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The Snape Paradox

Snape has a lot of fans out there on the Internet...


... yet in the book, he is hated by most people!


Lady Claudia's first thoughts when I started this web site in June 2002: If you went through the other sections of my site, you have noticed how I interest myself in the "Snape phenomena".  All through the numerous books I've read and the movies I've seen, I have several time witnessed some "Snappish" characters. 

At first glance, it looks like "Snapes" are merely the creation of zealous authors who thought they might invent a new type of character: dark, sour, with a quick mind, a strong intelligence, and a terrible past.  Are they only the perfect pawns so readers believe in the possible redemption of mankind? Even when one has done horrible things?   Is that why they always seem to be so sour and not able to enjoy themselves?  Because they feel guilty about enjoying life?  Can a man be so deluded about his past actions that he turns back to the good side and becomes bitter about it all?  Do people like that really exist? Men or women who have the intelligence to understand life and courageous enough to live with their mistakes or try to make amends? 

When you think about it, why would we see such unreal characters here and there in the literature if they hadn't some base in reality?  Well, this is getting quite rhetorical!  Still, I want to know what you think?  Is "Snape" a character based on some hard to find real-flesh men or are they the sole invention of some authors? Or even simpler, are "Snapes" there only to serve the authors' needs of a pseudo-villain or sarcastic character, but who hold no real ground in reality?

I wrote this in 2002 and I'm proud that those questions have been put to rest:: Snappish people do exist apart from me, and many of you out there can TRULY be friends to Snappish people. Wow! If we could only be nearer to one another, that would make things evem better. In the meantime however, I suggest to you Snappish visitor or to you Snape-sympathiser/lover to find someone who needs your company. Don't hang out with the popular ones, find someone of real value that you know you can respect and whom Severus himself would respect! ^_^ That's what being a 'real fan' means to me. Everyone can do it.

Personally, having found very good friends, real ones for the first time in my life, I can tell you from first hand experience that Snape-sympathiser and Snappish people should try to find each other and at least get one close friend. It's done me a whole world of good and brought me more self-confidence and also ways to heal the wounds I've suffered through Marauder-like people.

Then we would transcend the 'Snape Paradox' and make it a reality instead of a myth!  I certainly did thanks to my dear friends Afictionado, Lupin-lady (Lapisniger) and Philippa.  Also, reading about subjects I liked and answering serious questions have helped me develop some more contacts to whom I write sometimes with much pleasure. I intend open a discussion board or a guestbook (whenever I can) where you will be able to write to other people, interact through e-mails or postings, etc. I will first need to find a web site to hold it though, Tripod doesn't have more than guestbooks for now. I'll work on it! If you have ideas, tell me!


For three years and a half, I've collected your reports and published them. Now that my questions have been put to rest, I would like to share the results (number of reports I got in each country) and some texts you've written about them, the ones I consider "Snappish enough". But I will not publish the criteria tables anymore because they take up too much space.

If you know or knew a Snape OR if you are a Snape, e-mail me.
Please use the
criteria document or write a text about your Snape.

Since nobody sees Snape the same way, it's difficult to be objective here.  That's why, taking into account the countless readings about Snape I've done over the Internet, I've taken what seems to be a more "generalised" idea of the "Snappish" type.  
This is how I created the "report criteria" link below.   

Well, I sure hope some of you will be able to answer the unanswered, on my part at least!  Of course, I'll share all the results I get, anonymously! 

The Reports 

Number of formal reports on Jan. 9th, 2006:

(military historical figure

Male - Nationality Female - Nationality

 British Isles: 3

 Germany: 2

 Dutch: 1

 Hungary: 1

  Switzerland: 1

 Poland/France: 1

  United States: 11

  Mexico: 1

 Colombia: 1

 Australia: 1



 British Isles: 4

 Ireland: 2

 Germany: 1

 Hungary: 1

 Slovenia: 1

 Italy: 1

  United States: 6

 Canada: 4

Australia: 1

 Denmark: 1