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NEW - Snape links - some newer ones I don't have here

NEW - YouTube - all the videos you could ever imagine on Snape!

NEW - The Adventures of Chibi Snape


Original Ideas - Snape sites

          Merriam-Webster's definition of "sarcastic" and other synonyms!

NEW - The Adventures of Chibi Snape

Snape Theater

Alas! It is no longer online! Sniff! Professor Snape 
Night School 



Featured Snape Website:

(Italian great stuff! You have to check
the pictures and the Multimedia section)


(dead links are not underlined but I'll leave the titles which may be found elsewhere if you want!)

Dark Illusions (nice fan work of all kind)

Daedalus' Lament - Fan Art(see example on the left)

Softly Simmering Severus Snape Fan-art from Elyse Camille (She's so good! Some involving romances from fanfictions. Check out the ones inspired from Book5! )

Lisa M Rourke's Gallery (fan artist which outstanding skills in "aging" HP characters! Some for Snape, too of course)

Dark Potions (excellent links to fanfictions and fanarts!)

ElfWood  Guided tour of Snape Fan-art images

Prof Piton (full of fan-art from lots of artists! Most manga style)

Designer Potions / SS
(See "Slytherin Art - My illustrations for computer art)

Silene's Pictures  (see example on the right)
Most of these folders contain very beautiful pictures! A lot of them are associated with fan-fictions like Falling Further In by KazVL! (Lots of Hermione/Snape)

Pseudologic Fantastica Repository
Some excellent computer generated images, among others, by Fleab.  (Lots of Hermione/Snape)

Thee Unforgiven  (Formely known as Down)

Howling Mojo's Art  Nice defined and colourful art!

Snapesnogger's Gallery (manga style fan art, funny manga style, too! See his buttocks!)
Ellaine's Gallery (fan art, wonderful!)
Deviant Guests' Severus Snape arts (collection of fan art, find your favourite artist)


Best Harry Potter sites news, images, stage pictures, errors, all you want!!

The Leaky Cauldron : news, images, everything!

Harry Potter lexicon: everything you need to know!

Mugglenet Loads of  news, info, facts from JK Rowling herself and rare pictures!!