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I love him very much! I don´t know why. Really!  I think his visual is the prettiest in the wizard's world!!!!! He was weak, when he was fifteen. Maybe, it is the why I love him!!!!!!!!!!!

Firstly, we tend to project our fantasies on Snape. Each of our view of the character is subjective. Maybe the one bonding point among Snape Lovers is that we like dark, moody, complex men. I would imagine that women who like Snape might also be fascinated with the character of Dracula or Heathcliff.
I know the main attraction for myself is dark, moody snarky brilliance. I've never been interested in handsome men. I'm much more interested in their character and in their brains. Snape is brilliant with a sharp mind and a sharper tongue. He's a loner. He's a spy which fufills the mystery requirement. We don't know much about him. We don't know why he's a death eater. We don't know his past. We don't know his true motivations. He seems like the type that would be a good lover, a passionate and demanding lover with a little bit of rough and tumble. He's arrogant, but not in the way good looking men are arrogant. He's arrogant because he's brilliant and he's powerful and he knows it. He demands respect. For all his darkness and snarky remarks, he does save Potter's ass repeatedly AND Dumbledore trusts him. Which speaks volumes to me; Snape must not be the completely evil git he'd like us to believe he is. Because he slips sometimes and loses control and we get to see a glimpse of the boy he might have been. We get to see the chinks in his armor. We get to see that he's human.

Do we care really that he's an utter bastard? I, myself, don't have any patience for abusive men, but abusive men tend to be those with fragile self esteem and huge egos. I don't see Snape as having a fragile ego. Would he treat the woman in his life well? Would we put up with Snape like behavior in real life? Maybe. Maybe not.

My attraction to Snape has nothing to do with Alan Rickman. I find Alan Rickman sexy, but not as Snape. It bothers me that he's cast as Snape. And I don't think it has as much to do with Rickman as it does with the characterization of him in the movies. I keep my literary lover Snape very separate from the movie Snape.

There is much more I'm sure. The character has been in constant evolution for me. I find it fascinating that I have become almost completely obsessed with this fictional man and I suppose I've created him into the ideal lover. Something rather out of character for me. What I perceive today might not be the same 6 months from now. But I've learned a lot about myself in the process, so it can never be said that such a hobby is a waste of energy. Thanks for the site. Great job.

Well I think I love him because he is so hot with that black hair, and he is so dark, and bad, and I like that bad mood that he is always with! And he's so smart, I can't describe what I feel, but I know that I want to marry a guy like him, and be always between his legs... He is amazing,and it's great to know that he has a lot of fans, because my friends always say: "Hey ! You like Severus Snape? Are you crazy? Gilderoy is the cutest!"

I like snape because of his darkness. I think that is romantic. He has power and because of his dark black hair.. oohhh!! I really fall for him ...

Well, that's interesting, how is it possible that people fall in love with a character they knew only from a book or a movie. As for Snape the main factor could be Alan Rickman, I suppose. His Snape is more interesting than just a paper person and of course Mr Rickman has many fans who like everything he does, and that's ok. I like him very much myself. What can attract people in books is maybe the fact that Snape is an open character, I mean we don't know everything about him and he's got a secret and maybe he can change. In every book there is the next bit of information but portioned so we have to wait for the next part and our curiosity grows. The fun is that you can read about Snape in English and in Russian and many other languages over Internet, he is so popular. If Mr Rickman ever saw this i hope he would be happy.

I love Severus because, well first, he's played by Alan Rickman, who, in my opinion is too great an actor to have ever been in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves...but that's just me.  Secondly, I think J.K. Rowling is a genius and she wrote his character so well that you LOVE to hate him but at the same time you LOVE to love him.  The first time I saw Sorcerer's Stone was the first time I was introduced to Alan Rickman's acting.  He portrays him so well, with the fact that he is this mysterious, gothic, vampiric professor, which I happen to love about him...the mystery is what wants you to find out more about him...and his personality makes you think that he's the bad guy when he's really a good guy...or as my friend would say "a man who has priorities" which is also true but he just gets revealed to us as a better guy in each book, and I strongly think that we will see just why he is really a good guy when Book 7 is released.  I love Severus's black cloak and the way he walks, and of course that deep, dark, sexy voice that Alan Rickman was blessed with having.  I just love him beyond obsession, and feel that his following is well deserved.

His darkness and the evil-minded way of teaching and treating students makes me shiver. For some odd reason that's also the main reason why I adore him so much and what makes him so darn attractive! 

I love Snape because he is so mysterious and we really don't all that much about him you know.  Personally I think he's a compassionate guy hiding behind a cruel facade so that people don't know when he's hurting.  If I were at Hogwarts I'd corner him first chance I got and screw him! Yes I said SCREW HIM!  I'm very into Snape as you can tell.  Plus the fact that he has connections to both sides (Good and Evil) and I personally believe he will be DADA teacher Harry's 7th year.  I believe this because well it makes sense.  Dumbledore is saving Snape for when he really counts, when the final battle is upon them and he can provide his insight to Harry.

Most of my reasons for being a Snape fan have already been mentioned, but unlike most people here I dont think I would like him at all if I met him in real life, like from an outside point of view. However he is probably the most interesting character in the books. As he is extremely intelligent (though he doesn't seem to get his head round being friendly) it´s difficult to know his reasons for being the way he is. He strikes me as a very logical minded person taking everything that happens in to account in whatever decision he has to make (the only similarity I have faced in a real person I know well, so I recognize this kind of thinking...). for example does he favorize draco because he wants to or because it would look suspicious to Mr Malfoy if he didn't, being a deatheater and thinking Snape is one too. Does he really want the defence against the da job or is it only a way of making it look to the death eaters as if he wants that subject to manipulate what the students are thought in a way profitable to the dark lord. And the most intruiging question what caused him to be and then turn from the death eaters? WHAT!? Its driving me nuts waiting for the next book *has minor hp brakedown*.

Why do I love Snape? In the words of someone I've apparently forgotten -"The guy fascinates me!" Snape has such depth's that other Harry Potter characters just don't have, from what I can see. The man is neither kind nor cruel, neither smart nor stupid, and he is neither ugly nor beautiful. In short the man is has levels of comprehension I have yet to understand.

  I would like to look to the fact that little is known about Snapes past. I always wondered about what could make him so cold? Some lost love or a unloving family? The man has such an unexplored past that one could never think of all the possibilities! I always am creating new ideas that make me think about who Severus Snape really is. Is he is really evil or was there something that made him that way and he is just hiding in his own sorrow?

 I think of Snape just a person searching for someone who will understand him. But he always pushes people away as he most likely is afraid of someone hurting him. Why did he leave Voldermort? There must have been something that brought his eyes up to see the darkness he had found. So he must have some heart, possibly a small one like the grinch but even a small heart is a heart none the less.

 I love Snape because sometimes I feel sorry for him, all I said before I can only think of the sad past he had that made the way he is in the series. Its enough to make a writers head whirl! So this is Watson, saying- I love Snape!

Why do I Love him? Well mainly I fell in love with his voice. I don't know why but I did. Mostly when he was in the dueling scene and said Expelliarmus. It is the way he said it that first made me notice him.  After that I have had a huge fascination with him, and
I can't stop thinking about him. Aside from his voice, dreamy, I fell in love with the way he portrays not only the character in the movie, but himself as well with the long black hair and the black clothing, plus the attitude is a plus as well. Well, I'm going to make this short, because I want to watch the movie now.

Professor Snape is very interesting and the most important character in the Harry Potter books and movies.  Yes, Professor Snape left us with many unanswered questions after we finished reading Book 5 about his role of ex-Death Eater.  I just love Professor Snape because he is very mysterious and very brilliant man. I have noticed that Professor Snape and Hermione Granger have a lot in commons since they love to learn something new and really knows the answers to the questions. I believe that Professor Snape does have respect for Harry since he knew that one day they might have to fight against Lord Voldemort together. We will see lot more of Professor Snape in upcoming Harry Potter movies.

I love Snape because he is portrayed as as an evil professor at Hogwarts. I also like him because of his physical appearance. I think Alan RIckman does such a great job at playing Severus Snape in the movie. Snape is my favorite professor at Hogwarts. He teaches a very complicated subject and it shows he is a genius.

Why do I like Snape? I seem to have a thing for the dark, mysterious type.  You know that deep down he has concern for those he ridicules. And besides,  if he were so hateful, as some may think, why would he teach children? Maybe  deep down (not too deep), I'm a bit evil and dark and would like someone to  share it with. I also dig guys with hook noses and longish hair.

I love Snape for millions and millions of reasons, like that his favourite colour is black and so is mine, his hair is gorgeous, he has a bad boy thing going on, and ... well, I'd have to go on forever to list them all. Alan Rickman is my favorite actor as well.

I guess I love Snape because of one thing. He doesn’t love himself. In the second film and book you have Gilderoy Lockheart, and I must say what a joke, He loves himself and he thinks he is above all others, but Snape, being very smart and to-himself is nothing like this and can easily see through the petty image of people who think they are the best. I hate people who love themselves, but with Snape, he doesn’t love himself and he doesn’t exaggerate his abilities. I also like a man who is mysterious.

Well, I think the question is not why do we love snape? but how could you not love him? He is a character of power, cunning and just an all round guy who you may want to hate but you just end up loving him. Also Alan Rickman (who plays him in the films) is a brilliant actor (and I have to confess, my favourite actor) so with this as well it makes it harder for us not to like him. There is a lot of mysteries surrounding his character and possibilities about why he does things and why he is the way he is. Maybe only time will tells us these things.

Summer 2003


I do love Snape; from his sense of menace, you never know what he's up to next.  Will it be some evil vengeance against the Gryffindors or will it be loyal service to Dumbledore and the powers of good?  This unpredictability makes him the single most interesting and complex character in the entire Potter series.  I do hope we get to see him duel with Lord V. face-to-face one of these days!

I find it very fascinating that so many of your correspondents find Severus tall, dark and handsome, sexy and somehow virile.  Rowling's descriptions of him include sallow skin, yellow teeth and greasy hair, and a hooked nose (whatever that means exactly).  Snape hisses and spits when he talks.  Obviously Alan Rickman's portrayal is a romanticized one.

Why I love Snape? I guess because of his mysterious quiet personality...

He's more than the eyes could see, he's strong, loyal, brave and clever...however he prefers to work alone and in silence...much like me I guess :P

Yes, he's mean and grumpy all the time and gives Harry and his friends really hard time, but his mysterious character has strange power, gives him a special aura

Outwardly, Snape seems emotionally cold and definitely cruel. But he truly is seething with emotion baggage: He hates Potter and treats him most unfairly, even from the beginning before Harry demonstrates any character defects. He is unconscionably rude to Hermione (who is fair, responsible and intelligent) and Neville. (He must know of Neville's past but bullies him anyway.) Snape definitely is smart, which is an attractive trait. But it is the air of mystery about him (and Dumbledore's trust) that makes him seem so vulnerable and misunderstood. Those are the traits that are so irresistible. Even when he acts like such an ass, as in Book 3 when he lets his emotions get the best of him at the Shrieking House, you know something in his past is blocking his usual intelligence. As each book is published, more is revealed that makes you second-guess your earliest impressions, and makes you attracted even more to him. The fact that such a great character actor as Alan Rickman has portrayed him in the two films just reinforces those feelings. As Harry matures and reconsiders some of his assessments, you can see Snape doing the same. I do believe that by the end of the seven books, Harry and Snape will have reached an understanding and mutual respect. But, I fear, Snape may suffer the same ending as do many tragic heroes. I love Snape because his character is so intriguing and he seems so emotionally vulnerable.

I am 16 years of age and I love professor S. Snape! I love him because his past, the way he was, the way he came out of said past, the bravery, his loss.   The truth hidden behind a  unwelcoming outside. Im not saying he's not a prickly bastard Ii love him in spite of ...... or maybe because of said prickly bastardness. The clothes he chooses to wear tell his story his darkness his pained past same as his eyes. He has an opinion and he states it, he doesn't let something bug and nag him he puts it all out on the table. The way his hair falls so gracefully in to his dark placid eyes the way it sweeps against his pale, perfect face.  He is sexy. He doesn't care what his simple minded students think of him. He'd rather be left alone than put through the living hell of meals and Hogwarts staff table. Having to listen to McGonagall talk about what great task Potter and his stupid little friends managed to complete today. People are afraid of him and that should not be people should respect him, not fear (sigh) but if that is what it takes to get people to listen to him then, that is just what it takes. And so in my pathetic little conclusion that is why I fell in love with professor S.Snape  believe me or not I do love him. 

Well the reason why I LOVE Severus is because he isn't like other characters in the series. He's very mysterious, dark and in the movie ever so sexy. Students just fear him and I find that wonderful. What makes Severus even so great is that Alan Rickman gives him life. Him wearing tight clothing and it's all black and his hair is all swishy when he walks and his robe is like everywhere when he walks. This is why I love this man ever so much

Well, I'm not going to read what others said 'cause I don't want to end copying them for lack of better words from myself

I need to remind myself that Severus and Alan Rickman are not the same when I try to explain why I love him. Because first off all I'm an AR fan.

It's right that Severus has a cold exterior that is difficult to overcome. But it's because he doesn't want to show himself as weak. He has passion. We can see that for moments, when he's so angry that he can't remain in control (even if it's for just a second).

He is sensual. (yes, I'm not insane) When he explains to the students the ways of potion making (first class, first year) he definitely shows a sensual point of view... "subtle science... art... the beauty of the softly simmering cauldron... delicate power of liquids... bewitching the mind, ensnaring the senses... " all this are very sexy and appealing words, indeed.

Maybe his appearance is not "good looking" or "attractive" but it is not what I seek in a man (even if I like Kenneth Brannagh as an actor, I hated Gilderoy 'cause of his "pretty face and smile").

I can think of him as a man who likes challenges, a man you can win by challenging his mind (and why not his senses). He is not the type for sugary love (as I'm writing this I remember the scene in the second book about Valentine's day hehehe), but that doesn't mean that he can't love. I think he needs to respect the woman and see her as an equal first.

He is an intelligent man, who likes logic and order. He can be sarcastic but I don't think he can hurt people.

Stupidly as it sounds, as I re-read what I wrote, I realize that at some level I'm describing myself. Someone can say I'm projecting, and maybe I am, 'cause I find him to be (as I said before) what I seek in a man.

We know he is a tormented guy, and we all (the women in your site) want to be there for comforting him and stop his loneliness. To prove that he can trust us, that he can show us his real him and that we won't laugh or think he's weak.

Trying to think myself as a student in Hogwarts, I see me as part of Ravenclaw (sorry). I would be attracted to him so baldly! But yet, my way of approaching would be: trying to prove him I'm as smart, clever, and sarcastic as he is. (That's why I think Hermione is someone who can win his heart... if she stopped being so damn stupid... sorry about that)

Now about Rickman... the looks and the voice...

If you add to all the qualities I see in Snape, to the voice Rickman has, it makes the perfect man (for me at least). He is handsome, he gives a figure to Snape's soul that completes it.

I adore the man....the hair, the clothes, the attitude, the smoothness of each delivery the cutting remarks, the way he holds himself high (in words) and couldn't care less what anyone thinks.

Yes, I would have fancied him.....why, character and quick to the quip. He is just adorable.....I've watched and read it many times for his lines. 

  I've been under Snape's spell since the beginning - he has an indefinable mystique about him and a dark beauty that captivates so many fans. I don't know if anyone has noticed this, but, like Dumbledore is the 'wise old man' figure, Severus is a fascinating archetype (in the Jungian sense of the word!). You could never quite define his character, his MYSTERY is all part of the allure!

Okie, lets get the real Snape. The one J.K Rowling all described in books one through five. Throughout the series he has always shoulder and cold and uncaring self appearance. But in 1 and 5 in the series he shows little but enough compassion to melt the ice on his heart. I think if someone showed him a little love, he would be more open to the world. I think this is why I adore Severus Snape. I also like Alan Rickman, total hottie. But he's not the true Snape. The true Snape is one we all love from the world of Harry Potter. With his dark and moral ethic's he truly proves that he is the best teacher at Hogwarts.

I'm sort of embarrassed idoling so much over a fictional character. I'm rather happy to find others who like Snape as well.

I think the reason I'm so attracted to Severus Snape is his past and the way he hides it. His complexity. His past is unknown really, though because of Order of the Phoenix we know it was something gone wrong. He seems to be very deep, and very sad, and maybe if people tried to get past his exterior they'd find a very likable man. Maybe a good friend.

Its like he was hurt and doesn't want to get close to anyone like something has been rotting inside him.  In the book I'm not sure why no one like us is there, idolizing him.  Or why someone isn't seeing him like we do.

Maybe it's because were getting more of the picture.

I hope Ms. Rowling continues this Snape saga. So that we might learn more of him and his past. And I'm hoping that by the last book, he will get the justice he so rightly deserves.

Personally I don't see him as dark and scary, although I know that is a draw for a lot of people. He is described over and over in the most pathetic of terms by the other adults in the books, especially members of the James Potter Posse. In fifth book we finally see the source of the character: his wretched home life, the scorn and ridicule of his peers (especially Potter and his cronies). Ironically enough, He suffers the same type of background as Harry in that regard (as well as Tom Riddle) but unlike the other two, he for some reason does not happen to gain the support he needs from one of the popular kids to become himself popular. One must wonder if Remus Lupin, had James not believed it was "cool" that he was a werewolf, would have made a parallel development.

Snape as an adult still suffers the pangs of his childhood. Dumbledore refers to his unhealed wound in The Order of the Phoenix. Snape (like Sirus and other adult characters) has been unsuccessful in separating Harry from his father. Although Snape started out the series as a rather unimportant boogie man, he has developed into a sympathetic character for those who have ever felt left out, demeaned, or victimized by our peers (isn't that most of us at one point or another?). Let's face it, Snape, in his time, was pretty much the Hogwarts nerd.

The movies have added an entirely new dimension to the character. I don't think I would have personally chosen Allen Rickman for the part, even though he is genius in his acting, only because he undermines the physical characteristics in the books which mark Snape as a nerd. I wonder how much of the adult demographic would find Snape as appealing if he were portrayed by a different actor.

I think it is the underage fan which has managed to characterize Snape most interestingly, completely abandoning the images from the book in order to make him a worthy romantic hero. The amount of drawings of Snape as young and attractive is rather astounding, as are the number of cross genre illustrations (especially the japanimation drawings).

Unknowingly, these young fans have turned Snape into the Byronic Hero, Something I am confident Rowlings did not intend (it will be interesting to see what she does with it, however). Snape's character so far lacks the strength in independence that the Byronic hero requires. Snap's conflicts and his transition from Death Eater to member of the Order of the Phoenix seems to indicate more of his child-like weakness before any real display of power and authority (as he backs down to Mad Eye on the steps of Hogwarts in the Goblet of Fire). Far from being a hero, Snape is still trapped in his childhood, unable to develop the self assurance to stand in a position of adult strength, rather he relies on bullying and sarcasm in order to get his way with those younger and presumably weaker than himself.

LOL now, listen to me, going on about the psychology of the characters as if they were, in fact, real! I think that one of the things that makes these books so endearing to both children and adults is the very real development of the psyches of the characters. The personal motivations of the characters, their reactions to abandonment, scorn, temptation, and all of the normal crisises associated with adolescent angst, they are all wonderfully IMMEDIATE to the reader. They are not things we have to delve into or analyze to enjoy, but evoke those familiar feelings in ourselves.

I also find it rather amusing that according to your site, Rowlings states that she avoids classic plots and characters. I think she may consciously TRY to do that, but, in fact, we are all influenced by what we read and our social myths.


  • Harry vs. Voldemort. Classic mono-myth. judeo-christian overtones. Son of the Favored One comes up against the Great Evil (what is more classic than that?) 
  • again, Harry vs. Voldemort: Beowulf, the division of the individual into good and evil. Harry IDENTIFIES with Voldemort for their sameness: appearance, background, etc. Harry and Voldemort can be seen as two sides of the same person, split into two characters for the books. Note also that the individuality begins to blur by the end of the Goblet of Fire when Riddle acquires Harry's blood, and that it disappears with The Order of the Phoenix in Riddle's nearly constant presence in Harry's mind.
In the publish or perish real life world I live in, I am sure you can understand why I will leave the rest of this analysis for another venue.

I believe Snape has become popular not only for what is IN the stories about him, but what isn't. As a background character he doesn't have the depth of Harry or Ron or Hermione. For those prone to fantasy, that leaves a lot to build on. For those prone to analysis, that leaves a lot do delve into. I've sat with some of my less educated friends at poolside and listened to them argue over whether or not Severus had a "thing" for Lily Evans, and whether or not simple sexual jealousy was the cause of his hated of James Potter. I've heard my gay friends arguing over the relationship between Lucius Malfoy and Snape, citing the movies (but couldn't cite text) for argument of a homosexual relationship. There is enough of Snape that is "us" that we can fill in the unknowns with "us" and come up with a character who we literally IDENTIFY with.


First of all, I like your Why Snape website much, and I've seen quite a few. Indeed, I didn't  know that so many people feel attracted to him! Do you think JK Rowling underestimated his  impact on the (our) world? In fact, perhaps as many people in the books like him as in our  world. Harry and Ron may state that "everybody hates him", but I wouldn't not be so sure  about that. Girls will have a crush on Snape, even though they wouldn't be showing it like  they did with Lockhart, perhaps even boys are somehow impressed by him. Malfoy's loyalty must be more than only Snape taunting the Gryffindor students..? Anyway, a crush is a thing of the heart, not of the mind - therefore not always sensible and a crush on Snape is not a sesible thing a Hogwarts student will readily admit. Ofcourse they'll keep it a secret.

So, why do I like him?

- his looks.. Dark, elegant, with style.. JK Rowling describes him as "a thin man man with sallow skin, a hooked nose and greasy, shoulder-length black hair". However, in the movie he is not thin (well, not VERY thin), and his hair looks clean to me. I must say, seeing the movie made me like him more. I think the choice for handsome Alan Rickman is the reason for many people to like him. On a more personal note, I always like men with long dark hair and a somewhat mysterious look.

Examples: Michael Jackson in his Ghosts movie, or in general when he had long hair. In Ghosts he is very mysterious, has a sense of humour, is stone-cold but not unfair or unreasonable. another example: Freddie Mercurym, in his long hair period. Genius, distant, attractive, seductive.. what a pity he's dead and gay..! Another example: Valensia.. you propbably don't know him, but check
www.valensia.com for pictures and you'll  see. Sometimes he has that Mr Mysterious Snape-like look, though his character is quite different. another example: Johnny Depp in general but especially in Sleepy Hollow or Edward Scissorhands. It's especially the dark look, the dark past.. this entices me.

- About perspective. In HP we always have the perspective of Harry. We never see things from Ron's point of view. We only know what Harry knows. Here are books that use more perspectives. It's a useful tool to consider. Anyway, characters who need to be mysterious are NEVER used for perspective. By reading their mind, they lose their secrets and mysteries to us. With mysterious characters, we must always UESS their motives. When the author reveals these motives, that is exciting, because the reader has been wondering about that. JK Rowling reveals her bits and pieces about Snape very slowly, that's what keeps him interesting. For me after reading book 5, the mystery about Snape's past as a Death Eater and  his returning to the Good Guys is the most interesting
issue for book 6 & 7!

- He is also mysterious because he shows so little of his feelings. He show irritation, satisfaction, and sometimes anger (hardly
distinguishable from irritation), but never pain or grief, love, relief, gratitude, glee, and only once a glimpse of fear. He knows very well which feelings he wants to show the world. I would like to know how he acts when he is alone with Dumbledore. I suppose he doesn't hate Dumbledore and perhaps even likes him, and wouldn't it be interesting how he behaves towards
people he likes or admires?? Snape is so distant, always out of our reach, Harry NEVER asks him what WE READERS want to know. People generally desire the thing they can't have because the things we can have, are always there waiting for us. We must fight for that what cannot be reached. In Snape's case, desperate. Harry will not get us the answers or the proximity we want, plus he's not real. AAARGH. Snape's the kind of guy we secretly pray for attention. Please notice me! please see that I am different than all the others! Please let there be a secret between us.

- Also, I pity Snape. we know that Snape is one of the good guys (imagine Dumdledore *accidently* hiring a bad guy). Anyway, I would never fall for a bad guy. Lucius Malfoy is a bad guy with long hair and dark elegance, he's equally cruel towards our main characters, but he isn't attractive. Snape is aware of his faults in the past, but he took the right path. He feels he is doing penance, perhaps he feels he doesn't really deserve happy feelings and he is determined to live on unhappy feelings until he has
made up with the world. His irritation towards the good guys is caused by the fact that he obviously cannot forgive himself yet. I
think he feels guilty about being cruel towards Harry. He knows his cruelty is his own weakness for being not objective and his failing
ability to distinguish between Harry and James Potter. In this line - I feel myself wishing for the moment Snape will show some emotion of affection towards Harry. I can't imagine that he really hates Harry. It will be good, healing even, for Snape to be responsible for Harry. Now that Sirius is off-stage, it could very well be that Snape takes the father-role on him. At least I hope so. It would be an ideal situation for two lonely people (Harry and Snape, -or- reader (me) and Snape) to find each other. True, Harry and Snape wouldn't make an ideal father-son couple, but somehow I think that could get on very well..

- I also like his intelligence and his eloquence. His famous "..up to something" quote is famous because it is so very subtle. His face is so completely neutral when he says that.. I like people who don't constantly state the obvious. His elegance continues in his speech.

Lockhart was a stupid git because he always talked and always about himself. Snape never talks about himself. It's a social skill not many people have. I don't say it's a good one, though. How does his mind work?? He's good at his job, but I think he would be even better at Defence Against The Dark Arts. I've been thinking for book 3 on, why hasn't Dumbledore been looking for a new Potions teacher instead of a DADA teacher? Anyway, I also like the aspect  of people being good at their job. Well, I guess that more or less sums it up. Snape-like figures attract me and I can imagine he has the same effect on other people. Style and mystery/distance does the trick if you ask me.

I think he is really attractive man. I love his voice I think it is dark,scary and very sexy, too.

I think the reason why Snape fascinates me is because we know so little about him- and what we do know hints towards a incredibly complex person. We know that Snape is mean, acts like a bastard, is ugly, shows favoritism, and was a Death Eater. He also, though, uses his position as a Death Eater to help Dumbledore, protected Harry when he was needed, and possesses a brilliant mind.

I think I'd like to compare Snape to a multi-layer Jawbreaker

(Is Dumbledore affecting me? ^ ^ )

Some times the candy tastes good, sometimes it doesn't. Each layer is an obstacle to the hidden core that holds a surprise at the end. But overall, the experience is a treat.

I mean come on who doesn't want a tall, dark, handsome stranger with a brain too?

I'll try to be short and to the point, as most of the comments posted I identify with most of them...

He reminds me of my chemistry teacher (lol; what a trip!  Potions/Chemistry- could fantasy and reality correlate more?).  Just like the name "Snape," his name freaks me out (name kept anonymous).  It has a very sharp sound to it and automatically gives you an eerie feeling.  Not only is my chemistry teacher cold, callous, and has a voice that you can easily notice if your back was turned, they are both very intelligent and for that, I highly admire them.  I hate and love the two at the same time simply for their intelligence; the fact that, even though they speak very condescendingly, I am still learning something in the process.   In other words, I want a piece of their brains.

Who doesn't identify with Snape?  Everyone's got a bad side, but if there's one in particular that you could choose, it would be something similar to Snape's.  I feel I identify with him well because you're able to effectively hit people with words, and not fists (though you may have the capability).  That is probably the biggest emotional stress of all, along with the idea that even if it seems that nothing can erratically change the character, there seems to be internal conflicts which create an eternal wound of some sort.  I happen to have such ability to manipulate words, phrases, and sounds such as he.  And for some reason, I always feel at war with myself, and everyone and thing around me.  If there were a male version of me, it would be him.

Lastly, I share his mannerisms.  I always seem to unconsciously have this pondering or calculating look on my face when not speaking.  And many others more to mention.  Everyone shares something in common with him, that's why he has so many fans.  He's also got what everyone wants, but not everyone has: intimidation.  Women find him attracting for the reason that, if they were to be overpowered by anyone, let it be him.  (In my case, it would be more the spirit to compete against him and beat him at his own game- call it platonic love for someone.)

Oddly enough, I also seem to share the same hairstyle as him; my best friend's getting into the habit of calling me Snape ever since the realization of the likeness.

Much credit is due to Alan Rickman- without him, I'm not sure how the character would have come to life.  He embodies him so well.

The reason I like Snape so much I guess, is because every good girl is attracted to the bad boy... He is so dark, it makes me want to shed some light on him....

June 12th, 2003

Also, if you feel like writing an essay (longer than these posts), go ahead to Analysis & Theories and I'll post any well argumented essay there!  


Snape seems very misunderstood. He comes across as cold, yet if one got to know him I bet he'd be a very wonderful person. He seems like someone who would the perfect dad, if you think about it. As long as you got in Slytherin, that is. :)

Also, the way Rickman portrays him....well...what a character! And he's so not stereotypical, such as others like Dumbledore, Filch, and Fred and George. It miffed me that there was so little of him in the Chamber of Secrets movie! I hope we see more of Rickman's great portrayal in the third movie!


Why you love, like, fancy, have a crush on, drool over, want, enjoy, prefer, affectionate, cherish, hold dear, are fond of, devote, desire, thrive in or are passionate when it comes to Snape?

I see myself in him.  I want to understand him and feel close to him. Maybe it's because I feel like if I can find the words to speak about him. I'll understand myself a little bit more. I often find people misjudging or taking into account only what they see or what is said by other people, and they never bother to look,  or think about, or understand what is inside the person and think that, maybe, there is a lot more to them.

When I try to draw Snape, I find it looks nothing like him physically but I've been told by others that it feels like Snape.

I had to smile at seeing the list of characters that where listed as being Snape like, because they are all characters that I have very strong feeling for and have felt connected with for years. I was introduced to the Phantom of the Opera when I was five years old, Erik is someone I've held close to my heart all my life. I'll never forget when I was fully dressed in the costume( by the way I'm a girl) and my mother said "my God you're beautiful" This was with the make up and everything. It was like for a moment someone saw the real person behind the mask.

I think Snape "people" 'want' to see the real person, the real soul. But I think we already seethe real person. We don't have to lift up a mask to know that there is a lot more to him than people think.

In a way I think it's hard for us to realize that we truly do see him, and trying to get others to see him. For them to say "Wow that's who he is!", to get them to see him for a moment, what we see  when met him.


Really the only reason I like Snape so much is because he reminds me of me. I talk the same way, tend to walk the same way, do some if his faces too and other things similarly. I don't have any really special reasons other than that really.


The reason I love Snape, or am transfixed by him is because he is intelligent, intimidating, yet sexy and at the heart of him, he is good and loyal to Hogwarts. If I were a student, I would totally be obsessed with him and the reason I believe I would be infatuated is because he's very intimidating and frightening, which is sexy?? I don't know if I'm making sense. But, I like the authority. Plus, it helps that Alan Rickman is drop dead sexy!

  What this report herself refers as schoolgirl crush:

I love Snape because not only is he hot, but the slight sound of his voice makes you just want to sit on a cloud and float away in a dreamy bliss, or grow a pair of wings and fly to heaven. Snape, or Mr. Rickman, just has that overall vibe of just falling immediately in love and lust with him, even though I have read in an interview with Mr.Rickman he denounces the idea of being a sex symbol, he is HOT, and that voice....just melts me away!

May 13th 2003

 These were all received before May 13th. Thank you all for your answers!  I'm sorry it took so long to post them. But it's a long process!


  I've never dared utter the fact that I have this huge attraction to the character of Professor Snape!!  I think he is the most fascinating character in the series.  There is something very deep and mysterious about him that intrigues me so much.  He is definitely not all he appears to be on the surface.  I hope that as J.K. Rowling continues her saga that she does Professor Snape justice and reveals what a truly deep and multifaceted character he is.  Perhaps I like him so much because I feel I can relate to him on some level. 

Oftentimes, circumstances force us to keep hidden many aspects of our true character and through no fault of our own, the outside world will misinterpret or mislabel us.  Perhaps that is what speaks to so many of us. 

His wit and sarcasm indicate a brilliant, intelligent mind that is desperately trying to redirect people's attention away from himself....hmmm, but what is Severus Snape trying to hide?.....what is his secret agenda? 

Lastly, I can think of no better actor to play Severus Snape than Alan Rickman.  I had heard that originally they were going to cast Tim Roth....an interesting choice and certainly he would have made a respectable Snape....but Alan is, hands down, the perfect Snape.  He possesses all the qualities...and let's face it ladies, THAT VOICE!!  I LOVE IT!!


 The reason I like Snape is because he stays so cool,even when he's ready to rip someone's head off!


 First of all - Alan Rickman is the most talented actor to ever cross stage or screen.  While I don't exactly love him (in a way that I would dream about marriage or anything) I love to watch him act, and I have pictures of him in my room (specifically George, Sheriff of Nottingham, and my personal favorite movie character of all time, Hans Gruber).

 As for Snape - who doesn't love to see a devious, rotten person who can send chills down your spine with their smooth, sinister voice alone?


 I honestly started reading the Harry Potter books after watching Alan Rickman play the part.  And it was his charisma and intelligent demeanor that really struck a chord in me.  And it also kind of helps that Alan Rickman has such a powerful screen aura, able to capture the attention of the camera no matter what is happening during that scene.  The character itself is beautifully written by JK Rowling but I wish she would expand more on Snape.  

One of the other things that attracted me to the Snape character is that I am a huge Sherlock Holmes fan and Severus Snape is very much like Sherlock Holmes(Lady Claudia: I agree! See my Myth or Reality section for more info) The moment I read all 4 books, I realized that a great deal of his characteristics would prove to be invaluable in the detective role.  But, to be completely truthful, I believe Alan Rickman fleshed out Snape for us, to give him a 3-dimensional character we could relate to or at least map out in our minds.  Most especially Rickman's enunciation and natural pauses in his lines that were delivered in such a way that helped me give the books a more realistic feel to the characters.   



 When he speaks, apart from moving his mouth, his face is entirely motionless and those eyes........that unblinking stare.........ohhhh be still my beating heart!

 Hmmm. Interesting question I actually get asked a lot (my friends think I'm just a bit odd).
Out of all the characters, I like both Lupin and Snape the most for both the same reason. They  strike me as the more realistically flawed and human characters presented in the four books to this  point.

Lupin, an individual who is seen by those around him as having a handicap, disability (his  werewolfism), struggles the best he can with his situation, never losing his pride, keeping his  sense of humor and irony, but still willing to help others out, regardless of his feelings on the  matter. He is shown to keenly feel betrayal and show forgiveness, but is also the type of person  willing to go beyond the pale to avenge a person or idea (killing Pettigrew). He isn't afraid to  take everything into his own hands and get the job done if needs be. He plays within the rules for  the most part, but if and when necessary, is more than mentally capable to go outside them and will  not hesitate to do so. He has a hint of mischief buried deep down and struggles with many issues  and problems, both trivial (like the Marauders map staying in his keep but he gives it back to Harry  later) and serious (revealing he's a werewolf and his suspicions of Sirius Black's methods of  entering the school). His loyalty is flawed as well (again convincing himself that Black was using  Dark Magic when it was obvious Black was entering the castle through means Lupin no doubt knew of).  Lupin is good and evil, the perfect balance, much like most of humanity.

Snape is the same way, but in the opposite fashion. He does not hesitate to use something to his  advantage and would no doubt be the first to do so. He's vindictive, but grudgingly honest  (otherwise, Harry and the other Gryffindors would have never passed first year Potions), pays his debts and holds his grudges. Snape more than any other character, Rowling has spent times writing descriptions of how he looks when he walks down a hall, how he spits when he's angry, how his eyes narrow when he thinks he's caught a student up to something, etc. Snape is a rule-follower, to the point of being unfair (or biased, depending on which word you want to use). Catching students fighting in the hall (favored Slytherin on that one as usual), playing Quidditch referee, or in the Potions classroom himself, Snape is a grudging upholder of "the law". Emphasis on "grudging". Everything Snape does is grudgingly, except when he leaves the infirmary on Dumbledore's secret mission. He's determined, resolute and (laughs) martyred there. Snape knows his strengths and weaknesses; he knows his enemies/adversaries strengths and weaknesses. He's an innate teacher (again VERY grudgingly) and for proof look no further than the dueling scene in CoS: he could have easily done some very nasty hex or charm on Lockhart, but instead he utilized a very practical spell. Disarming an opponent is a very rudimentary and basic theory and Snape took the educational approach instead of the more satisfying approach of making Lockhart's life a living hell for a few moments. Snape is the only teacher thus far shown to have "favorites". You see no other teacher giving bias for or against other students, even Hagrid (who would no doubt love to). And it's glaringly obvious Snape favors Slytherin in class or in the hall. We don't see how he treats Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs in class but we can assume a little better than he would treat Gryffindors, since its obvious that Gryffindor = Bane of Snape's Existence. Favoritism is a very human trait.

 He's got that Slytherin cunning and power thing goin' on. And, just the whole black theme makes him so.... so..... yummy looking!

 It's easy. He's just not a bad guy.

He's a very odd character, and while not a true protagonist (though Potter and the gang may never realize that) he is typically an obstacle for the main characters.

It boils down to being a dark character. Everyone loves dark characters to a point. Snape a little more special though because everything dark about him can be explained or at least guessed upon with decent evidence.

1) While Dumbledore tends to stay out of the text for long stretches in the stories, he's a respected character. He in turn respects Snape. That means a lot to anyone who's a fan of either or both.

2) He's been a Death Eater. That shows his personality isn't all a charade put on to intimidate the students. It makes you wonder though, as he spent most of his life friendless, as a D.E. was he treated as an equal to the other followers of Voldemort? I have faith that Snape will stay true to fighting against Voldemort, but about the other Death Eaters, were there any friendships made there? Or did they talk at all when they congregated?

3) He's BITTER. This is a big point. Since day one of Potter being at school, Gryffindor has become the powerhouse. There's easily some resentment there. Also there's plenty of times where he picks on Potter's vanity and desire to stay in the headlines (I know that one's mentioned enough to be very obvious). Also there's an opening for a Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher every year. It looks like we're in for a 5th year running of his rejection for the job (maybe Dumbledore just thinks there's no better potions master to be found... small victory in Snape's mind though even if that IS the case, I'm sure). Bitter also at the fact that the very same students that tormented him in his time are coming back to help play the role of heroes.

4) It pays to know you're intimidating and use it to your advantage. He's a teacher. He's (probably just slightly more than McGonagall) the most respected teacher, fear inspired or not. He's never horrifically cruel to the students as far as I'm concerned, though admittedly, I don't know if I could handle him as a teacher, heh. He's biased against the Gryffindors, but that's not surprising. He messes with Potter because, like I said, he thinks Potter's an attention glutton. He messes with Granger because, like some teachers I know, he hates know-it-alls (and of course she's Potter's friend). He messes with Weasley because, well he's always there with Potter and Granger. And of course there's poor Neville, to whom Snape's wrath is little more than another product of his own clumsiness. As to his harshness though... using harsh words and being quick to give detentions only make him unlikable to the victim(s), not so much the reader.

5) This is the one that draws me in about Snape. He's got so many ties with all the different characters in the stories (it's as if he knows more of the characters than Dumbledore sometimes) that as they start to resurface I want to see how he acts with them. Assuming he continues working with the Order of the Phoenix, he and Lucius Malfroy are going to have to run into each other at some point soon I imagine, and I can't wait for it. Will they butt heads? The Malfoy herd don't seem like ones to keep their mouths shut about something like... say... turning your back on the Death Eaters and Voldemort, or worse, fighting their cause. And what will Lucius have to say to Draco over the summer about Snape? Will Draco keep getting that fuzzy feeling in his heart whenever Snape's around? (
Spoiler of book5: Yes, he seems to because their relationship has not changed at all) And vice versa I suppose. Same goes for Crabbe and Goyle I guess, but as their Draco's underlings is a lot less dramatic and would most likely only be brought up if it's just them agreeing with Draco.

The last few chapters of GoF showed Snape (along with Sirius, McGonagall, etc.) right on the ball, quick to the task, when Dumbledore had to act quickly they were all on it. I'm not sure what it was about that, seeing Snape as a team player, or just seeing him getting down to business like a bad ass, but that stuck a chord with me too. Very cool.

6) Last but not least, casting in the movie. I know it's a big point in this discussion, but it's absolutely true. Alan Rickman is awesome and always has been. And for those of you looking forward to this continuing awesome casting... I have a feeling we'll soon see many Sirius websites with pictures from the movie pasted all over, as depicted by, that's right... GARY OLDMAN. Cast for Sirius in PoA. If they can keep the casting on as high a level as they have with Rickman and Oldman there will be no need to worry about the quality of the movies ever falling off.

  I will simply speak from the heart as opposed to the mind .

 I believe I could say that I began to love him from his first mentioning in the book. Being the young age of sixteen I still question myself on to this phenomenon. Looking deeply into the character I realized that he is not as malevolent as he is described, that perhaps he is nursing an internal wound. His eyes reflect hatred yet they too reflect a fathomlessly loving, passionate depth, he possesses the art of effortless seduction. Cold and bitter this man is purely enigmatic. His conservative countenance, his disregard for mundane joy, his powerfully entrancing presence, and his voice like a slowly creeping venom are conceivably the culprits of my deeply rooted love and fascination.                      

 I'm writing in response to question "Why do we like Snape". It's a great idea to let people express their opinions. And here's my small analysis:

If we ignore the facts that people like him either because of his appearance (connected with Alan Rickman mostly), or because he's "evil", (when you look at his personality more properly, you can't say he's evil. In fact, he's not. He's just unhappy and hurt, but he transforms these feelings into anger.) there are some facts that we have remaining.

*First, most of Snape fans can see themselves in him (that goes for me as well ;-)), if not entirely, there's always a part they can find. They have the same experiences as he does, and sometimes feel sorry for him.
Therefore they can relate to him, can understand what he's going through and why he's the way he is.

*He's mysterious and unpredictable, full of questions... Now that's something for me, analysing his character. You can ask why he does things he does, what are his reasons and what is behind them. What makes him act "evil" if we believe he isn't in his deep inside?
*We don't know much about him (thanks JK) and that leaves a big space for our own fantasy. I think I won't be wrong if I say that most of us like solving riddles like this. And Snape's a big riddle for everyone, that is...

*He isn't evil nor positive character. He seems to be complicated. Again, one new question. Why's that?
*He's a strong character and individualist, he always believes his principles are right and will fight for what he believes is the right thing.
*He's quick in thinking and very smart. He has a powerful intellect. And knowledge means power. People are attracted to power,aren't they?
*He knows evil, yet he doesn't slide in it. He can detect evil even where the others don't see it.
*He has strong confidence in his own capabilities. That's what we all want to have.
*He doesn't have patience with idiots...(maybe that's not good, but this is the point where I and Snape are completely similar. ;-))
*Part of him is still a child. This child that never got enough love, it's hurt and feels not loved, and what it does is that it transforms this sorrow into anger. We want to make this part of him better, to take care of it, to show that someone loves him.

End of commented parts - I'll comment the posts above later!!

Intelligence & sarcasm

Coldness: I agree this is quite interesting in Snape!  Why, why, why!  

 Very true!  Snape has so much mystery surrounding him that it captivates us!

This fact is interesting: Snape-fans feel the school acts worst towards Snape than he does... while non-Snape-fans say the contrary!  


I think he feels pain from doing it in the sense that he doesn't know how to do differently!
Snape's distinguished.





Alan Rickman's performance

Albus really trusts him


Why do I like Snape?
I like him because he is a very intelligent, but also sarcastic ( I love sarcasm...) He is a person, that has a mysterious past, there are some riddles in his life, he is very intelligent, but always cold. We love cold people because we are not very sure what's the matter with them, and therefore we want to get to know them better...
In Polish net (
the author is Polish of course!) there are some fan sites about him, and fan-fictions with him as the main character.
In some he's a vampire. In others he was in love with Lilly Potter. I saw one where he's Harry's "dad" but hates him because his beloved Lilly died saving Harry. In others he is Harry's remote uncle... Well,
his life leaves a lot of place for imagination! Why is he so unhappy? Who has broken his life (heart)? Why is he so full of bad feelings?

I like him because I believe he is the good one while all the school is so cruel to him. He is not nice, but the others are even worse to him.... For example, when Ron/Harry discussing why Snape was not at the Head table for the Grand Feast at the beginning of year 2 they said: "Or maybe he's been sacked. You know, nobody likes him"  How would you feel?

(Lady Claudia: "How would you feel?" I think that's exactly the point!  Personally, I know exactly how it feels because I've endured such kind of remarks! Not as explicit, but still!  It's enough to make you loose it and get the worst out of you! Fortunately, my family didn't encourage me to retaliate in a bad way, but just imagine what other parents might have said!  No matter how hardened Sanpe may have become over the years, he cannot not hear those remarks because he's been back to the right side. Any conscious being will feel it. Of course Snape could be nicer, but if he's not be raised to act like that, well... )

Maybe inside he is a sensitive one , hiding it because of his mission, and feeling pain every moment he has to be cruel...
Or maybe not?

And of course he is so distinguished, he has great quotes, better than anyone.

Have you ever read "The Three Musketeers" by Alexander Dumas?
He's like Richelieu, of course not the real one, the authors vision.
I loved Richelieu in this book.

(Lady Claudia: I must say I did read it (I'm a French speaker so of course I enjoyed the original version of Dumas), but it's strange Richelieu didn't strike me as a Snape at all.  Richelieu was more like Lucius to me: they both want power, they manipulate the king/Ministry  like puppets, they try everything to appear nice and noble while in truth they are not.  Actually, in "The Three Musketeers", Athos (one of the three) was a lot more like Snape I believe. Brooding, keeping silent, hating company (Athos even had a mute servant), but always defending a just cause!  Richelieu only worked for himself, his pride and prestige... and of course sexual deviations for he was supposed never to have touched a woman in his life!)
And I love Snape, and Alan Rickman is one of my favourite actors, he played Colonel Brandon, that I also loved in Jane Austen's book.
Sometimes I think he is going to die saving Harry in 7th part.
I hope it's not going to happen...

Severus and his sarcasm and his great heart, not shown yet (except the part, when he is saving Harry on the broomstick and the end of the fourth part. Isn't it interesting, that he is one of the teachers Albus trusts mostly? And he was so courageous when he showed his sign to the Minister of Magic!!!)

Bad ass type and not entirely evil character

Feels a kinship to Snape


Loving a character is often easier than loving a real person

  It wasn't till a few weeks ago that I saw it (the 1st movie that is) with my dad on TV.  I haven't seen the 2nd, I'm very new to it yet.  When I saw it I actually started to like it ( I am 21 years old I normally don't go for this kinda thing).  The character I really hooked onto was our gorgeous Prof. Snape.  I've always have been attracted to the "bad ass" but not entirely evil character so to speak.  For the past few years I have felt isolated and misunderstood.  Snape comes across as being so lonely and yearning to have a friend but secretly afraid of being hurt or abandoned so he puts up all these walls to protect himself much the way I do. 

    I would never want to try to change our dear Serverus.  I like him for who he is and his character.  I wouldn't want to make him a better person... just be someone he could trust and talk to. Alas Snape isn't flesh and blood but I love him because he lives in our hearts and in our minds and sometimes  that kind of connection is more real than any tangible person.  [Lady Claudia: This is a very strong assessment because it's a reality: it's much easier to love a character with whom you have no real links to than a real person.  I know a lot of you out there will tell me that I'm wrong because they would gladly take the Snape-task for themselves. But the thing is, being a kind of Snape myself, reality is quite different.  People are always put off because we are so demanding people.  It's very difficult to become my friend for example. However, once you have succeeded, it's very rewarding because I'll be very devoted and faithful.  The other problem is, I'll expect as much faithfulness from you which is almost as demanding as becoming my friend.  I believe Snape is like that too.  He must not be the trusting type now is he?   I see a lot of this "too easy relationships" in Snape fan-fictions.  Everything looks so easy in a lot of them when it comes to making friends with Snape. I wish it was like that or like what normal people expect relationships to be, but from experience they are not. Of course people tell me to lighten up, but I just can't. I become even more brooding when I do anyway. In a word, I believe that Snape is like that too: he is hard to become friend with, and even harder to become a lover. So, that's why I think a lot of people love Snape because he is not so tangible.]  


 I feel a longing, a need, a desire and wish to hold him. It is beyond physical, the need is consuming and enters my thoughts and dreams. I have an obsession. I want to hear him, smell him, feel his presence, look into his eyes, become lost. I am lost.

Gothic style

Alan Rickman




A good exploration of one's darker side



Attention seeking of a powerful, dark men


Dramatic torture of loving a difficult man

Firstly, I am totally sold on this Gothic look for Alan Rickman. I love swishy capes and long black hair (this has more than a little to do with my lifelong love of vampires, but it's a good look for mortals as well). Rickman knows how to put a certain charisma and flair into villainous (or supposedly villainous)  characters. And his voice... yow. But if it were just about Alan Rickman in a cape there wouldn't be much else to say. There is something about Snape's character that captures the imagination.

Snape plays by his own rules, and keeps counsel only with himself. He doesn't actively seek validation from others. And yet, as human beings we know that no one can never be completely self-reliant... surely there must be some part of him that craves acceptance and emotional intimacy.

There are so many unanswered questions about him, and that air of mystery is a big part of the attraction. I want to pick his brain, provoke him, flirt with him, mess with his mind, seduce him, and push his hot buttons. I want to rip the veil off his secrets and poke the squishy black stuff in the most vulnerable part of his soul. I like to do this to loner types, because I'm a bit warped in the head. I think it's really an exploration of the darker side of myself, because I too am a sarcastic, insecure, and often bitter person. And yes, I'm sure my parents have something or other to do with all this because they were inconstant and emotionally inaccessible and I still haven't figured them out.

Psychobabble BSing aside: happiness is daydreaming about Severus taking a long, lascivious whiff of my hair before silently retiring to his quarters for the evening. Mmm... I mean, I'm obviously not the only girl who gets a naughty thrill out of the idea of having a powerful, enigmatic, tall dark handsome stranger showing her some attention. The element of danger is all part of the fun...
 [Lady Claudia: I believe this applies to most Snape fans indeed.  I've known enough fans to tell you that it's surely the main reason why most people like him. The content of most Snape sites is proof enough.  However, there are all kinds of Snape fans, as shown in this very page. So even if most people like him for that dominating character, he still has a lot of attractive traits for most.  The content of most fanfictions featuring Snape proves this as well.]

If I were a student at Hogwarts, there is no doubt in my mind that I would have a mighty crush on Snape. He would have been irresistable to me in my teenage years, physically and in terms of personality, more so because as a teacher, he would be completely out of my reach, something which tends to highten attraction. In high school, I liked the "mean" teachers who taught the subjects I was dedicated to. The other kids got their just desserts for not trying hard enough-- or so went my reasoning back then. I would have been his favorite student, the neurotic perfectionist-loner. I'd probably enjoy torturing myself to the fullest with that little drama of unrequited love, too.
Lady Claudia: This is very true for most fans as well I reckon: for a lot of fans, loving Snape who surely doesn't give a lot of importance to romance is a kind of slow torture, a challenge. What if you were chosen by him?  Wow! That would be great because he seems so reluctant to being loved, doesn't he?  That would mean he would be ready to give up on his grudging personality just for your sake.  That's a very exciting prospect for a woman. There's a lot of drama involved in loving Snape and a masochist side to keeping that love for oneself.  If you read most romantic Snape fanfictions, you'll notice just that: torture of the woman in getting her man. That's a bit cliché but women tend to be like that.]    


I love severus cuz' he is so f***ing hot

Snape's sterness and rigidity.

No one walks over him

This fan feels akin to Snape because:  
I feel that if you are not stern people will walk all over you .That why I like being alone for. I tend to push people who love me away

Snape's a jerk, but on the good side!

He makes you wonder what made him like that

I love Snape because he's a jerk. He's a mean and callous fool and I love him. He's like the bad guy on the good side, and you can't help but love him.

He is so interesting to read about, because you wonder what made him so weird and creepy.

Snape makes potions because it's an essential part of magic.  Nice theory!  I never thought of that before!

His snake-like personality (I've put this here instead of the Analysis/Theory page because it's true people are often attracted to Snape because of his snake-like personality!











Snape is like a leader to Harry.

Snape's a good teacher

As the Master of Potions he is a archetype of a medicine-man! He uses to murmur his charms or makes entreaties. In your very good analysis you wrote he loves to be the Master of Potions and this is my own very impression, too. To be a type of shaman (a healer)
gives him more power than any other work he could do. He makes potions, that means medicines, and everyone, the GOOD or the EVIL ones need HIM sometimes. There is no difference between them in that very case.

Now, I want to pointed out that my ideas about Severus Snape weren't inspired by fanfics. I don´t use to read them.
But I studied a large number of Snape / Potter theories and there are many I would say which are very good.
Very often it is written that Snape's behaviour recalls that of a vampire, but I didn´t get this impression. He seems to be completely human from my point of view. But I would say he reminds me of a SNAKE. I want to explain why I think so:

  • We all know he is the Master of Slytherin, the house with a snake as symbol.
  • His symbol as medicine-man is probably the Aesculap, the snake besides the Greek god of healing. Joanne Rowling uses well known symbols from different mythologies, and the Aesculap is one of them. If you take a look at pharmacies around the world you will find out that the international symbol for pharmacists and medicals is the Aesculap (it is a little adder). And while the Aesculp is the sign for healing, the Basilisk (used by Voldemort) is the deadly watching snake in the Greek mythology, and this is a very important point to me. So I am convinced Severus and Voldemort are enemies. They are rivals.
  • Something happened in the Duelling club (book 2) which made me thinking again and again. The second book tells us: "Snape was looking at Harry in a an unexpected way: it was a shrewd and calculating look...." Why he looked calculating at him if he had no idea of Harry´s magical resources?  I think he understood Harry very well, he heard him talking to the snake, to leave the other boy alone. My conclusion is: Severus Snape is a parslemouth too. (Maybe he also heard the Basilisk calling Harry Potter, who knows?) He is a man of logic!  [Lady Claudia: The problem with this theory is that Snape, had he heard the Basilisk, would have done much more than he did in the second book!  He would have told Dumbledore for a start. Knowing that, Dumbledore would have closed the school if Snape had told him he heard a snake in the walls.  And the author tells it herself: Snape is a logic man, he would have known a snake was roaming around in the school.  I think the shrewd and calculating look had to do with Snape discovering Harry was a parseltongue and/or discovering he shared the same talent as Voldemort himself. It's true, surely Snape heard of Voldemort's ability somehow.]
  • Usually he is a very calm man, he normally whispers, he uses to stay in shadowed corners, where he can observes persons undiscovered by them. He moves in a very light-footed way. Surely it seems that he sweeps, but it could be a form of sliding!! I read something about the Aesculap too. This animal lives in dark, cold and damp places. Snape seems to enjoy his very place, the cold and dark dungeon.  
  • He has a lot of intuition, as snakes do.
  • He doesn´t share what he owns with other, or does he? Snakes are very similar in that case. Even a snake would never share its meal for example.
  • Snake snap their head in defence. A snake is a dangerous animal, but I am convinced he is NOT evil. He is unpleasant, sarcastic, maybe very cold and unfriendly, but NOT evil. An evil person can  play a very friendly roll too. Just think about the"shy and kind" Prof. Quirell.

At last: Snape saved Harry's life in different situations (I am convinced in the PoA, too), so the magical connection between the boy and him becomes deeper and deeper, more intensive. And that is what Snape wants to reach. In a very special way he is a
type of spiritual leader for Harry
. Because he knows, if Voldemort shall fall forever, they will have to work together.
I have many other ideas about him, but this is themost important thing to me.

This is the reason why I love him, he is a very good teacher for life!!!!

A knight in shining armor
Not materialistic

Rickman's performance brings out a part of Snape that was harder to see in the books only. (By the way, I heard that Rowling decided on Rickman for Snape herself and that she told him precious information about his future role so that he could act accordingly: See part 3 of book 4 analysis for more details)


Interesting theory! I believe it's part of the fact that Snape is alone too: he doesn't want to engage himself in a relation if it's not for the woman he really wishes for!

I love Snape because he's that noble Knight in Shining armor that every woman/girl dreams of. He's handsome, intelligent, and non materialistic.  

Before I saw the movie I didn't really like Snape; but then I look at the screen and Alan Rickman brings out a man behind the beast, a hidden past filled with sadness and rejection, (I'm a sucker for drama unless it's a soap). Alan Rickman brings out what you read in the fanfics. He's a guy who has had a hard past and still has to spy for Dumbledore so he has to act all mean and he prefers to be alone like me. I hate crowds and everywhere I go I feel like I'm surrounded by idiots and imbeciles.(sry) I may only be in
high school but I agree with a previous addition to this forum; I need some gray complexity in my books unlike my boy-crazy, materialistic peers.(again sry if I've insulted you.)



He's completely unselfish; everything he does is for someone else. He feels that he is forever paying back a debt for being a death eater and all of the horrible things he did as one.

And I think he is lonely for that special someone.

Snape's somehow right in his teaching methods even though he seems quite harsh

Snape is right to try to humble Harry


Very good point! Please read my further comment on it:







Snape's looks

People love what Snape is and they are not or identify to him


That's so true!

I have actually a teacher who is EXACTLY like Snape (no joke!!!). So, I can tell you what it feels like having someone like him to teach you : First, I hated him. Really. He was all the time bullying students, especially the less gifted ones. (I remember, once he had been horrible to a boy that copied on his neighbour's sheet, the poor boy didn't dare going to school the next day!!!) But everybody gets his part with him. When your work is half-done, don't hope good marks! He told us we were a mummy-class, we didn't belong where we were, etc. But I must admit that HE IS RIGHT (we never respond to any question, and half the class didn't succeed at all the Christmas exams). The same goes for Snape, he's bullying Longbottom and putting quite a pressure, but do you think Neville would do any effort if he didn't put him under pressure like that? I know that kind of guys, most of the time it's " I can't do it so why should I do any effort?" And for Harry, well, SOMEONE has to remind him of being humble. I think I would get a big head if I was so well-known and good at all I did.

 Now, at least, the Harry Potter books have helped me to understand a little more that horrible teacher of me. I still don't like him, but I don't plan throwing him with a millstone in the river anymore. People like Snape because they don't know what it is having him stand in front of the classroom. I'm sure most would don't like him if he was their teacher. (Lady Claudia:  I think so too!  If you'd have to grow up with a teacher like that, chances are you would not like him at all! For most people anyway. However, if you are older and understand just why the teacher you had was so mean, that is, when you understand his motives, I think that's why some people like me love him. That reminds me of something I didn't talk about before: I have had a female teacher that was a real bitch with normal students. At the time, I didn't like her at all even though she was not as rough on me as she was with the others because I've always given all I could in my classes. However, I did get some cutting remarks from her. I even sent her a false valentine just to mock her (anonymous of course). That's the only prank I ever did to a teacher, I swear! But you know what? I'm glad I did today because she really deserved that valentine! She was my best French teacher ever!  She pushed me to my limits, not just liking what the good student I was and  always giving me good grades for it!  She was the only one to really appreciate my kind of intellectual side because I thought differently from other good students who were just gifted but didn't work so hard. She's the only one who published one of my essays in the school's annual journal for the best essays even though the other years, I had written very good essays compared to the published ones!  I knew I had deserved it fully this time and that she recognised my talent, my real talent. I got a 94% on my end-of-year oral presentation, the highest mark she ever gave any student. That's why I love her today: she pushed me to the limits, like Snape with Potions. She knew students were not giving enough of their capabilities and tried through hard ways to bring it to the surface.  I don't know enough about her to tell you she was a Snape, but in class, she was.

Second, don't deny it, Snape is really physically attracting (but a little shampoo wouldn't hurt).

Third, most people admire him because he is what they aren't, or they identify with him. C'mon, all the others are so perfect and stereotyped! And for Harry, I've been bullied too at school and at home by my brother, you cannot have still such noble feelings and such a pure mind. He would be like me: antisocial, selfish (why helping people, they always hurt you), vengeful and certainly not as good as he is. Looks like Snape? I'm sure he has been bullied a lot when he was at Hogwarts.

And at last, I admire Snape because he's able to do what I can't. I still have some friends, which I don't really like, but I keep being friends with them because I need some. I'm not able to take complete care of myself, Snape is. I'm not able to ignore others taunting, I've not an armor against it like Snape. He doesn't care what people think about him, and respond to no-one but himself. He's self-sufficient, and I think all of us wish we could. It's always a greet shame to recognise you're not able to do something alone.(in any case, I feel like that) Lady Claudia: I'm like Snape for that: I don't keep friends who are not to be trusted. I'm very exigent! But a big majority of people prefer to stay friends rather than be alone. For me, being with people who hurt me or betray my confidence is worst than being alone. But I know most people find the contrary worst! It's a shame really! That's paradoxal because I believe that if the majority keeps such "friends", it encourages nobody to change! So people like me are left with little choice believe me! Very unfortunate! I dream of the day when people will stop being abused by others they call "friends". Then, we might finally get somewhere!