In Memory of Severus Snape

The most courageous man Harry Potter ever knew

- Also my Personal Message to Rowling below-


"Thus passes the most deliciously complicated man in the world,
and we are the poorer for his loss.  We will always love you, Severus Snape;
you will be alive in our hearts; and I will do my utmost to keep you alive in my writing." 

This frame is my artistic view of what his magical portrait would  look like. Yes, it's purposely golden, like a Gryffindor's 
I think he would have looked so proud, serious, and smug. He would have liked books around him,
but I'm sure he would have made provisions of a Potions laboratory and of course,
a painting classroom of DADA nearby so he could show he could do it very well. Haha!
And his frame would have hung by Dumbledore's, and one day maybe, next to Harry Potter's.

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 Eulogy to Severus Snape

(or my personal message to JK Rowling)

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It is hard to convey my thoughts because so many things come to mind right now. But  if I were lucky enough to tell J.K. Rowling anything, I would tell her this:

"Thank you, immensely so, for all the  Snape-like people of this world! In your own way, maybe unconsciously even, I am sure you have brought some peace and pride to all those Severuses out there who strive and fight and try their best to free themselves from the bitterness of life, to redempt themselves or to simply forgive others.

You have proven that what is the most important is indeed who you are even if you're not a cheerful giddy Gryffindor, and that when others give you a chance, like Albus towards Severus, there is nothing a Snape wouldn't do in the name of good. There is always a choice!  However much people feel Snappish, whether it is a part of their life when they felt or acted like Snape or whether they are Snappish people to a certain degree,  you have provided us with the most charming expression of love and forgiveness ever seen in literature before. I know, I've looked along with hundreds of Snape fans who kindly provided me with as much information as possible on the other Snapes out there!

I am truly touched by your books that tears come forth, as though someone was embracing me and telling me: "It's all right to be Snappish, forgive those who did not trust you, leave your grudges behind, go on and become the happiest Snape ever! Even to the point of becoming more and more Gryffindor-like, breaching the confinments of these labels people brand each other... labels that destroy lives! Yes, Harry Potter is all about bullying, youth wounds that infect and cut deeper as you grow up, arrogance, prejudices, unrequited love, and so much more!  Harry, through Snape, has ended that circle of death and pain the Marauders, Lily and Snape had engandered, while also being involved with Voldemort and Albus' fight for victory.  It all comes back to the story of Harry Potter who, through these characters who suffered and made mistakes, learns to leap over all this evil we nurther inside as humans.  It wasn't that Harry had to fight Voldemort that was so important, it was that before he did face that evil-figure, he understood what his own darkness meant!

I know I cursed Harry and others at times because I felt like they were so close to understanding each other. I have raved and spat out my utter anger when Snape's actions were misunterpreted. I was so afraid it would end like all those other stories where heroes celebrate their victory without ever giving the real title of hero to the one in the dark... Not only the Snapes, but also all those suffering humans. But I know now that when I re-read the analysis I have done over these past 5 years, I know I will be able to not feel so helpless and exasperated by other characters. Especially with Harry whom has matured so beautifully that even Severus Snape-the-teacher could not snap back at him anymore.  To call his own son Albus Severus is the greatest honor accorded to Snape, and it bridges the gaps left by Lily, James and Severus themselves to have named Harry's children in their memory. No stronger moral could be reached because forgiveness is by far the hardest to learn and conquer, along with love.

My friend sent me a critic's comment that your books lack a moral for the hero... but (and you all know how I have been unnerved by Harry's lack of foresight when it came to Snape) I think nothing is further from the truth.  As I mentioned earlier, it had yet to be written, a famous children story where a Snappish character triumphed while the main hero understood that all this time, he had been in the wrong because of his clouded judgment.  The first time that a hero with Gryffindor qualities does not take the highest trophy and who loves to be part of the parade. That is in itself incredible! Snape had the same problems as Harry, and in fact, one can hardly miss all those similarities between Harry and Snape now. And so, if there were a moral for Snape, there were just as many for Harry, and I cannot express how sincerely I thank you for teaching that to the children of the world! And boy, did we learn what secrets can engender as well?! Even when controlled by good-meaning people like Dumbledore... if all had been clear from the start, what tragedies would we have avoided!

This book actually coincide with an important step towards forgiving others for just being human and forgiving myself for the same reason, and so it leaves me with a very peaceful feeling of acceptance and joy in my heart. The story has come round and you have thereof sent one of the most powerful love message of our modern world. Let not all the Slytherins be branded the same, let not those who work in the dark be forgotten, let not bullies destroy you, let not hate blind you, let not a trend be yours if it leads you astray, and learn to forgive and give everyone a chance. Thank you, on behalf of all Snapes, Snape fans and Harry Potter fans!  

Bless you, dear Rowling!"

            Lady  Claudia



- Severus Snape in the end -

Let me talk personnally here, if you will allow me to share my thoughts but mostly feelings. I can hardly find a lot to add here except: WE KNEW IT!  But it is also difficult to say anything more since I had put all my logic and analysis skills into my Plea for Severus Snape after reading Book 6, and it turned to be true almost to a 't'!  Funny how I don't feel there is much I discovered from Book 7 except being shown those more details scenes I had imagined all along in my perfect story ending.   God, was it a good read!!!  Knowing that this was NOT a fanfiction but the real McCoy made my heart flutter and fly over the moon!!  I was unable to take it all in from "The Prince's Tale" chapter. It was so emotionnally charged and a real cornucopia of information!! Finally!   It is the sublimest of all chapters. I had also believed in the Lily/Severus romance from the start though I never took the time to analyze the signs myself.  From Book 4 and on, I knew there had to be an irrevocably strong reason why Snape would still save the boy again and again.  Nothing short of love for his mother was my favourite idea, if not the most logical after all.

What I can't still fathom is how EVERYTHING I wished and prayed for ended up in the book!?!  I'm sure many of you had the same feeling because we've followed Snape from the start (most of us), we belived he was the hero in the dark all along! We wanted him to come out of this a hero, not a villain hated by the whole world. Hell, I have had to lie about my cat's real name for the last months! It didn't really matter in French since Snape is called Rogue, so my Kitty Snape was safe, but since I've been in Toronto, I didn't correct anyone when they said: "Snake?"  Yep! I'm a junior school teacher, I couldn't really say: "No, my cat's name is Snape, like Severus Snape, the guy who killed Dumbledore instead of Voldemort"  Hum, somehow it would have been awkward ; ) hahaha! Still, that shows you the level of anxiety I've been living on these past 2 years. So seeing the words on those awaited pages was more than I could take.  I still overflow with gratitude and amazement that all I'd wish for (but often thought too optimistic if not utterly utopic) is there!  Wow! I feel like sending Rowling flowers and giving her the greatest hug the world has ever known!!

I cried althrough "The Prince's Tale"! No kidding! I was on the bed and didn't dare move even though I was crying and sniffing so much because I thought there weren't any tissues around. Haha! Then I knew I couldn't go on like that, after only two pages, but there actually was a tissue box. I always read while listening to an appropriate song or music. I love soundtracks because they're designed to fit certain film moods.  This time, I had chosen a song in Japanese (Planetarium from Hana Yori Dango Live see on YouTube) It talks about the singer and how she wants to be with the one she loves but isn't. Here are the lyrics if you love Japanese songs, you'll understand why I cried so heartedly while reading that chapter ; )  The climax of the song once happened just as I read Lily broke up her friendship with Severus. Oh my God! The emotion! If you've never tried reading while listening to a song, do it now, it's incredible!  Can't wait to re-read it, maybe I'll try another song next time. Just listening to it makes my eyes water ^_^

In fact, I felt just as I did when I read one of  the final chapters of The Phantom of the Opera (the book!) when we learnt all the scenes we had yet to know all about. Ah! The angst and bittersweetness!  A genius who can't help but help an angel who turns to the handsome hero figure and leave the poor friend behind because he's too hurt.  But he just needed a bit of love! Both the Phantom and Snape grew in misery and rejection... I won't go into details, but what a waste of incredible minds and courageous people we engender by not reaching out to them and offer them our friendship!  If everyone took care of those Pettigrews, Snapes, Lupins, Sirius, James, Lilys... We'd live in such a wonderful world. However, there is always hope as in Harry who understood what real maturity and love meant!  Through human tragedies always emerge the best of solution: forgiveness, helping someone up and self-love!

 Have a nice evening,

        Lady Claudia