Rejected non-Snappish characters

updated  January 9th, 2006



MacGyver series

Lady Claudia: This does not sound like Snape. See gold text. Maybe Snape was a master assassin judging from his abilities but that's all in the past if it ever happened. And how many did he kill we do not know.  Not reformed at all.

From Wikipedia:
MacGyver's most commonly recurring opponent, a master assassin who never failed--except when MacGyver got involved. His first appearance in the series was presented as his second run-in with MacGyver. Murdoc returned for revenge for their first encounter--to the surprise of MacGyver, as Murdoc had apparently been killed while escaping on that occasion. Murdoc's revenge scheme not only failed, but resulted in him being apparently killed again. This became a recurring theme: each of Murdoc's subsequent appearances ended in another "death", in which-- at the moment of his "death", he always screams "MACGYVER!" (Note the exception made in episode 89 "Halloween Knights", when he dies without screaming that phrase). Then, in a later episode, we invariably learn he had once again incredibly survived.
Murdoc was associated with the Homicide International Trust (HIT), an organization of assassins, until being excommunicated for his failures at MacGyver's hands.
Lord Vetinari

Patriarch of the city of Ankh Morpork in Terry Pratchetts Discworld novels.

Lady Claudia: again not a Snape because he is evil and never showed repent or redemption.

From the reporter: He is certainly not a "full" Snape, but in my opinion he has some Snappish characteristics. Vetinari is very intelligent and head of the city. But he isn´t like a king or dictator. He understand himself more as an administrator of the city. He is sarcastic and people not only respect him, they fear him. Vetinari is prepared to let people kill, if he think they represent a danger for the smooth running of the city.

Artemis Fowl

Eoin Colfer

Lady Claudia: I don't think he makes a good Snape even though he has class and is a genius.  That could be Lucius Malfoy easily.

From reporter:

He is a young genius, dresses and behaves gentlemanlike, powerful, knows what to say to make his enemies angry but he is definitely a bad guy.

On Wikipedia: Artemis, the main character, is a rather ruthless, but extremely smart, young criminal whose main goal seems to be money."


Chrono Trigger
(video game)

Lady Claudia: Another typical case of "want to take over the world" and "seeks revenge" and "can't see a hint of redemption in there".

On Wikipedia

From reporter:

There's a character in that acts and even looks like Snape ( except Magus has blue hair).

Soames Forsyte

in the Forsyte Saga

Lady Claudia: This does NOT resemble Snape at all except for the smirks and evil grins. And that's where the comparison stops. That sounds like a torn maniacal Death Eater or over-possessive man to me, not a reformed Snape!!

From Wikipedia:

Soames Forsyte is the antagonist in the Forsyte Saga television series. He takes control of the life of Gina McKee's character by saying he will marry her and be nice to her. In reality however, he is forceful. He says he will be good to Gina McKee;s character but he forcefully has sex with her and locks her in her room. Soames is known for his evil grin and he smirks alot. He wears a large top hat and usually a cane. He is a rich man.


in the novel Trilby

Lady Claudia: I can see many resemblances though again it's hard to say judging from the end. They never mentioned his reforming even after Trilby's death or his understanding how he had abused the girl for using her as a mere musical instrument.

From Wikipedia

Svengali is the name of a fictional hypnotist in George Du Maurier's 1894 novel, Trilby. A sensation in its day, the novel created a stereotype of the abusive hypnotist that persists to this day.

The word "Svengali" has entered the language meaning a person who, with evil intent, tries to persuade another to do what is desired. It is frequently used for any kind of coach who seems to exercise an extreme degree of domination over a performer (especially if they believe they can only perform in the presence of their coach).

By expert Robert W. Anderson

Svengali must be read as being a medical man, as well as a teacher of singing, rather than being read as being homosexual, as Doty does, or exclusively as threatening Jew, as much of the rest of the extant criticism does.As medical man and as pedagogue, Svengali acts in a role that is as patriarchal, while at the same time, as Jew and as musician, he is written under the sign of perversion.Du Maurier wrote "such was Svengali--only to be endured for the sake of his music--always ready to vex, frighten, bully, or torment anybody or anything smaller and weaker than himself--from a woman or a child or a mouse or a fly" (77).Although this statement occurs after he threatens Little Billee, providing more evidence for Little Billee's feminine nature, it also shows Svengali as misogynist.He has no interest in improving Trilby for her own sake, but in order to claim fame for himself.In fact, he desires that she be places under glass in "the École de Médecine" (School of Medicine) where her body, but especially the "bony sounding-board of a nose" and "the roof of [her] big mouth" will be put on display (92).The figures of singing instructor, doctor, sexologist, misogynist, and Jew collapse into the figure of Svengali, which is not surprising given the parallel trajectories of the discourses of voice culture, sexology, and anti-Semitic racist eugenics.

Lex Luthor

Superman comics

From Wikipedia:

Lex Luthor is a fictional character, a DC Comics supervillain and archenemy of Superman. Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, Luthor first appeared in Action Comics #23 (1940). His history has been retconned several times since then, with his current canonical origin being Mark Waid's 2004 miniseries Birthright.

The (usually) bald-headed Luthor has been Superman's main foe for most of the superhero's existence and has unveiled countless plots to destroy him and take over the world. Originally Luthor was a mad scientist but has since been rewritten as a Machiavellian industrialist and white-collar criminal. For a brief period in the early 2000s, he was president of the United States.

Luthor is one of several Superman characters with the initials "LL," including Lois Lane, Lana Lang, Letitia Lerner and Lori Lemaris.

Luthor has been featured in most adaptations of Superman outside comic books. In the film series of the late 1970s and 1980s, Gene Hackman took a comical approach to the character. In Smallville, a retelling of Superman's early years, a young adult Lex is played by Michael Rosenbaum. The role of Lex Luthor will be played by Kevin Spacey in the upcoming movie Superman Returns.

*Claude Frollo

Victor Hugo -
The Hunchback of Notre-Dame

 Being a Francophone, I of course read The Hunchback of Notre-Dame in its original version!  I've also seen the Disney version which, apart from the main changes made to the plot, still well described the essence of his character: cold, very strict, a self-believer, stern and attracted by what's forbidden (in this case Esmeralda) because in the real version, Frollo was the main priest of Notre-Dame!  And in the Catholic religion, priests are single!!  Also, in the book, Frollo worked a lot on Alchemy which is kind of near Potions.  That's an interesting point. However,  again it seems this character couldn't abide his wrong doings.  In the end, Frollo was ready to give up everything (his church, his God, "his virginity", his principles) at the price of others' death and pain to get what he wanted (for example, the gypsies died in front of Notre-Dame because of Frollo,  Esmeralda who was kidnapped by Frollo and Quasimodo too because Frollo had dragged Esmeralda out of the asylum the church gave her, which caused her death and Quasimodo's when he committed suicide by laying down on Esmeralda's death body for days) .  That's the doing of a Death Eater, but Snape is not a Death Eater anymore.  That's the main difference and it's crucial to my point of view.

Hannibal Lector

Harris' Red Dragon, Silence of the Lambs & Hannibal

Lady Claudia: Not redeemed at all and way too cruel to my taste for applying a Snape position!

Former psychologist who committed some very cruel murders, usually eating his victims, or parts of them after (or sometimes before) killing them. He has a very quick mind, and superb sense of smell. He likes riddles and would do virtually anything to have his way. He enjoys inflicting pain on others, making people commit murders and killing far too much.


Looks like Snape but I doubt he is like Snape in character.  He's generally tall and pale, with dark hair and dark clothes, reminding of a bat.  But, his history and traits depend so much on the point of view of different authors that it's difficult to say anything general about him except for his "profession" and his looks.  I know for sure that the legend of Dracula comes from a Transylvanian prince who was very sadistic, killed people for even suggesting that he was making bad decisions, etc.  He even impaled people's head to the boarders of his territory to repulse possible invaders. And it did work!  He was so mean, cruel and killed so much people that his subjects started to say that he surely needed to drink blood to survive or else, he would never commit such atrocities and kill so much people. And here is where Count Dracula was born from!  Sooo.... looks more like Voldemort to me!!  Or Lucius Malfoy even.  Hence, whatever version of Dracula is considered, the origins of this character are less than favorable to his being a Snape.  I know he is known as sensual by some, hyper-cruel by others, but in the end it all comes down to this: he is evil or creates evil! Not the redeemed version of Snape I'm talking about!

Lestat, the vampire


I've only seen the movie, but someone who knows him more from the books informed me more about this character.  Here is what he says about him:

"He used to be an actor in his mortal days, was turned into a vampire by a mad scientist in Paris. He likes to party, likes to dance, needs to be the center of attention. When Snape would withdraw into his dungeons, Lestat would jump onto the stage, showing off his vampiric skills. He founded a rock-band for that purpose (well, among others). Depending on the time he's living in, he'd feed either from criminals, or from just about anyone, without remorse for the deaths he caused. He'll go as far as "making" small children (as in, making them vampires), to keep a "friend" from leaving him (whereas snape-ish characters, I believe, welcome being alone.. most of the time). Lestat also thought it rather entertaining to shatter the society the vampires of his time formed, breaking about all the rules they lived by."


Teaching Mrs. Tingle? (movie) Played by Helen Mirren 

* See explanations!

(suggested by a visitor) 
I haven't had time to investigate yet, if someone knows more about this character  than I do, please write to me! It would help

I'm glad this was brought to my attention because it's a good example of the difference between Snape and other villains in stories. From what the reporter told me of Mrs. Tingle, she is only the bad kind of teacher who's bent on making you fail. Her class meant living hours for her students, she was always unhappy with their work and her remarks got rid of any attempt at self-confidence by the students. She did have one favourite and one she hated like Draco/Harry for Snape. She was very sarcastic and witty about it, biased and mysterious too. At first, you seem to think that this is exactly the teaching technique of Snape. However, it is not. Like the reporter said, Mrs Tingle tries to fail her students, but for no reason. Not lack of wit and intelligence like Snape does. If one is really trying in Snape's class, even though you are not his favourite, you will get top marks. Miss Granger is the perfect proof of that.  Also, the fact that a "muggle" takes on a favourite has not the same meaning as taking Draco Malfoy as  your favourite!! There's no Voldermort looming in the background if that happens.    Also, the end of the movie proves my point: Three students kidnapped her and make her look like a mad woman who would do anything to get the student she hated expelled. At the very end, she confessed everything and was sacked. When Snape is talking about expelling or getting at Potter, it always is with good reasons: not respecting the Decree for Underaged Wizards, being out after curfew, stealing, etc. I think this has nothing to do with sheer hate. Yes, there's a lot of loathing, but because Snape knows what Potter can do and will do!  

Boba Fett

Georges Lucas - Star Wars

Major unqualifying trait:
-Snape stopped being a Death Eater, Boba Fett is a bounty hunter and remained so for the rest of his life
I think the difference here is that Snape could have become and stayed a killer, but he didn't.  He came back to the right side and stopped killing people because it's wrong no matter what. I still put Boba Fett's name here because he does has so strong Snapish elements.  However, since he died a bounty hunter, I think it disqualifies him.  For me, one major and most important trait of Snape is reform.  Just like for Frollo. A Snape needs to be redeemed

Boba Fett's Profile according to the reporter

1. He has the strenght of character to realise his mistakes, even though it's hard for him to admit it. But he will always try to correct them. [except, I dunno if it's 'hard for him to admit it. Probably, though, since Boba hates weakness. In one book, he damned himself for being a fool for not checking something]

2. He is very intense, you feel it when you're around him. [hell, yeah. One look into that T-shaped visor will make a hardened criminal go down on his knees begging for mercy, so of course when he's around, it's about like having Darth Vader around; everyone's scared it's them he's after.]

3. He is very stubborn because he stands for his principles and does not accept to lower them. [yes, this is so Boba. He has a code of justice, and he does not break it, no matter what]

4. His honesty and sincerity (especially with people close to him) earn him respect. [Boba's famous for many things, and one of them is his honesty]

5. He has self-assurance and has much confidence in his capacities. [Guy, "Boba Fett! You're suppose to be the best!" Boba, "I am the best." -Bounty Trail Boba knows he's good, but he's not arrogant, and he knows people will pay top dollar for his services]

6. He is very independent. He is used not to rely on others. [Boba works alone and likes it that way]

7. He naturally has the manners of a gentleman. [when he was around 5-years-old, Zam (Boba's only mother-figure) commented on how polite Boba is. And he's still that way, too]

8. He obviously has a depth of mind and a great understanding of the world. [Boba could be called 'slightly poatic']

9. He has the ability to concentrate. [you don't get to be the best bounty hunter in the galaxy by not concentrating]

10. He is noble and brave. [hence the reason I call him a knight in non-shiny armor]  Note from Lady Claudia: for me, noble is making right choices whether the very profession of bounty hunting is nothing like that.  If you hunt people just for money, it's no good. If you hunt them down like a policeman does, it's alright though.  But from what I understand here, it's the former that applies.

11. He hates people interfering in his ways or critizising him. [the first part is correct. The second part isn't. Boba can take an insult nicely; I'd bet all the merchandise he's picked up has critizised him in some way. But he doesn't like having people mess with his work. Boba's all for work; his job; money, and death to all who oppose him. Mess with the best, die like the rest]

12. He controls his emotions all the time, almost never letting anything be seen by others, much like a protective mechanism. [woah! This is SO Boba. His best friend, Dengar, (*cough* his ONLY friend, and then they're not very close) was shocked when he learned Boba could actually feel emotion. (the emotion we're talking about here is Boba's sense of humor) Boba hates weakness, and to him, emotion is a weakness. After seeing his father beheaded when he was 10, then having to grow up in a "Me VS. the Galaxy" scenario and having no one to love him or take care of him, he
grew up pretty fast. And he became cold and emotionless. He still has emotions, they're just burried deep down, where they're hard to find. And he shows them to no one]

13. He can easily detach himself from people, emotions and situations. [see 12]

14. He is sexy. [us 500+ Boba fangirls think that]

15. He is beautiful. [er... I suppose you could call him that. I mean, tan skin, black hair, his eyes... I guess from an artisty pov, he could be described as beautiful]

16. He has good manners and he is naturally elegant. [except for when he's surounded by Imperials and uses his jetpack to blast himself backwards, landing not-so-elegantly]

17. Cold allures: He remains calm and cold in his external ways. [rutheless, cold, unmercifull... all are used to describe Boba]

18. He is passionate about his job/hobby. [his job is his life]

19. He prefers to work alone because of his perfectionism. [I've already said he works alone, but I dunno if it's cause of perectionism]

20. Very methodical