Erik, Persecuted & Artistic Snape

Phantom of the Opera

by Gaston Leroux

My favourite character along with Severus ; )

He lurks in the entrails and secret passages of the Opera of Paris. He's very passionate about music and his love, Christine, whom he takes under his wing. He told her he was an angel sent by her father, the Angel of Music. On the day he kidnaps her (before the Vicompte of Chagny, her suitor, gets to her! He he!) He brings her to his underground home within the Opera and there she is told the truth of his only being 'poor Erik' and not her angel. However, he wins her attraction back for a while using his incredible angelic voice. She is charmed enough to stay ... until on the next day she is foolish enough to unmask him! Stupid girl! He had warned her never to touch his mask. Indeed! In the end, he'll do what's right even though it will mean his death by love (not anyone killing him!!).  

These pictures are the romanced version of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Warner Bros. He's still very sarcastic, powerful, imposing, intriguing, 'romantic, careful, fearful, feared and intense in the musical.  But he is not as handsome as all those actors! Not at all!  The only one who was able to imitate his divine voice (according to canon) is Michael Crawford!  Listen to The Music of the Night once and you'll melt ; )  This song is the most wonderful because it talks of appearances, love, trust, passion, etc.  Its meaning can be reinterpreted many times and it fits the canon Erik 100%! So no, I disliked Gerard Butlet's voice even though his theatrical performance was exceptional. He did not have Erik's voice. Sorry!

One HUGE problem in ALL movie adaptations: the Phantom is considered a crazy, maniacal, evil music genius. I NEVER perceived him as such! Not for one second. His actions all make sense according to the world he's known. Also, he did have a long life BEFORE coming to the Opera. He had a 'friend' making sure he did not do too many stunts (such as killing), the Persian daroga.  He was eliminated in almost all the adaptations while I believe he's essential to the story and Erik.  A shame! He was a bit of his conscience after all. Also, it's having been categorised in horror books was for 1907 people. Nowadays, people should never refer to it that way.


The Red Death - Just like him to dress as the plague ; ) He doesn't fear death, he thinks himself part of it having a face that resembles it (in the novel). He had a message woven in gold letters on his costume's outer cape: Don't touch me, I'm just the Red Death passing by"  One stupid guy didn't take heed and was rewarded by a deadly grip on his arm by the Phantom's skeleton-like fingers. Reminds you of a certain Death Eater?!




This character calls a lot to what Snape must have looked like in his Death Eater days.

-Very intelligent and sly
-Does as he wishes
-Rejected, so he stays alone
-Passionate about his art (music)
-Doesn't tolerate dunderheads
-Tends to be over-enthusiastic when he can ridicule others
-Hates people who interfere
-Can kill is he think the cause is right
-Passionate lover, very possessive
-Gentleman with ladies

 THIS image is just as described by Gaston Leroux. Far from the Hollywood version!! His WHOLE face is like that, like a skull with dead-like skin covering it. His eyes can only be seen in the dark for they shine red. Else, they look like two empty eye sockets. He doesn't have much lips so he talks using ventroliquism. Of course, he wore a mask covering his WHOLE FACE.



There are tons of links out there. But here are the essentials to understand a bit more.

Quoted by a Phan (a pure otaku I guess) "Dark, powerful, strong and resolute. Highly intelligent and perceptive. Strong and well-wizened in the ways of the world. Assured of self and capabilities .Full sense of responsibility and understanding of consequences of actions more than inherit in nature. Has an impeccable sense of style and manner. A true aesthetician. in possession of well-matched self-control. Acts both impulsively and with meticulously thought out calculation. Always capable of finding means to acquire what he truly desires. Mysterious. Thinks in logical terms. Is overbearingly protective and imposing. Also intimidating and encouraging. Frightening. That mood can change from the brightest bliss to the blackest ice in less than a moment. Indomitable. Powerful and strong. Dark.

What would it have been like I wondered suddenly, to love a woman, to hold her in my arms and feel her warm flesh against my own? So many men took a woman’s love for granted, I would not have. I would have treasured her and laid the world at her feet if only I could feel those soft lips pressed against my own.