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Why do you love Snape?

2006 Entries

I first fell head over heels for the potions master when I saw the first Harry Potter movie. In my humble opinion, Alan Rickman is the human embodiment for J.K.Rowling's character. I was hooked from the first time he came crashing through the classroom door and the way he said "bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses......" That voice is so alluring. The costume is also absolutely fantastic. Between the black cloths and the flowing black robes he could rival Count Dracula. His hair is really cool too, it's almost always disheveled. Once I saw the movie I went out and started buying the books and loved all of them. I can only hope that Mrs. Rowling will keep my beloved potions master around for all of the books and redeem him in some way. If I were a student at Hogwarts I can honestly say I might have a crush on my potions teacher. However I did go to Parochial school and I did have a teacher who was quite unpleasant like Snape, but he was not nearly as good looking. I really hated that guy.
I'm from Gryffindor(I've made a test:) and I LOVE SEVERUS SNAPE. He isn't actually a bad man. He is just unhappy. Well...He doesn't like Harry Potter-just like me. He is so mysterious. We actually don't know ANYTHING about him-his dark past etc. I love talking and reading about him. He is the most intelligent, mysterious, interesting character in HP series.


I'm a snaper. No mercy, no Potters!

"He tends to state his mind simply and clearly, without diplomacy.  He is direct in his opinions."


Yes, and I love it! I hate it when people just beat around the bush. He is like myself, sharp, blunt, and to the point. I love his James Cagney "I don't take nothing off of nobody" thing he has going on. He is going to tell you how it is whether you approve of it or not, like myself.


"Sarcasm is his forte! Almost as if it was a second skin."


Such wonderful beautiful sarcasm. He and I both have the ability to shred someone to pieces with just a few words and a look. And usually what he says is the truth!


"He is very intense, you feel it when you're around him".


He is a complex creature, with many different levels. He feels things with a poets sensitivity, although he hides it, if you care to look deeper you can see it in his eyes. Once again I am going to annoy you with another comparison to myself. One of the things people have said about me is I am by no means simple, that I never, ever, reveal my emotions to anyone (In my whole life my aunt has only seen me cry twice), and I have the soul of a poet.


"He has no patience with complete idiots, evil people or people he knows are trying to deceive him.  He does not spare them when he gets back at them!"


Amen! He's like me in that he has no time for b.s. and he can see through it in a heartbeat. He is always the only one who is not fooled. Like me, he has no tolerance for stupidity.


"Cunning, very good at scheming, witty and astute in a somewhat sly or vicious way even."


I love the way he watches and plans, and thinks carefully before he acts. He actually thinks before rushing into a battle in a rage. He studies his opponents, learning their strengths and weaknesses, therefore, by doing so he can put an end to his opponent without getting himself nearly killed.


"He is very independent.  He is used not to rely on others"


He is my fellow anti-socialite, preferring books and knowledge to the pointless gossip and meaningless talk of the more social, less intelligent people. He is my fellow bookworm.


"He obviously has a depth of mind and a great understanding of the world"


Usually, those who have been through abuse (he at school, I from my steo brother) have a understanding of how the world works that surpasses those around us. We do not see the world as we wish it to be, but how it is.


"He controls his emotions all the time, almost never letting anything be seen by others, much like a protective mechanism."


I and Snape have got this down to a science! No one can tell what he is feeling or what he is thinking, and it adds to him a wonderful air of mystery that can both repel you and draw you in at the same time.


"He is conscious that life is not easy, which is one reason why he can loose patience with people complaining or talking about irrelevant or trivial things"


To quote myself to an earlier reply, "Usually, those who have been through abuse (he at school, I from my steo brother) have a understanding of how the world works that surpasses those around us. We do not see the world as we wish it to be, but how it is."


"Very generous of his person, but shall you betray his trust, he will become very cold or rude with you. He can still help you, but he'll be cautious."


Like myself. Everyone always thinks I am so sweet till they cross me. They find out quickly how cold and cruel I can be. I help those whom I know truly need it, but I do not place my trust in them.


"He is sexy (I've seen this one all over the web! ; P  ) Always wears black, which you find sexy. He is beautiful (synonyms: gorgeous, a hunk, incredible, oh baby, etc)His long shoulder-length black hair Pale skin (vampire looks)His clothes and robes. The way he walks like he was going to conquer the world!"


With these statements I agree 100% (mmmm. mmmmyyy PRECIOUS!!! gollum, gollum)


"Usually pale skin and thin because of hours spent reading inside or not enjoying social interactions"


I since an extensive amount of knowledge in him. I would love to talk to him about ancient Egypt and Rome, and the ancient mythologies of the world, in which it appears he is well versed. Where as others when hearing him speak on the subject would probably end up with this utterly moronic look on their face. He would know exactly what I was talking about.


"Cold allures: He remains calm and cold in his external ways."


Again like myself. I can not count the times people have remarked something like this about me. He refuses to panic, choosing instead to analyze the situation before he makes his next move. And like I said before, "I and Snape have got this down to a science! No one can tell what he is feeling or what he is thinking, and it adds to him a wonderful air of mystery that can both repel you and draw you in at the same time".


"He is the perfectionist type of worker, never totally happy about what he produces"


Once again like myself. Just acceptable is not good enough. If it is not exceptional, he does it over again until it is, which I am also guilty of.


"Very methodical"


Although most people are not able to understand it, he has a method for everything he does that gets results!


"He doesn't seem to make a big deal about his childhood, but it seems that he has gained his personality from there"


It is painful for me to talk about what happened in the past, it brings up terrible memories that continue to haunt my soul. Like me, coming through and surviving  his past has made him incredibly strong and independent. We are both brick walls.


"He was surely always alone at school which would explain his tendency to withdraw himself from the outside world "


I too was utterly tortured mercilessly at school as well. I was a constant loner, surrounded by idiots!


"He seems to have learned a long time ago to control his emotions or hide them."


Another trait we share. He refuses to let anyone see him sweat. He would not give his enemies the pleasure of seeing him suffer. Trying to get any information out of him is utterly useless.


I and Snape have many things in common. We are both outcasts, misunderstood, underestimated, our childhoods brutally stolen from us. We are survivors, the one that others count on when disasters strike and the first one blamed when something bad occurs. Considered cold because our refusal to reveal anything of ourselves to others.


He is dark, mysterious, but beautiful, with an inner light, that shines inside. He is bitter, but I believe he could open himself up to one who have many of the same kind of trials he has. (I feel a fanfic coming on)


I hope this sums it up, I tried my best.


Because He's dark and evil...I like my boys bad to the bone!
Read your personal info.  I have a close friend like Snape and I myself am somewhat like him.  I have warmed up some over the years but I have had to work hard at it. I can be perceived to be very aloof but I like people, more or less. 

Snape has gotten under my skin and it is driving me nuts.  I'm 47, happily married and the mother of 2 teenagers. I am not given to feeling like a 14 year old girl.

 I taught science for awhile and I like that teacher bond thing with him.  But there is something else about him. What is it?  Of course, I think he is very sexual--not sexy exactly,  His intelligence is very alluring.  He keeps himself under control but there is a lot of power that could explode there.  I wish I worked with him--I would try to chip some of that ice off of him.  I wish I could just talk to him for a long time.  I am not sure that anyone could get physically close to him, ever, but I would love to talk to him during planning period.  I'd like to be his friend. 

Sounds stupid to think this much about a fictional character, huh?  I feel very silly.

I love Snape because he is bold; and dashing; and dashing.  I think he would make the perfect mate for me because he is sarcastic and witty.  I also think that he has a big heart that he doesn't show because people would walk all over him.  I think he is a brilliant man who deserves a lot of respect; but never gets any.  Where art though my knight in black shining armor?
Good question ... I love him 'cause I am a teacher. I would like to be like him... Because ( of course) I find him handsome ;-) Because I 've got some theories on him and because I made so many stories about him for (myself)  and my pupils who wanted "harry potter" book as reading material for our lessons.


er... first I think that he remains me a great deal of myself... throughout all my time at school (luckily I'll be outta there in march 2006), I've been the unpopular, weird, nerdy kid with good grades that most people disliked and that had a somehow neglected appearance (what the hell... I just have better things to do) and a bad childhood, who eventually turned to the dark side (yeah, you're right, I'm a Goth).... so I think the reasons why I like Snape are highly personal ^^

and I do have a thing for man with brains and long black hair who are kinda slim ^^

snape is a great character.

there is just some thing about him.

when I look into his eyes, I see the sadness.

the same sadness that are in my.

and right from the first book. he was one of fav's.

in ever thing he does you can find more then one reason why he did it.

the good and the bad.

he tears my heart apart. and I feel more understanding towards him. with

ever page.

some how I just know, he is good.

and in the end he will do the right thing.

even if it means this life. to do it.

why? WHY NOT?

I mean, really...have you never actually seen nor heard this man?

I love Snape because everytime he gives me that glare with his lips tightly pinched together, I want to run up and hug him. I love him because he made an unbreakable vow to protect Malfoy because he REALLY IS A NICE PERSON! I love the way his greasy hair seems to frame his face and I love the way it does this sexy flip whenever he turns around. It tugs at my heart when I hear about him talking of how he was bullied throughout his stay at Hogwarts. I love the way that he pushes people away when he really just doesn't want to get hurt. I love how completely and utterly intoxicating his accent is. I love his nose and the way it crinkles up in disgust when he's angry. He is so sexy when he flicks his wand. And the way he mixes potions makes me want to jump on him. I love saying his name, Severus. And I love how no one can love him like I love him.
Snape is the most hottest and cutest person in the world i would just drool over him that i love him soo much!!!
Snape is my literary personification of my FAVORITE PERSON IN THE UNIVERSE, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails. They have sooo much in common...dark, brooding, silky, velvety delicious voice, extreme intelligence, and of course confidence and cockiness. Oh yeah and a hooked nose, black clothing and greasy hair... Don't ask me why but I just love love love it!!! Something about his (their) "evilness" and dirtiness is beautiful and alluring to me for some reason. PLUS...In maybe 15 or 20 years Trent Reznor will have aged a little more and will look EXACTLY (EXACTLY) like Snape from the HP movies. Snape is just a beautiful, complicated, mysterious character. And I'm racking my brain for the answer WHY but I just can't explain why he's so hot!...I mean he's old and mean, WHY do I like him??? But if he was covered in mud I would lick him completely clean (completely!). It really would be my pleasure, Snape! (heh heh). Anyway so there you have it. 
I have to say that I think snape Is a damn rIght turner on! he turns me on every time I see him speaking and moving. I just love his voice and behaviour. and may I kind of have a little crush on him. JUST A TINY LITTLE ONE. even though he's about 40 years older then me. to bad he's only fantasy though.

I dont know why but Its something about him that makes me want to watch him more In the film than the other people. Its like I fell happy when I see him doing things In the films, I just want to know what he's going to do. Its weird you know. I think ' oh yes he on screen what's he going to do, oh what Is he going to do!'

Because he Is that misunderstood bullied little boy now all grown up with bitterness so deep he will take It out on one of his former bully's offspring.

I don't see how Harry couldn't cut the poor guy a break. After all they suffered similar pasts. Severus by James (remember he hung Severus upside down just because Sirius was bored) and harry was beaten and belittled by Dudley.


but Severus has his pride and will not back down  and so does Harry and although he was severely pissed off at SIrIus after seeing that memory Severus put aside In the pensIeve he still didn't consider what Snape had been through. I am not saying severus Is right either. He Is just as wrong. As an adult he should be above trying to take out a certain kind of revenge against Harry because of his sire's mistakes. (they were mistakes I mean they were kids )you cannot deny that he Is a bit more harsh on harry than to others for little things I am with you on the "save the day harry" crap LOLI am an Alan RIckmanIac. love him adore him I didn't even want to see the first HP film until I saw he was In It.now I am hooked and up to date on all the books lmao


no one does a baddIe like Alan RIckman and yes he does look older than the snape described In the book but considering his REAL age he looks DAMN FINE. well anyway my mind has wandered while penning this missive to you so I am going to cut It short.  I love your site and reading some things more than once. even had my dad of 57 chuckling over some of your descrIptIons In the shrIekIng shack scene of PoA.


I hope you are keeping up with this site and that you get this

I am quite new using the Internet, got the Impulse after reading HBP, to find out other opInIons and theories...here are some of my thoughts:

After HBP to me there Is the question: “Why do I still love Severus Snape?


Actually, to me It Is no question at all! His abilities are breathtaking, his sarcasm InspIrIng and who would not fall In love with Alan RIckman as Snape, with his scrumptious voice and superb looks? BUT I already was fascinated by Severus long before I saw the first movie. Now after HBP he Is more lonely than ever. What he had to do In the end was cruel. It must have been almost unbearable for him, but he had to do It on DD´s orders. That was most brave, he has my deep respect and sympathy. There Is nobody from the good side with him now. In a fIguratIve sense I would like to write myself Into the book, to join him, tell him that I know about his motives, trust him completely, support him.

From the first book on, Severus was the misunderstood tragic hero! That Is- In short- why I still love him.

He Is fascInatIng and somewhat InscrutIble.  He appears to battle with himself over what he should do and seems to have more goodness In him then you would suspect.