Male Snape Report

of the Duke of Wellington

For more information, please see following site: Fields of Glory

Personal comments from the reporter:

"In real life persons, you may find some with character very similar to Snape fairly easy in History: Bronte's Rochester was a novelized version of Arthur, 1.Duke of Wellington. he'd be kind of real (so non magic) Snape-alike. Although, keep in mind that the real Snapes, as soon as they are transposed into the World of Writing, will loose part of their life attributes, because those would not fit in with what the 'idealizing' author wants. Rochester for example becomes very dark, almost self-loathing. This trait was not one of Wellington: Although he'd seen and survived the horrors of 20 years of war, he was a positive man, full of life and keen to live as happily as possible after the Wars (although he could not ridden himself of all war-related traumas)

You'll find kind of Snape-alikes very often with soldiers."

Lady Claudia: This reporter is a real-life author.  She knows a lot about the Duke of Wellington and History in general too.  She's given very good insights on Snape from the military point of view.  One of those is how Snapes are most often found in military, spy characters. Also, we don't know if it's an accident or a cue JK Rowling gave to Alan Rickman in the second movie, but during the duel, notice Snape's posture.  Lockhart is using a XVIII. century combat stance while Snape is using a XVI or XVII century stance which was used by military men.  It's supposed to be an aggressive guard stance called the "guard of the musketeer".  Is that a clue to a military past?  Or a Death Eater training or survival stance? That's an interesting question that shall only be answered by Rowling herself!  

Nationality : French



He tends to state his mind simply and clearly, without diplomacy.  He is direct in his opinions.
Sarcasm is his forte! Almost as if it was a second skin.
He has the strenght of character to realise his mistakes, even though it's hard for him to admit it. But he will always try to correct them. 
He has a harsher conscience than most people. He sees the wrongs and this keeps him from sliding in evil.
He is very intense, you feel it when you're around him.
He is very stubborn because he stands for his principles and does not accept to lower them.
His honesty and sincerity (especially with people close to him) earn him respect
He has no patience with complete idiots, evil people or people he knows are trying to deceive him.  He does not spare them when he gets back at them!
Cunning, very good at scheming, witty and astute in a somewhat sly or vicisous way even.
He has self-assurance and has much confidence in his capacities. 
He is very independent.  He is used not to rely on others.
He naturally has the manners of a gentleman.
He obviously has a depth of mind and a great understanding of the world
He has the ability to concentrate 
Tries to follow lines of thoughts that will lead him to a logical conclusion to a problem.
When talking about a subject he loves, he becomes a passionate speaker and defends his ideas with eloquence and logic.
He could defend a point or cause with his life if he had to.  
He is noble and brave.
(I erased "kind" because people said they considered Snape noble and brave, but not kind.  My original meaning for "kind" was drawn from French, so I guess I made the mistake of applying the same meaning in English, but as I learned, the French and English meaning of "kind" do not match.)
He uses his authority to push people to their limits, although it seems he overuses his authority.  
He is particularly unkind to those who don't push themselves to their limits or those who are lazy.
He loves to challenge the concepts of others or at least question their realibility. This would lead him to develop new ways or line of thoughts.
He hates people interfering in his ways or critizising him.
He controls his emotions all the time, almost never letting anything be seen by others, much like a protective mechanism.
Status tends to be important to him. Status in Slytherin thinking: the power you have over others is important.  Therefore, here, status means Snape's relative status over other people, not money status.  Money can be important if it allows him to stay over the others, but if he doesn't need money to do that, he will not care for money in the least.  
(addition to above criteria) Status regarding recognition of his talents or opinions tends to be very important to him, but only coming from people he respects or loves.  He wants to prove his points, like when he tries to prove how Harry Potter has done nothing to gain popularity and keeps bending rules.  He doesn't want to be recognised by everybody like Gilderoy Lockhart does. Only in private, like with Dumbledore for example, Snape wants him to be recognised that he is right, that his opinions is taken into account. This point is important to him that at least the people who trust him believe him as well when the rest of the world still consider him a Death Eater.
He can easily detach himself from people, emotions and situations.
He is conscious that life is not easy, which is one reason why he can loose patience with people complaining or talking about irrelevant or trivial things
Very generous of his person, but shall you betray his trust, he will become very cold or rude with you. He can still help you, but he'll be caucious.
He seems fond of righting the wrongs  in his own, often hidden, ways.
If he looses control or power with others, for him it equals that they directly show lack of respect towards him. This seems unsufferable for him.
It's easier for him to become angry than explain himself clearly when someone doesn't understand him. (Gives up because of his lack of communicative abilities)
He judges on quality of character, personality and intelligence. 
Showing his inner and personal feelings seems awfully hard, while showing his anger or distate for something seems quite easy.  Repulsion of the external world is easy; Expression of his inner world is almost impossible.
He can hide gratitude and affection, but not favouritism, especially if the latter is intended to shock or provoke the others.
The Looks (physical)


He is sexy (I've seen this one all over the web! Really, so much women are obsessed with looks!!
Always wears black, which you find sexy
He is beautiful (synonyms I found on the web: gorgeous, a hunk, incredible, oh baby, etc) 
His long shoulder-lenght black hair 
Pale skin (vampire looks)
His clothes and robes
The way he walks like he was going to conquer the world!
The Looks (this is not about physical-attractive look)


He can neglect his appearance in order to repulse or because he knows nobody would care anyway. 
Loves to wear proper classic clothes (Feels more confortable in classic than casual clothes)
He has good manners and he is naturally elegant. 
He has class and a snobbish look, but he isn't snob in the sense that he doesn't look down on people according to their money, looks or situations.  
Usuallly pale skin and thin because of hours spent reading inside or not enjoying social interactions
Very expressive eyes (communicates a lot with them)
Cold allures: He remains calm and cold in his external ways. 
Working Methods


He is the perfectionist type of worker, never totally happy about what he produces.
He is passionate about his job/hobby (most likely an art or subject, not like a sport).  
He has a real thirst for knowledge. Never misses an opportunity to learn even more. Hence, very educated!
He likes a job well done so, when necessary, he puts in loads of extra work to accomplish a work of superior quality
He prefers to work alone because of his perfectionism
He can be quite inventive and ressourcefull, especially if he is challenged
Very methodical
Consequences from his Past (those are ONLY suppositions!)


He doesn't seem to make a big deal about his childhood, but it seems that he has gained his personality from there. 
For some reason, he doesn't feel good enough to merit any kindness. (Not used to being appreciated)
He was surely always alone at school which would explain his tendancy to withdraw himself from the outside world
He seems to have learned a long time ago to control his emotions or hide them.
Most propable school life: other children used to laugh at him or reject him because he was different or loved school. So, he prefered to be alone than to lower himself to befriend children who hurted him or used him for his talents at school.(Surely, he kept good grades as his only social standing)
He has an almost desperate need to be recognised by others, to show his worth or what he is capable of. (may be an obsession)
He seems to have suffer a lot from bitterness or loneliness in his past, which would explain his own bitter personality
He seem to have been misunderstood all the time, and underappreciated too. As if nobody ever took interest in him.
His "Faults" 
(Actually, the followings are believed to be faults for most people! After all, that's why "Snapes" are seen alone. I should know, I'm like that myself and believe me, my friend-social circle barely begins and ends with my cat!)


It is difficult for him to be spontaneous and affectionate with his close relationships. 
He doesn't know how to interact well with others, especially to people who are nice to him. Often difficult to find the right words or things to do so as not to hurt his surrounding because he is not used to that.
He hates loosing.  He'll do anything not to loose. He takes it personaly when it happens (may feel like he believes he'll be of no use if he is not the best)
He hates having control taken out of his grasp. When it happens, he seems unable to control his aversion of it all.  May even be obsessed or violent with not having control taken from him, especially over something that concerns him. 
If he is cheated by someone, he will very likely hold a huge grudge against that person for a very long time, and may never let go. Forgive yes, but he'll always distrust the person.
His lack of diplomacy (too blunt and direct with his opinions) tends to create awkward, tensed or embarrassing situations. Often, he doesn't care much for that or doesn't notice its effects at all because he is confident he said the right things.
Although he is good-natured and never intend real offence, still his candid manners strain friendships or simply destroy them  
His independence can cause him not to rely on others  because he doesn't  trust them or thinks they will not do something  properly like he would.
Even though he hates people meddling in his affairs, this does not restraint him from doing it (especially because he believes he has the responsability to do so) 
Most of the time, he is telling or showing others how to do something properly.  (May be patient or not)
He seems the possessive type. (Being alone all of his life, it would be normal that he wants something to be just his)
He is very severe with his own actions compared to what he thinks of other people's actions. His own always seem less terrible than others'. It may even come up to a very strong self-hatred.
He has problems expressing his thoughts to others and may end up angry because he feels helpless about it.  He gets angry at others because they don't understand him, but at the same time, he feels so helpless he is angry at himself!
Other traits


Tends to have unconventional friends (Sure thing with such a personality!!)
He doesn't seem to associate with people because he doesn't want to get hurt, to become attached and then be abandonned
He'll do anything for redemption as if he couldn't support anymore rejection for being what he is. Or because he wants to prove he is good and not a worthless person.
He seems to hide himself in a carefully well-built fortress where emotions or fears cannot enter at will.
He tends to self-loathe a lot, almost to the point of masochism.
Somehow, people fear to be around him. (because of what he might say, do or because they don't understand him)
His knowledge, instead of just being a passion, seems to have transformed itself into a protection from the outerworld. He uses knowledge like an armor or sword.
You get the impression that he needs to be loved, to be needed even though he tries to push people away from him. He seems to be wanted only for himself, nothing more, surely because he was often used for his abilities and then forgotten like an old rag! (I know the feeling!)
He knows what darkness/evil is like and tries his best not to fall into it because it's part of his nature somehow.
He has learned the hard way and tries to share his experience with younger people to help them face it or at least be more prepared
Illogical conclusions he draws are the result of frustration over something unknown to anyone by him