her when suddenly his mad wife who was hidden in the house somehow came into light.

I don't know the proper English word for a person, who researches the history of literature, but I have read in one of my country's greatest 'literature-historian' book - that he was a man that women writers and readers either always find manly, not in love with anybody, or they find the leading female character mysterious, and in some way, I think, that historian is right. I think we find Snape so interesting because he doesn't love anyone, although he is talented and clever. And since we haven't seen him in love, we can imagine him as a deep feeling person, returning to Jane Eyre, just as Mr Rochester, who will of course suffer a lot for his love, but at the end he will be very happy.

Gil Grissom


From this description I found on Wikipedia, it seems as though he qualifies for this category at the very least:

"The character has strong tendencies toward ethics, logic and deduction. His dispassionate demeanor and high intellect often work to his advantage in his job. However, his avoidance of job politics and sometimes poor interpersonal skills can alienate his superiors and subordinates. He is never disturbed by the various subcultures with which his job brings him into contact. He hates wife abusers and drug dealers who "deal death to kids". He is also the least trigger happy CSI, rarely drawing his firearm."

Dr. Faustus

from Christopher Marlowe's

The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus

Lady Claudia: I've read most parts of the Opera. And I'd say we can keep him because he seems to me as someone left alone and bored so much, knowing he couldn't get what he wanted ever in life unless the devil helped him. Just like Snape the teenager and Voldemort. Of course, if Snape happened to love Lily, this will make him even more Snappish in the end.  A man who wanted a bit of heaven like anybody else. Poor doctor! Also selling one's soul (liberty) to acquire power and knowledge may just be the reasons why Severus was tempted himself.

From Wikipedia

From reporter:

Snape is a bit like the play of the same name or other versions of the Faust legend

-> Faustus was a top student who wanted to learn more because his current knowledge didn't satisfy him. So, he sells his soul to the devil in exchange for powers that allow him to learn amazing things about the universe.
-> He is morally ambiguous: on one hand, Faustus refuses the devil's offer of a she-devil lover, but, on the other, he seems to enjoy Lucifer's presentation of the Seven Deadly Sins.
-> The most trouble he himself ever performs is playing pranks on the Pope and the Vatican (like stealing their food invisibly) -> ie, he wants to feel powerful, but he doesn't want to do anything irreversible
-> In some versions of the story, his motivation is his love for a woman.

-> Most important is the ending. In all versions, Faustus is constantly in doubt as to whether what he is doing is right. All through the play he debates with himself. Finally, at the end, he repents. Depending on the version, he may be redeemed (by love), but usually a promise is a promise and his soul is sent to hell.

Kerr Avon

from the Blake's 7 British SF series

Lady Claudia: though I do not know him, he appears to be Snappish in his own way. I found much information here. I think I could learn to enjoy that character if I were to watch this series.

From reporter:

is very Snape-like in many ways--highly intelligent, sarcastic, dark, brooding, follows a leader he obviously thinks is both noble _and_ a raving lunatic at times (well, Blake can get like that), and still protective of those weaker than him. And his on-again off-again relationship with Servalan (especially in fanfic) has an extremely strong feel of what the SS/BL relationship may be like. Bella's a Servalan on steroids, oh my!


from Dragon Ball

Lady Claudia: I've accepted to 'upgrade' Vegeta's status after getting more info on him by the French fan.  I think he does apply for being Snappish in part because he redeemed himself and his son's death changed him. Also, his general dark attitude looks like Snape's and I know Japanese have a lot more characters like that than we do, hence I'm pretty sure he is Snappish. Japanese put more virtue on dark, calm, respectful, powerful figures who will end up doing the right thing in the end.

See lots of details on Wikipedia

From reporter:

Vegeta from Dragonball Z!He has very troublesome past,his home planet was destroyed by Frieza who is very sadistic person. He was cold- blooded person since he was child and tortured by Frieza, and because of that he is even more evil then Snape who became Death Eater at  later age. Vegeta is very ambitious , and is very determined to overpower Goku (in other words becoming Super Saiyan and being the best is his purpose of living at first),Later,when he has kids and Bulma as his mate,he is fighting to protect his family and others even though ,like Snape, he never tells his true motives.He is very dark,mysterious,very strategic ,sly person.he is  the most complex character in this anime,if you ever read good fanfiction about him,dbz fans also finds in him similar attractions as Snape fans in Severus Snape.

 From a French reporter (translated):  Vegeta is a solitary figure like Snape. Being the prince of his people that's normal. They don't like talking too much, they were both bad at one point and they also have a secret dark past.  As a kid, we was already stronger than his father the King. For a Saiyan, he's incredibly strong.  I think a superiority complex made his isolate himself from others.  


Hajime Saitou

Rurouni Kenshin
(Japanese manga)

Suggested by the owner of this site: Why Saitou

-Follows a strict personal code of honor and moral
-He will work with people he hates if it means it's the right sensible thing to do. It doesn't mean he'll like it, but at least, he will.
-Would not betray anyone he consider his equal for anything in the world (samurai code)
-His side lost and yet, he was humble enough to work out for the other side and see what good he could do for it.
-He likes to intimidate people
-He will utterly tell people he dislikes or doesn't respect in their face.
-He keeps very quiet on his personal life and emotions.

Lord Arthur Goring

An Ideal Husband (movie)

-Sarcastic!  Sly humour too
-Loves to challenge people
-Considers people stupider than him
-Always knows how to turn a fault into a compliment for himself
-Lives by his standards, regardless of what others might say

 Unqualifying traits: 
-Can withstand being talked about
-Extraverted and loves social interactions


 Thanks to B. for the extra information! I truly appreciate!

Victor Hugo -
Les Miserables 

[From the reporter:  
1. Javert has the same kind of sixth sense that Snape has--he knows the answer is 4 before you're done saying "2 + 2." Part of this is intelligence (though Snape is clearly written as more of an intellect than Javert), part is relentless observation of others (like Snape), but a good part of Javert's sixth sense, Hugo implies, is his magical heritage (like Snape?): Javert's mother was a fortune-teller.
2. Like Snape, the best of intentions motivate Javert (and I am convinced that this is even more the case with Snape than the books yet reveal), but he is so intent on his noble objective that he overlooks the injustices he creates in the process (as INTJ's are wont to do: motivating someone to learn to swim by throwing him in the ocean) [See
MBTI personality test for more details]  Since his focus is on preventing massive evil, he doesn't mind if a trivial injustice escapes him in the process. This common trait leads both Javert and Snape to be disliked by others--particularly those over whom they have authority.
3. As I suspect is also true of Snape, Javert is severe with others but he is even harder on himself. (Here, I think your other source is mistaken: Javert has no past offense for which to be sorry. However, late in the novel, he realizes he has been wrong about the main character all along. When he realizes this, Javert gives that character his freedom and immediately kills himself because he believes it's what he deserves--a penalty far more severe than he would ever approve of for anyone else.)
4. Like Snape, Javert is solitary and others are usually left to guess his thoughts and feelings--an effort made difficult because he keeps tight control (as best he can when not caught off guard) over his facial expressions.
5. Both Javert and Snape like to weigh in with a sarcastic remark, but never disrespect genuine authority figures. ]

-Doesn't support people breaking rules
-Very sly
-Doesn't trust a lot of people
-Uses his authority

Unqualifying traits: 
-He could never forgive himself for one small fault he did. Unlike Snape who forgave himself enough to accept working for Dumbledore even though he's been a Death Eater, Javert commited suicide because of his mistake.

Raistlin Page

Comments directly from the reporters

Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
Dragonlance Saga.

Colonel Brandon

Jane Austen - Sense and Sensibility


If you've not seen this movie and are an Alan Rickman fan, go and rent it right now!  That's one of the most wonderful acting performance I've seen along with Liam Neeson and Rupert Everett in this kind of movies! It took me a long time to comprehend that Rickman both played Snape and Brandon!!  Yes!  It was only last year when I bought the vhs of the movie and watched it again that I realised it!

-Tortured by his past
-A real gentleman
-Very intelligent
-Always does the right thing, no matter what his own interests
-A lot of self-loathing
-Has a past and shattered tragic love that led him to think he is spoiled and unworthy of love
-He truly loves Marianne, and even if she doesn't care for him, he respects her and hides his hurt feelings has much as he can under the circumstances.
-Hates inaction

Hagen of Thronje

Nibelungen Legend, Germany


Rhapsody series by Elizabeth Haydon.

-Dark, not handsome, mysterious, a loner
-Sarcastic, witty (in a sarcastic way)
-Avoided and/or distrusted by most but he's firecely loyal to his few friends
-Has a dark past and isn't very trusting
-Has a sixth sense of sorts
-Quite capable of killing, but tries to do the right thing (doesn't always succeed in doing it the right way)
-He's very good at what he does, self-assured, but has moments or areas of doubt
-Intelligent, cunning, resourceful
-Hides his softer emotions and he is deliberately obstreperous (so says the title character, who knows him well)
-Powerful, commands respect, speaks his mind, brutally honest
-Elicits a protective understanding from women who see past the mask
-Courageous and stubborn
-Willing to lay his life on the line if necessary, but doesn't do so foolishly
-Doesn't care much about the feelings of others (except for the very few close to him)
-Expects the same from others, not easily impressed
-Reticent to explain himself, needs redemption, longs for love & understanding but will never admit it
-Moves with grace and agility (and silence)
-Puts little stock in the attributes that society in general holds up for adoration
-Understands evil and fights agasint it

 From the reporter: "Though different on the surface, the characters are *very* much alike internally. Achmed is my favorite character in those books, just as Snape is my favorite in the HP books."



Lady Claudia: I think this character does look like Snape.  I haven't read the books or movies related to it, but from this description, it sure looks that way.

From the reporter:

Kai was the last of a race of romantic dreamers called the Brunnen G. He was killed by His Shadow (a very unpleasant character who had invaded and controlled the light universe). He kept Kai alive using proto-blood and used him as an assassin.

  • Kai managed to break free of His Shadow having regained his memory of events and became part of the crew of the Lexx.
  • Kai has completely come to terms with the fact that he's dead, and therefore has no personal agenda. He sees to it that the crew come to no harm, and has a very well developed sense of duty and justice. Of course this doesn't always work to the crew's advantage, especially if they're trying to get away with something that Kai doesn't think they should be allowed to get away with.
  • Kai is highly intelligent, skilled, and extremely knowledgeable, a being of deep thought but few words.
  • He is extremely dextrous and skilled in his profession.
  • His physical appearance has some similarities to Snape's. He has deep black eyes and long black hair, although his is somewhat tidier than Snape's.
  • Kai seems to have some remorse for killing people. At the beginning of each episode he says "In the Light universe I was Dark. Perhaps in the Dark Universe I will be Light". He like, Snape seems to be seeking redemption for his past deeds although they were beyond his control at the time.
  • They have both been controlled by dark lords and each, in their own way have broken free. Kai regained his memory and Severus regained his self control and strength, realising that he didn't want to serve Voldemort any longer.

Robert Goren

Law and Order: Criminal Intent
Actor: Vincent D'Onofrio.

-He tends to state his mind simply and clearly, without diplomacy. He is direct in his opinions.
-Sarcasm is his forte! Almost as if it was a second skin.
-He has the strength of character to realise his mistakes, even though it's hard for him to admit it. But he will always try to correct them.
-He is very intense, you feel it when you're around him.
-His honesty and sincerity (especially with people close to him) earn him respect
-Cunning, very good at scheming, witty and astute in a somewhat sly or vicious way even.
-He has self-assurance and has much confidence in his capacities.
-He naturally has the manners of a gentleman. He has good manners and he is naturally elegant.
-He obviously has a depth of mind and a great understanding of the world
-He has the ability to concentrate
-Tries to follow lines of thoughts that will lead him to a logical conclusion to a problem.
-When talking about a subject he loves, he becomes a passionate speaker and defends his ideas with eloquence and logic.
-He loves to challenge the concepts of others or at least question their reliability. This would lead him to develop new ways or line of thoughts.
-He controls his emotions all the time, almost never letting anything be seen by others, much like a protective mechanism.
-He can easily detach himself from people, emotions and situations.
-He seems fond of righting the wrongs in his own, often hidden, ways.
-He judges on quality of character, personality and intelligence.
-He can hide gratitude and affection, but not favouritism, especially if the latter is intended to shock or provoke the others.
-Has intense eyes. Very expressive (communicates a lot with them)
-He walks like he was going to conquer the world!
-Loves to wear proper classic clothes (ie, business suits)
-Cold allures: He remains calm and cold in his external ways.
-He is the perfectionist type of worker, never totally happy about what he produces.
-He is passionate about his job/hobby (catching criminals)
-He has a real thirst for knowledge. Never misses an opportunity to learn even more. Hence, very educated!
-He likes a job well done so, when necessary, he puts in loads of extra work to accomplish a work of superior quality
-He can be quite inventive and ressourceful, especially if he is challenged.
-Very methodical
-He doesn't seem to make a big deal about his childhood, but it seems that he has gained his personality from there.
-He seems to have learned a long time ago to control his emotions or hide them.
-He hates loosing. He'll do anything not to loose. He takes it personally when it happens
-He hates having control taken out of his grasp.
-If he is cheated by someone, he will very likely hold a huge grudge against that person for a very long time, and may never let go. Forgive yes, but he'll always distrust the person.
-Although he is good-natured and never intend real offence, still his candid manners strain friendships or simply destroy them
-He seems to hide himself in a carefully well-built fortress where emotions or fears cannot enter at will.
-His knowledge, instead of just being a passion, seems to have transformed itself into a protection from the outer-world. He uses knowledge like an armor or sword.
-He knows what darkness/evil is like and tries his best not to fall into it because it's part of his nature somehow.


About Robert Goren: I love Law and Order Criminal Intend and I love Vincent D'Onofrio's chararcter. It's definetely Snape-like. With one thing to clarify...

the phrase: He knows what darkness is like

In Goren, the darkness is not the evil. Robert Goren has a mother who suffers some kind of mental illness (that's why he knows that much about psychology) so in him darkness means insanity/madness.