Half-Blood Prince Movie 

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Spoilers - of course!!


For a quick explanation of "what was it called the Half-Blood Prince when
the whole movie barely featured him?!", see the very last table!

Scene by Scene

Analysis / Opinion/ Description

Spinner's End

(This scene is shown after Harry gets to the Burrow. That differs from the book.)

Loved the setting, it was very much like an old industrial neighbourhood, though it was supposed to be night and deserted in the book.

It was however not clear at all that Spinner's End belonged to Snape. However, the room filled with books and with Snape-like furniture may tell the unknown viewer that it is indeed Snape's place or that he's at least taken over.  Is it him in the door window in this picture? Not sure. Notice the Spinner's factory chimney in the background!!


Bellatrix tries to stop her sister, saying Snape cannot be trusted. Narcissa argues the DLord trusts him to which she retort that he is mistaken.  (Indeed, Bellatrix! He he he!) You have to infer from this point that Snape is not a clear-cut Death Eater.

Funny: Wormtail opens the door, lets the ladies in and immediately, Snape shuts him out by throwing him back and closing the door on him. Ha ha!  He did it without blinking just like we'd expect of Snape.

Snape is shown drinking tea and reading the Daily Prophet (with non-moving pictures! Did they lose the other movies' special effects for this or what?!).  Reminds us of HP2 when the boys miss the train and end up in Snape's office while he reads the newspapers (minus the moving images of course).  Snape apparently likes to stay current on events. He is reading about the Millenium Bridge Death Eater attack and Harry being the Chosen One. Oh! He must have been 'thrilled' to read the latter. Ha ha ha!  Seems like Wormtail was lucky he wasn't killed because Snape was pissed at that moment.

Snape stays very focused and rigid all through this scene (and the whole movie really). Rickman shows the audience that Snape is very stressed in this movie, that he's got much more pressing and worrying matters on his mind than simply being a 'greasy git' with his students.  And I love how Rickman pulled it off while remaining very much in character.

I don't like Narcissa though. She now reminds me more of a mad-woman than a rich, proud, arrogant beauty.  I prefer the book version.

Funny: Bella picks up something from the mantle and Snape immediately tells her, in his best silky teacher voice, to "Put that down". He he! Loved it!  They don't insult each other directly, Narcissa says she shouldn't tell anything. It's the same in the book because Snape then tells her not to say anything. But that it turns out he knows of the plan the Dark Lord has in mind.  Bella is not happy that the DL told HIM that. He he!

There are two mirrors in this set which help us not miss what the other characters are doing in the scene since the room is so small. Ingenious!  So we always know what either of the three is doing.

What was cut short is Narcissa's pleading. Too bad!!  Wouldn't you love to see her beg Snape on her knees!  You bet!

Anyhow, Snape says he'll try to help Draco. But Bella doesn't trust him so she approaches him in a sly-sick way and whispers to him almost. She says those are empty words and that he won't really help because he won't risk himself.  There is a very tense moment for Snape there where he remains unmoved, but you see he is struggling.  Snape is not angry at Bella for doubting him, you see that he's rather concentrated on keeping up appearances (as he usually does) but that for once, he has a very hard time doing it!  That's brilliant because in such a short movie, Rickman had to convey that Snape is not a bad guy for when people will have seen Movie 7 and go back on this scene.  This picture shows exactly that:


Notice Snape's BLACK necktie! I think this is the very first time he doesn't wear his white priest collar!!  I think they improved the wig for this movie, too.  Or am I imagining things? I wish he'd worn something else for once, but it goes along with the character they want to present: guarded at all times!

The Unbreakable Vow


hbpposter_s_dd.jpgBefore the next picture, Snape had quite a different look in his face/eyes when Bellatrix suggests the Unbreakable Vow. There is fear and doubt and I would even say hate.  He didn't say anything, but again Rickman spoke with his facial expression. Wonderful!  And then he said he would do it. Bellatrix looked amazed and pressed him to do it right away.  After that, Snape's face remains pretty stoic though you see that he is thinking A LOT!!  Regret? I don't know. But as I mentioned before when I analyzed Albus's death, I am certain they had already decided on the course of events by then. And that is the only reason why Snape did not try to wriggle himself out of this situation. He could have said: "Who am I to stand in the way of the Dark Lord's orders if he wants the boy to do it alone? I don't owe you anything either and I will not have my loyalties tested in such a way." Very Snapish and yet, he didn't say that. He made the vow!!  To me, this only mean he knew he would die before the end of this year anyway and/or Albus had already coerced Snape into killing him when the time came.  They knew Draco was ordered to kill him afterall and an important fact they forgot to mention in the movie: Albus was slowly being poisoned/killed by his hand wound!!  Therefore, since he was dying (and he would have died earlier if Snape had not helped him when he came back with Voldemort's Ring, he would have died before the start of Year 6. But again, it's not mentioned in the movie)  We may never know which reason prompted Snape to decide, but one thing is for sure: Snape looked uneasy because that would require him to kill Albus or die if he refused. Did he make that decision right there on the spot? Maybe. Or maybe they only came up with "Snape kills Albus knowingly" plan after Snape contacted Albus and said he'd made an Unbreakable Vow. Though, like I said, Snape's position in the Death Eater was not that much jeopardized at the time.  I mean, Lucius wouldn't have done something like that for anyone except his family members.  So why should Snape vouch for Draco? To please Bellatrix?  I don't think she has that much power and influence to convince the Dark Lord he is a spy. So no, I think that Albus and Snape knew Albus didn't have much time left and that they should at least use his death to serve a better purpose. Why would you die in bed from a curse when you could have your double-agent (who is the only real ally you have that could make the Dark Lord fall) 'kill you prematuraly' instead!   When your plane is going to crash, at least crash where it will hurt your enemy the most! Hence, Snape can hurt the Dark Side the most. And so, all of this could have been pre-planned or not, we'll never know. But you have to be amazed that he did without twitching much and with quite a straight face. That's our Snape!  I bet his heart rate was high!!

Then we see the actual Unbreakable Vow. It was exactly the same as in the book, the three same vows to protect, help and do Draco's job should he fail.  There was a pognant pause before Snape agreed to the last one, which was to kill Dumbledore should Draco not succeed. And yes, maybe he was afraid to die, too, should he not fullfil it. Another theory I have is that Snape accepted to kill Dumbledore, because Albus asked him, but that he had a double agenda: "I will agree to kill him but in the end, if I really don,t feel like it, I won't. I'd rather die than kill him myself!" That's very probable and easily explains why later on, Snape tells Albus he doesn't want to go through with it. The 'it' is their "Snape kills Dumbledore to reinforce his ties with the Dark side so nobody will suspect he is a spy" plan.  And I find this so noble and caring of Snape to prefer to die of the Unbreakable Vow then to kill Albus.  That's one of Snape's most incredible moment and it made the film! Yeah!!


I love that special effect and how it left a faint scar on Narcissa. I didn't see if there was one on Snape but we can only assume.  I guess it would go away because it's a bit too obvious otherwise. "Oh, what have you got there? An Unbreakable Vow scar?! "  Nah, too obvious for a spy like Snape.


Hogwarts' Gates

When Malfoy reaches the gates of Hogwarts, Filch tries to confiscate Lucius's walking stick from him.  Then Snape intervenes and says he can vouch for Draco.  I found that touching that Draco would bring his dad's stick because it's got his wand in it and it's a precious item for him.  

Snape then glares at Harry. He must have noticed his nose was bleeding and realized Draco had done that.   I'm sure Snape feels a lot of empathy for Draco and he really wants to help him. Not in his task of killing Dumbledore, but to get him out of the Death Eater circle.  

Opening Feast


We only see Snape in the background as usual, but we also see he's sitting next to Slughorn.  I loved the fact that, when Slughorn got up when he was announced as the new Potions Master, Snape did not clap immediately.  It really took a couple of seconds before he did. I think this conveys that he has no interest nor liking of the guy. He he!  Well, since Slughorn never did acknowledge Snape's talents in Potions (in the book), and he let someone like Snape be bullied all the time, I understand his 'lack of feelings' for Slughorn.  Snape knows Slughorn only is interested in people who are famous, rich or charismatic, and since he never made the "Wall of Fame" of Slughorn, he must not have liked him at all and still not today.


When Snape was announced as the new DADA teacher, we got a close-up. Yeah!  But you could see it didn't matter to him as much as it would have in other movies if he'd gotten the job then.  The Slytherins were really happy though. We also saw that Draco didn't care.  So we are faced with both Slytherins who don't care of mundane and school stuff anymore.  Their lives is so different from the rest and unlike Gryffindors, they can't easily let go and be merry from time to time. They are always in this dark place even though, I'm sure, Albus does try to make Snape laugh from time to time.

Potions Class

Finally, they are brewing the Draugth of Living Death!  Bottling fame! He he!   I just like how Rowling chose all the elements from Snape's Potions Class.  

(From MuggleNet directly) " Now to the subject of how Harry gets the potions book. Harry and Ron arrive in potions, and Slughorn tells them to go to the cabinet to take one of the extra copies he has. They open the cabinet which has several ratty old books and one virtually new one. Harry and Ron scramble in a typical teenagish way for the nice copy, which of course, Ron gets, leaving Harry to settle for one of the tattered old ones. When they begin to make the Draught of Living Death we see Harry open his books and the camera pans over the marked up pages.

They all start to make there potion and we see Hermione and Ron struggling to cut up the sopophorous bean. The camera then shows us the handwritten addition in the book (Harry may read it to himself out loud, I can’t remember for certain) “Crush with flat side of dagger, releases juice better than cutting.” After he crushes the bean, looking excited, Hermione, whose hair is becoming increasingly messy, frizzy and puffy, leans to him and asks him how he is doing that. He tells her what the handwritten instruction says to do, and she says something like, “but that not in the official instructions” and starts rereading her own book frantically.

When Slughorn later declares Harry the winner and presents him with the Felix Felicis in front of the class, Ron and Hermione look annoyed and the whole class claps very unenthusiastically, while Harry with a huge shameless grin on his face accepts the bottle of potion.

In the book, we are told that Lily was Slughorn's best student. However, it is a blatant lie of favoritism since Snape was obviously a genius! Which is why I said earlier that Snape really must have disliked Slughorn for not recognizing his talent as well. Poor Snape!  Maybe that's why Snape is so protective of his Slytherins, because he was himself neglected by his Head of House (my theory!).

9hbpbook.jpgI prefer the book cover they had for the Book6, it looks so much better.  The design of the book in the movie is directly from the 1970's which is wrong because we are in the wizarding world!  But of course, the HP movies have totally forgotten about that for many things after the first movie so I won't talk about it anymore.

I just love seeing all of Snape's writings in the margins, it's just like Rowling described his calligraphy!! calligraphy.jpg

Common Room

(From MuggleNet directly) Later in the common room the trio sit around (Ginny is somewhere around) and Harry is reading the Potions book. He notices the spell for Sectum Sempra and tries to show this to Hermione and Ron. Hermione gets upset/annoyed and says that she wants to see whose book it was. She jumps up and tries to grab in from him. Harry holds it back out of her reach but Ginny who comes from behind Harry grabs it and backs away and says she also wants to know who wrote that stuff in the book. She quickly flicks to the back and then reads out loud, “This book is the property of the Half-Blood Prince.”

They don't really do more than that in the movie except that Hermione says she hasn't found anything.  A shame but it's true that it would have been a bit long for a movie.

On the way to Hogsmead

I think that's when Hermione and Ron made fun of Harry for taking his Potions book everywhere... even in bed! Ha ha ha!!! When you know it is Snape's book, this become hilarious indeed!

I also remember that Harry said that book was a better Potions teacher than Snape had ever been. Again, it was the epitome of irony!! Ha ha ha!!

Cursed necklace

All right!! Finally a decent picture of Snape!!  I'm pretty sure he knows exactly what happens the second he hears Potter accuse Draco of doing it.  But Snape asks: "And just what is your evidence?" Silky and deadly voice.  Of course, he's protecting Draco and he's playing a double-game. He knows it must be from Draco since it was destined for Dumbledore.  And at that point, Snape must have worked in the background to track down Draco. And indeed, he was right on him at Slughorn's party not so long after that incident.


Harry says he doesn't have any proofs of course. Then Snape tries to mock him by saying: "“How grand it must be to be the Chosen One."12snape.jpg 12trio.jpg

Slughorn Party

snapeatparty.jpgSnape appears when Filch comes in, dragging Draco by the arm, and saying he was doing something dubious around here.  Then Draco admits he was gate-crashing.  Poor Draco was definitely overlooked by the Slughorn Club because his father is not influencial anymore.  

Then Snape looks at him with concern and interest. He says he'll deal with it.  Draco has open contempt for Snape, but it doesn't seem to bother the others. Harry follows them out and you see Snape trying to talk to Draco.







They talk while Harry is eavesdropping.  Draco doesn,t want Snape's attention. I can't remember exactly what they said, but I know Snape wasn't happy that Draco was so obviously discovered and not sly enough.  Very Slytherin!  And then Draco was pissed off, then Snape kind of cornered him on the wall there saying he could help him if he would let him. Draco says he doesn't need any help. That he was chosen for this and that Snape would not steal his thunder, something like that.

Snape mentions he made the Unbreakable Vow so he has to protect and help Draco. Draco says he never asked for that I think.

Of course that scene was to make the viewers doubt Snape's loyalties since we knew Draco was up to no good from the start.  But of course he's really trying to help Draco. I'm sure it kills him to have to see Draco be a victim in all this drama.  But Snape can't jeopardize his position as a spy for Draco's sake only.  Interestingly enough, I think Snape would like to offer the same kind of protection Dumbledore offered him in the past. Sweet! snapedraco-1.jpg

Christmas at the Weasleys

Harry asks what an Unbreakable Vow is and discusses what he overheard with Lupin, Tonks and Mr. Weasley.

Lupin defends Snape because he knows he has to act as though he is cooperating with the enemy. Therefore what Harry heard can't be taken at face value.  He also adds: “It all comes down to whether you trust Dumbledore. I do, therefore I trust Severus.” Indeed!

Ron being poisoned

Yep! It's thanks to Snape that Harry remembers so vividly that a bezoar will cure you from most poisons! He he!!  


Hospital Wing

From MuggleNet "Everyone surrounds Ron's bed in the Hospital Wing, Hermione and Ginny either side of him. Dumbledore, McGonagall and Snape walk in, shortly followed by Lavender who basically starts arguing with Hermione as to why she's there. Then Lavender goes over to Ron and grabs his hand, at which point Ron mutters Hermione's name. Lavender runs off in a strop. Dumbledore says something along the lines of "Ah, the pangs of teenage romance", to which McGonagall gives a look and Snape rolls his eyes. Then I think after a little talking, with Slughorn telling Dumbledore it was the meade that poisoned Ron and that it was actually meant for Dumbledore himself"

19wing.jpgThis is when Snape hears that Harry is so good at Potions.  If that part hadn't been cut, Snape would be shown doubting that fact a lot more. But it's a very clear clue that Harry has managed to learn something from Snape.  I wish they had said: "You should be proud, Snape! You've made him into the great Potions student he is"  Ha ha ha!

19teachers.jpgOf course, the bottle of meade was intended for Albus and Snape caught that.  He must have tried to investigate again. Though it seems Draco was pretty good at hiding what he was doing.  Snape didn't know about the Vanishing Cabinet.  I don't think anyone knew of that cabinet in the book. I think they changed that for the movie and added the scene where Harry talks to Mr. Weasley in the garage.

Sectum sempra

Finally a bit of action!! 24snapedracosectum.jpg

I thought it was a very good scene! Draco was very affected by his deeds and you could see his desperation.  Then they fought until Harry used Snape's curse, Sectum sempra, on Draco. He had no clue it was such a dark curse that Snape developed as a young boy in a world full of enemies.  That freaked Harry out of course (luckily).  

We see Snape arrive at the scene, with Draco bleeding badly. He then tries the counter-curse which, of course, must be his own doing as well.  At least, he wouldn't invent that curse without the cure.  Though it's a bit scary if  you start thinking how he developed it in the first place.

What is missing here is Snape's realisation that Harry has gotten hold of his old Potions book.  That's a shame.  Snape understood that must be the only plausible explanation to Harry knowing this curse AND being branded as a great Potions student by Slughorn.  Snape knows Harry is only normal in Potions, not a genius or an Hermione.  At that point in the book, Snape asks him to fetch his Potions book.  Harry freaks out again, runs to the Common Room, takes Ron's book and gives it to Snape instead.  Snape doesn't buy it but he has no proof.  

And then Harry hides the book in the Room of Requirement.

Snape doesn't want to do it anymore

movie6snape1.jpg(click for a larger version. Ah! The background is the Astronomy Tower. I just noticed!)

It was supposed to happen in the forest, but they set it at the top of the Astronomy Tower.  Harry overhears Snape and Albus talk.  Severus tells Albus in a nervous way that he may not want to do it anymore. (The 'it' is killing Albus!)  I never thought Snape meant he didn't want to be a double-agent anymore. No, he meant killing Albus for sure.  I'm mentioning it because I just read on MuggleNet that someone thought Snape refered to his role as double-agent.  The "it" can't mean his role as double-agent. Snape is not backoff his role as a spy here because it's not even an option!  Voldemort would get him anyway because he wears the Dark Mark but mostly, Snape would die of the Unbreakable Vow way before for not helping Draco do his task.  So Snape is not being a coward here and saying: "Gee, Albus. I'm fed up with all this, I'm going to retire and I don't want to do this anymore".  No way!  What the "it" means is Snape doesn't want to kill Albus, he doesn't want to go through with their plans of killing Albus for the sake of strengthening his ties with Voldemort and being the only real "Good guy" amid the DE.  And I stress that fact here because it's so important to understand Snape and how heroic and selfless he was: by arguying with Albus about not wanting to do it anymore, Snape literally says: "I'd rather die than kill you, Albus! Please don't let me go through this! I'm not sure I can do it"  But Albus is firm. He says "You have to" or "You must".  They both know that he must or else their efforts and all those who died will have been in vain.  

Snape leaves but he's not very happy about it.  Of course the unknowing viewer would think Snape wanted to back out because we know Albus doesn't force people.  

Dumbledore is back


Ok MANY things were changed here compared to the book. Mainly because the is NO final battle in the castle.  My brother told me they're keeping that for a monumental battle in the next movie.  By then, Draco has allowed the Death Eaters in through the Vanishing Cabinet and they are on their way to the Astronomy Tower. Draco goes to the Tower. In the book, he is alone because the other DE are busy battling the Order downstairs in the monumental fight we will never see!  x_x  I think that's the lamest cut they have made to the movies.  Cut down on teenage drama and Slughorn, but not THE coolest battle Hogwarts has ever seen. Anyway...

Albus has just come back with Harry. He's very weak and says he needs Severus. Not Madam Pomphrey, but Severus.  He tells Harry to trust him and fetch Severus. I love the way Albus is 100% confident in Snape!! And he will keep calling him Severus till his last breath. Powerful!


Harry never got to leave because Draco got there first. However, big difference, is that Harry was not Petrified by Albus and left to watch this terrible scene while frozen.  Instead, good choice if you ask me, Albus sends him to a lower floor where Harry can still see what goes on.  It's true that it would have been kind of lame for Harry to be petrified since it's a movie.


Draco and Albus talk.  I'm sure that, given more time, he would have convinced Draco. Poor boy! Tom Felton was such a good actor!!  Again, one can see the parallel between Snape as a boy when he must have wondered what to do: betray the DL or not?  Kill himself?  Be killed?  What pressure! Draco had disarmed Albus already anyway. I think he knew his time had come.

In the book, it was Hermione who, under the effect of Felix Felicis, had fetched Snape because of the DE invasion. That's when he stunt Filius Flitwick, left Hermione (and Ginny I think) locked in his office and ran upstairs to the Astronomy Tower.  He hadn't known that Draco had let the DE inside. Surely Bellatrix must have warned her nephew against telling Snape.  In the movie, Snape just happened to be there because he must have felt the bad atmosphere (portrayed by nasty clouds).  Or so we are left to believe as viewers.

Then the DE make their entrance.  Bellatrix tells Draco to do it.  She can't wait. At that point, Harry doesn't barge in like he's used to do because I think he's still confident that Albus is still  powerful enough.  But I attribute this to the fact that seconds before Harry must have thought of jumping into the action, Snape arrived in the lower floor.  I love this because the camera turns and we suddenly see Snape with his wand also at the ready. For a second, the public may suspect he will harm Harry. But no (of course!), he gestures for him to be quiet. Shhhh. At that precious moment in time, Harry trusts Snape. Wow!  It won't ever happen again while Snape is alive.


Then Severus appears in front of them all while Harry stays underneath.  Everyone in the theater knows a cinematographic event is going to happen. It's dead quiet in the audience. No one is moving, talking, eating... And I'm sitting forward on my chair. Can't remember if I was breathing.  

Albus sees him. Snape makes his way towards the front.  He doesn't say anything, again Rickman does that through facial language.  I can't remember if he said anything, I was just too anxious! O_O  Then, Albus says his last words: "Severus, please!"  Then, in a split second, you see it all in Snape's face: Snape takes his decision, one that will change everything and lead to his death of course.  We all know Albus was begging Severus to kill him and not go back on his word that he would do it. Otherwise, he would blow his cover as a spy and all would be lost!  But it's still quite something to ask someone who admires you so much to kill you, and for that person to find it in him to actually do it for "the better good". And that act shall forever make Snape a hero in his own way, and eventually gains Harry's utmost respect, too.

(click for a larger version)

Avada kedavra!  It was so short, Snape did not 'throw' the spell. He already had his arm extended in Albus's direction.

(click for a larger version) sc54.jpg
 Bella was ecstatic and while they all looked down to see Albus falling, Snape did not look!  Of course he wouldn't, he must have wanted to kill himself on the spot or jump off as well!

I think they should have shown Albus's face after he fell. I think they thought the public couldn't take that much. But hell, we can!! And it would have been so much better, too.  We'd have cried and we would have felt the pain.  That's the point of movies. Oh well.

Flight of the Prince


From that point on, you see Snape at the end of the DE group and Draco seems to have let go of his contempt/mistrust of Snape totally.  I'm sure he was relieved he didn't do it and he was too shocked at the same time. In this shot, you see how he is very disturbed inside.  I love it! Rickman did an outstanding job at keeping his face straight.


You see how Snape is totally stoic from this point on. A real robot if you ask me. He must be killing inside, poor Severus!   I also liked the fact that Bella made a mess everywhere she went.  I guess it helped make up (a little) for the inexistent Hogwarts all-out battle scene.  Still, when that happened in the book, they were fleeing like mad, not walking the halls freely like we see here.

Potter then chases them because he wants revenge on Snape.  


I'm the Half-Blood Prince

Note: I was so concentrated on various details that I can't remember the exact order of things here.  Sorry if I made mistakes about the chronological order.

As they are fleeing, we hear "Snape!!" shouted by Harry. He's pissed all right (who wouldn't be!).  Snape turns around, finally snapping out of his trance.  

Then Harry shouts his name again (I think) and says: "I trusted you!"  Snape tries to keep Harry at bay. He repels him once or twice, then Bella tries to hex him herself. I am not sure if she misses because Harry moved out of the way a bit or if it's because Snape interrupted her.  But surely, he says: "Don't touch him. He is the Dark Lord's" or "Potter belongs to the Dark Lord". Something like that to explain why Snape, though now thought to be evil by the unknowing public, would not simply kill him.  Of course, for unknowing viewers, you would think he did that he was indeed not supposed to touch him because of the Dark Lord. But for those who know, this was simply a tactic for Snape to make sure Harry wasn't killed. Hell, what would be the point of Killing Albus if the boy-who-lived was killed, too!  Snape would hate himself forever since he so often put his life on the line to save the boy (because he could have blown his cover many times to save Potter).  

I think that's also when Bellatrix blows up Hagrid's hut. She was angry she couldn't kill Harry so she just blew up something and laughed like the madwoman she is.


So Harry tried to hit him but of course, Snape was much faster. Harry called him a coward, then Snape got closer.  I was extremely thrilled by one shot in particular, when you see both Harry and Snape from a farther point of view and then suddenly, you see Snape and his bellowing robes turning around swiftly. I LOVED it!! A shame I don't have the image.    I was waiting for that moment but that is when I was disappointed because they cut Snape's important part there!!  Snape was supposed to really snap at Harry at that point because he'd just called him a coward when in fact, Snape had just done the bravest act of his entire life.  He didn't get to say: "Don't call me a coward!"

Apparently, and I'm hoping they will put it on the DVD, there was a cut scene here where Snape said: "You may have your mother’s eyes but you are as dim as your father" I think it's important because you finally get an inkling about how Snape loved Lily!!  I also think it's very 'sweet' or 'bittersweet' that Snape seems to be incapable of forgetting that Harry is Lily's son and that in this very important and decisive moment of his life, it's one of the things he tells Harry. And how that influenced the whole story. But hey, they'll keep that for the next movie I guess when they have to explain why Snape is not the evil-guy after all.  I'm pretty sure he called him dim at this point for not seeing the obvious. I mean, duh!, Snape did not kill Harry though he could have a thousand times over. And he was also angry at Harry for chasing them and risking his life when Snape and Dumbledore had just done the impossible to ensure his safety.  Indeed, Harry shouldn't have been there. He could have died if not for Snape who protected him from Bellatrix.  Again, Snape saved him from a precarious situation.  So I hope we see that on the DVD extended scenes!!


Snape turns around to leave. Then Harry used Sectum sempra. Snape turns around in a flash, his eyes blazing.  "You dare use my own spell against me?"  And then he reveals to Harry, crying and lying on the floor, that he is the Half-Blood Prince.  I thought they could have made that moment a bit more dramatic with the music and stuff. Or spend more time on the faces, but Snape walked away swiftly after that. At least, Harry was too stunned to do anything after that.  


I was also waiting for that scene so Snape could tell Harry to stop being so reckless and use the same sort of spells again and again.  This lesson helped Harry in Book 7 so I thought it was important. I think they replaced it with the other sentence about Lily and James that was cut.  In a way, calling him 'dim' meant that Snape thought Harry was stupid to follow them and that he should concentrate on his own role and not throw away his life that his parents sacrificed themselves for.

The end


They didn't talk about Snape past this point.  We also didn't see the funeral which was a shame. Only Fawkes flying away. I wish we'd seen the White stone monument at the very least while he flew away. Oh well.

From the revelation of Snape, the viewers have to decude a lot of things and realize that even though the Half-Blood Prince (HBP) didn't have an active role in this story, it was thanks to him (Snape) that everything occurred the way it did.  (Actually, there was sooooo much of Slughorn that had I not known the HBP was Snape, I might very well have guessed it was Slughorn!! No really, what was the producer's fixation with Slughorn?!) Back to Snape as the HBP.  Yes, he is indeed the one that does everything in this book/movie even though it's subtle (even more subtle in the movie).  So I'm sure non-Snape fans will have a harder time understanding why Rowling ever named that book the HBP.

  • Snape was named DADA teacher so Harry could be an Auror.
  • He saved Albus when he came back from the ring horcruxe incident (and would not have survived that long without Snape!)  
  • Snape accepted to do the Unbreakable Vow knowing he would throw his life away rather than kill Albus or they had already agreed Snape would 'kill' Dumbledore because his time was counted already since he was too ill after the horcrux incident
  • He tried to protect Draco from the DE.  
  • He protected Harry from being too nosy about Draco a couple of times (which really could have brought Harry a lot more trouble!)
  • He allowed Harry to get the Felix Felicis potion. It would have been beyond his dreams if he'd done the potion on his own of course!
  • Harry, by using the Sectum sempra curse, learnt a very important lesson about using spells to hurt enemies and it helped him in Book 7.
  • Snape was the one who, in the first book, made sure Harry remembered that bezoars cure most poisons.  I mean, even Slughorn didn't react to save Ron's life but Harry remembered that first Potions lesson!
  • He saved Harry from the DE at the end after they would readily have killed him on the spot when Harry foolishly ran after them. If it hadn't been Snape who killed Albus, it would have been someone else and Harry would have followed them and be killed!
  • Snape was ready to throw away his life and die rather than kill Albus. But Albus forced him to go through with their plan which allowed Snape even better access to Voldemort. He therefore was the only ally they had against him and his DE. That led to the final victory!

So as you see, all the important hidden story are thanks to the Half-Blood Prince - aka Snape!