Most Snappish Characters

Updated January 9th, 2006

        NOTE: It is obvious that all the present characters CANNOT retain all of Snape's characteristics, unless, Snape would be nothing more than a copy himself. All characters have their intrinsic qualities and faults for which we, the readers, can identify them. Please, bare this in mind!

Please, bare this in mind! Especially in this section!!
Snape was after all created AFTER those enumerated here!

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Snape-like characters

Severus Snape
The Original

J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter series

The Phantom of the Opera
The Persecuted & Artistic Snape

Gaston Leroux
The Phantom of the Opera

Elim Garak (Cardassian)
The Spy & Sly Snape

Star Trek
Deep Space Nine


Athos - Comte de la Fère
The Betrayed & Just Snape