Valentine's Day 2006 


Note : I'm sorry this is so short tonight. But my head feels like it will split any second now. I'm also heading to bed no later than 8:00pm. I will try to finish it tomorrow (again).  Thanks for your comprehension!!

Valentine's Day in the Potion Classroom - Part 2 

Footsteps were heard coming towards our hero.




Sorry, heroes!




To Snape, it sounded like trouble again but however much he was tired of this circus, you can't take Severus' sense of duty out of the man that easily. So of course at the sign of trouble he turned around, if only to deduct points and award detention to the student unlucky enough to have crossed his way on Valentine's Day for running in the halls, but he was gobsmacked when he saw the last man he wished to meet today: Gilderoy Lockhart himself, fresh out of St.Mungo's!


"Severus, my friend!" he greeted a bit out of breath.  "I can't tell you how delighted I am to see you! What have you been doing lately?" he said to a growingly suspicious Snape.


"How come a lunatic like you is out of St.Mungo's? I took you there myself two years ago and I didn't read any miracle discoveries for your ailment had come up in the magical scientific world as of late."


"Ah well! The charming mediwitch ladies thought I was too charming a person to tarry and waste away in a padded hospital room. They let me off last week, didn't you hear? Ah! I'm so happy to be there with you, seeking adventure on the most romantic day of them all!" His cheesy smile almost caused the Potion Master to be sick.


"What?! This is ridiculous! I will floo St.Mungo's right away," he started, heading through a door, "they have an escapee on the run."


"Oh no!" Lockhart answered with renewed vigour. "I assure you all is perfectly as it should be!"


In a demi-second Snape had turned around shouting: "Stupefy!"


"Ha ha ha!!! That won't work on me, my dear professor!"


Snape could not believe his eyes. The last person who seemed unaffected by his spells was Voldemort himself! "How come, Lockhart? Why won't it work, you idiot?" he commanded.


"Because, my appetising friend," which earned him a murderous look from Snape, "the memory charm that backfired on me has been repelling, for some obscure reason, any kind of magic cast at me. So in a way, I've because the closest thing to a God thanks to that! Isn't it ironic that such a God-like beauty should now be elevated to the rank of semi-God!" His smile almost worn a hole in Snape's head.

"You?" Severus spat in disgust. "A god?! Ah!" he mocked him, "If I needed any proof that you were indeed as pathetic as before, insane or not, here it is!" he finished with a snear.


"Talk and tease all you want, but you won't get rid of me today! I have way too much fun spitting you and," lowering his voice, "between you and I, you've always been my favourite at school!" Wink!


Insulted by this affront, Snape walked into the room, flooed St.Mungo's and indeed, discovered that all the madcap had said was true hence that also enticed that Lockhart was not the only madcap around anymore. 


With a murderous look, he walked back in the corridor where a pink and red clad Lockhart was waiting, big and little hearts flashing all over his robes.


Breathing deep in order not to get sick at the sight (after all, it had been the second time he had been exposed to such a repellent display of bad taste and mushiness that morning) Severus used his Slytherin cunning and asked in an innocent tone: "Are you sure there is no way that, say if someone wanted to get rid of you, magic could be used against you?"


"None at all," he flashed (literally) at his mate!  "Except of course if you use Muggle ways. Then I am helpless as a lamb, ha ha ha!!" 


"Really? How interesting" Snape smiled back in his wolf-like manner. "I'll make sure to remember that!"


"So, what should we do first? Why not take tea together and chat about old times! You'll love it. And don't worry about being asocial, bitter and grumpy or that your field interests are completely boring to normal society because I don't care. I can do all the talking so we needn't worry about your flaws in those areas.  You know, this reminds me of the time when I " Lockhart babbled on.


"Imagus Corpus" Snape whispered.


"Corvus," he said in a hushed tone, "let's get out of here. I've just cast a shadow image of myself which will stay with him and shall spare us enough time to make an escape and we'll find McGonagall and the other teachers. Surely they can help."


[Me-owww!] Right, O Masterful One!


They went down the main stairs. He had almost reached the last steps when


"Eeeee!! Oh my God!" came a girly shrill from the Great Hall when suddenly, a large body of students (mainly girls with a few boys) came through its doors and surrounded him. (We couldn't let him off the hook that easily, could we ; )

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