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General point analysis : Personality

Posted Dec. 31th

 I got a lot of answers this time as well!  Thank you very much! From what I know, lots of people really like this section of the site where they can express themselves!  I myself enjoy seeing different point of views or things I hadn't pay attention to!  

The looks and Alan Rickman

 Incidentally, I'm afraid when I responded to your question about what attracts a person to Snape, I really didn't go much beyond the physical except for intelligence and education.   Sorry, wasn't thinking clearly on the subject. I think Alan Rickman is an excellent actor and a very magnetic and charismatic man and it comes through in his acting, frankly I like him; that magnetism and charisma are almost irresistable,  but I had no great focus on him until he took on the roll of Snape. Obviously, the blend of Rickman and Snape made something click in my mind. I remember one of my sisters-in-law showing me a picture in Time Magazine of Rickman as Snape, hadn't seen the movie yet, and my comment on Rickman being the actor who'd been given the role was "oh, good choice, very good choice."  Of course, that voice doesn't hurt either. 

       My view of Snape is of someone disenchanted with life as he finds it.  Probably why he turned to the dark side and then found he didn't care for it either.  I see him as a strong, powerful individual, who is basically good but has been forced by circumstances to commit unspeakable atrocities.  Oh god, all that angst. I find that Snape sometimes irritates me with his behavior towards Harry Potter. The character was interesting to me, but I didn't personally care for him until Rickman got the role. I still don't appreciate that behavior even with Rickman in the role.  I think the main reason I dislike his behavior is because I feel it is unseemly and lowering for someone of his stature to abuse a young child.  He is far too powerful in mind, body and magic to use his position for the purpose of bullying children in general and Harry Potter specifically.   Yes, Snape didn't like Harry's father, but the child is not the father.  I hope that's a better answer than before. 

  The looks
  Snape's strange soul





Interesting point about "Black appearance" and female.  It's true that black is always a classic, powerful and strong colour in our occidental cultures.

    Of course I like Severus for his beautifull appearance and strange soul. But 100% of his fans love him for this. He's not like others, he's an extraordenary man. He has got strong willpower and being selfish is unknown for him. That's why the world hates him. And maybe Severus is afraid of people: the've always hurt him. Snape has never had any friends, because other people noticed that Severus was more developed and clever than they were and they felt envy. Only people, that are much like Severus can love and understand him. You know, a great Russian poet Lermontov had the same problems as Severus. People said he had no conscience and no soul; they said he hated the world. But when we look at the problem we see that it was envy and nothing else. People have always hated "the ugly ducklings" because everybody knew they turned into "beautiful swans". Lady Claudia: I love the allusion to the ugly duck.  It's true that people always are jealous in many ways, especially when it comes to talent!  I know, I've been a victim of it all of my life and I've never been a show off!  That's why Snape and I hate Lockhart I guess! Lockhart is afterall Harry Potter without shyness!  Everyone loves him even though he only loves himself!  True and beautiful heroes are not like that for me!

    By the way, Sever(us) in Russian means the "North"...

    And as a future sociologist I can explain why most teenagers love negative characters with "black" appearance. First of all it's Atari (Lady Claudia: I have no clue who this is! He seems  a character on Russian TV) against parents with their conservative thoughts and dead ideals.  On TV this strange hero is cultivated. One more reason (probably, it's true only for my country): most girls read a famous French novel called "Angelique". The ideal man in it also has black hair , is dressed in black and in an impossible to understand person. It's similar to Severus. 80% of female love persons with black hair and black eyes. (Lady Claudia: I can't say if this statistic is true or not!)

    I'm interested in why Snape is such a sad person. Of course the world hates him, but... what about facts? I think J K Rowlings should give him a girlfriend with such an opened soul and kind heart (doesnt matter whether she's beautiful or not). And this girl could make Snape's soul open for people, for good and for heaven...    And Ialso like the way Snape is described in the book. J K Rowlings is a very talented and clever lady. I do respect her.

   And that's a pity that I don't have a boyfriend with Snape's appearence and soul :(    I really love Severus Snape!!!

  Mysterious and dark

I'm not really all the sure.... He's just dark and mysterious and it makes
me want to learn more and I'm just magnetized to him.

  Snape's grumpy for good reasons




I know this character can be reality, because I have had a couple of such men
in my life before. But confirming to them, I would rather have Snape then any
of them again. The fact is, that if I personally must make a comparing, Snape is
not that evil, he is just a bit grumpy caused by his past, and caused by some
Saint Potter, who reminds him of his disregard towards the father, about a
silly joke which almost caused his death.
Then we can go on fantasizing about a missing love life,ect. But I think it
will take a whole lot of special potion to find his weak spot. But is it not
so, that we find ourselves attracted, to exactly that sphere of mystery
around him?

  Snape reaches people's character

I love Snape because I can reach to him personally

  Alan Rickman fan





The looks, especially the eyes


Alan Rickman also is a good hearted, manly and nice person of Old English nature, like Snape of course!

First of all, I am simply amazed by the fact that Alan has so much fans!

I have watch a few fansites, before coming to this one,and I was also stunned about how some fans reply at his person, goodness.

There was much 'drooling', for instance, and they even called him a 'sexgod' (How do they know? )

I have had a good laugh too: What if our dear,and probably more sincere and moral Alan, would go and sit at his computerdesk and just would go to one of those sites, and read it?

How would his reaction be? I'm curious...

For myself , I am not such a drooler to be honest.Snape/Alan is a goodlooking ager, and a wonderful actor. Most people do not seem to know, he also had a leadpart in Rasputin( '96 ) and Judas Kiss ( '98, with Emma Thompson,from 'Sense & Sensibility' ), but, I am as much as enthusiastic about his appearances as any other Rickman-lover. For instance, I would like to thank him, because he has helped me improve my English, he has such a beautiful language-line! And then of course his eyes, I fell for his eyes. Not the lenses he is wearing to play Snape, and he is, because his own eyes are hazel, and not brown-black like in the Potter movies. And his real hair is copper coloured -light-brown, not really black as far as I know.

Why him. Well, for the fact that he is a very nice, good-hearted, manly person, with a certain Old-English flair, which makes this role fits him perfectly. He has just that, what makes Snape the book character come alive as pure Snape. And maybe,as we confirming to Snape, his dominant looks gives him a rare kind of sensuality over him. That attracts sensible woman just as much,as AXE. ( For as far as I can see, Alan,you can throw away all of your aftershaves by now.. Rasputin had also quit a reputation,and he did not even washed himself frequently.) This historic figure is also one special in spiritual way to me by the way, I have a very nice photograph of him hanging next to my selfmade extra large Potter poster ( With Alan in front of course ) Its amazing how those two look a lot like each other. Again a perfect role for Alan.

  Snape's no fool

He's not evil

I respect Snape. He's not a fool and doesn't pander to anyone. His past is, of course, pivotal to understanding him and that is something we just don't yet know. But I suspect that he was a lonely boy even before his student days - either because of family circumstances , personality or both. He withdrew to the Dark Arts as an escape and to compensate for loneliness; an escape which drew him into associations that were really fundamentally foreign to him, as he is not an evil person.

  Snape's reserved side

Cleverness and talents


Envies Snape for his drive and determination
He does thing his own way, but it ends up a benefit for others too (I like this view very much because that's a fact stated often in the books!)
Snape is a model because he always gives his best at everything





Snape would have been a good teacher: demanding

Courageous and tough
Snape's a hero



Please, read the following analysis. I think it's a very good one indeed! It explains a lot why Snape is loved outside of the book but not in it!  




This is a powerful and truthful statement!  One of Snape's worst fault!

Being intelligent myself and loving to confront stupid people, I can testimony that I am indeed not liked for that trait of character myself!

This statement is also so true!  It's the bane of my life however! I think people should not be envious so much! It's murderous to people like me and Snape for sure!

I would really love to tell you why Im fascinated of Severus Snape, but its actually hard to put in words. Unlike you (I read your confession ;-) Im not very much like Snape. Well, we all have our snapish traits (I for example can be extremely sarcastic, when hurt) but usually, Im more or less the friendly and sociable guy. Interestingly so, I admire Snape for his reservedness. Although, he might not be very popular, he is respected and no one ever questions his talent and cleverness. You might believe it or not, but being nice and responsive doesnt always pay off, since many people confound friendliness with naivity.

Moreover I envy Snape for his drive and determination. He is doing whatever he feels, is the right thing to do, not caring about others. In a way he might be considered selfish, but he gets things done and in the end usually for the benefit of others. Id wished, more people than just Dumbledore would thank him once in a while. But then, on the other hand, he doesnt seem to want and need much appreciation. (What a strong person he is!)


Im now 26 and still trying to become more like Snape (someone who is always giving 150 percent). It might be hard to understand, but giving my very best is not always easy, since Ive [unwillingly] learned for many years that I can also be quite successful without much effort. But, unlike in former times, when I didnt know that I could do better, not giving the best is now making me feeling guilty. Being praised for a second-rate work is, however, even worse, because it shows me that the other person is obviously convinced, I couldnt have done it any better. Lady Claudia: I think this fan has a point!  A point which easily explains why Snape hates company or doesn't seek compliments so much.  Being a perfectionist, being praised for second-rate work or even good work is bad for him because he could have done better.  I'm a true perfectionist and I always feel so when people praise me. I like it, but at the same time, my head tells me I could have done better. Also, when I am praised for something easy for me or that I think stupid, I feel bad for the people in front of me. Somehow, I easily imagine Snape feeling so as well and being Snape, he would think little of praisers.  In this regard Professor Snape would have been the perfect teacher for me. By setting high standards and not accepting anything less, he would certainly have helped me to develop my full potential. [Why cant there be more like him?]

I also admire Snape for his exceptional courage and toughness. [Frankly, Ive never had a lot of patience with squeamish people.] Snape, however, is quite a hero, helping others even under great personal risk. JKR once said in a television interview that the following books will mostly be about decisions. People will have to decide between what is right and what is easy. Now, we can certainly expect Snape to do the right thing. All we know about him so far makes clear that he [unlike Lucius, as I would imagine] is not the one to back away from problems and difficulties.

Unpopular Snape

You have also wondered why Snape is so unpopular with his students and the other teachers, but at the same time so much loved as a book character. Well, I guess there are a couple of reasons for this phenomenon.

1.As we all know, Professor Snape isnt exactly the friendly and sociable guy. He uses punishment and sarcasm to frighten helpless students like e.g. poor Neville which I also think is quite dastard and mean. In addition he is being unfair treating Slytherins better than others and picking favorites like nasty Draco (even if it was only for politics). I really dont blame the Non-Slytherins for not liking and trusting Snape its only human.

Reading the book and not being personally involved is, however, quite different. The reader can and should judge Snapes behavior pretty much unbiased and therefore should see things that are not visible at first sight and especially not to his annoyed and emotionally involved students. They just hate him and dont feel a need to understand him pretty much like Snape himself doesnt want to understand others like e.g. Sirius and therefore sees no need to pay attention.

2.But thats not all, of course. Snape is brilliant and unlike being an outstanding sportsman or artist being exceptionally clever poses a threat to other peoples self-esteem. In our society and obviously in JKRs wizading world as well, intelligence is viewed as one of the most important and fundamental traits. One can easily live without being a talented musician or sportsman, but who would or could ever admit that he or she is only fairly intelligent?! No wonder so, Snape is unpopular since he is constantly and mercylessly confronting others with their own stupidity and lazyness.

 However, its not, that people would never give merits to those who are being exceptionally smart and demanding like Snape. But, its much easier, if this person is either dead or a fictive character like our dear Severus Snape.


 3.Even though, Snape is good at heart, he is behaving pretty evil now and then. I would guess that a lot of people like Snape because his malice and sarcasm makes them feel almost saintly. However, they dont see that Snape, most of the time, probably has good reasons for behaving the way he does.

 4. Snape is also loved I guess, because he so human. Its hard to identify yourself with an omnipotent character like Dumbledore or a cunning and evil mind like Malfoy. Snape on the other hand is not only intriguingly mysterious, he is also an interesting mixture of good and evil. He is exceptionally smart, honorable, hard working, brave and loyal hard to top, Id say. But then he is also, sarcastic, lonely, unappreciated and insecure which makes him very human and adorable 

  The looks
Snape is the dominant type



Refuses to be excited by the mundane

There's the physical aspect for me. Alan Rickman's portrayal of Snape, his darkly sensuous voice, sweeping black robes. I've always been attracted to that physical type. The submissive part of me loves the idea of him taking total control of me, possessing me utterly, which is odd, as in real life I've felt stifled by possessive boyfriends!  Lady Claudia: I'm glad this came up!  I've sensed it from a lot of fans, especially in fanfictions.  Truly, I can't imagine Snape not being the dominant type. Therefore, somehow or somewhere, each fan must have a secret or discovered submissive part!)

Snape's character is interesting to me. Even though he works for other people- Voldemort in the past and now supposedly spying for Dumbledore- I sense that he's not afraid to be his own man.

He's unconventional, refusing to be excited by the mundane. This doesn't mean he doesn't get pleasure out of anything. He's just not the shallow sort that can be fobbed off with all the usual things people are supposed to do to have a good time, that everybody else does and looks at him like a psycho, just because he's not grinning from ear to ear. He enjoys solitary pursuits. I get the feeling if one spied upon him in his dungeon late at night as he brewed potions, you'd see one relaxed, contented man. He's just happy in his own company and doesn't have to rely on others to amuse him all the time. Lady Claudia: I really like that point of view.  I often get the feeling of it myself.  That Snape likes it that way as well.  He doesn't like the usual. I am myself the perfect proof of that: I hate to be surrounded by people for too long.  I need to get back to my books when I've spent a long time with normal people!  The books portray him as a loner, but of course JK Rowling only writes what will be interesting to readers. You never know, he might visit Dumbledore every Wednesday for tea and biscuits but it wouldn't exactly be an exciting read then would it.

Well I think Snape in the right conditions would be lovely, fluffy and cuddly. It's a pity he's fictional really.


Hmmm, he's sexy (must be the black outfit and hair) His voice, the way he carries himself, he's distinguished, and needs some love.

  Dark attraction to Snape

Alan Rickman's delivery of the role

Snape could be a Pisces (I have to mention I saw a survey once about Snape's most probable astrological sign, and it was Scorpio.  I'm surprised this reader says Pisces. From my experience, Pisces are like sheep: they follow)

Gosh, I really am not sure, but it feels so ....perhaps.. wrong. He is attractive, but then as an Alan rickmaniac I am biassed. Always had a thing for the gothic style, and read Poppy Z Brites gothic horror, falling for her vampires and assorted characters. I have a Snape cloak of my own and bought it around 15 years ago for 200 quid (windsmoor ). The voice and the delivery of the lines totally enthralls me. I originally watched the film with my son, unaware of Alan Rickmans existence. I found myself watching him walk into the class and open mouthed watched his every move and developed the habit of fidgeting at the end of his speech to HP so that my, then annoyed son, would rewind it back to Snape walking in so that he could watch it uninterrupted. Overall I think its his presence, voice and delivery and I'm just smitten. Reality? Yes probably and then I would wish I hadn't got involved as he's too far into the occult for my liking. He's a typical Pisces.

  The looks
Snape knows what evil is

I think Prof. Severus Snape is completely beautiful. He's sexy, especially since he's got the whole dark, dreary gothic look going on, but he's not just physically desirable. He's obviously very intelligent, and a deep thinker. But I think what I find most seductive is the fact that Snape, being a former death eater, really knows what evil he is capable of. He has a deep understanding of his dark side, and I think that knowledge makes him a better person. Because knowing your own immorality makes it easier for you to control those dark desires. I guess I feel a sort of connection with him, because I can see a bit of myself there. Except I have more estrogen. ; )

Lady Claudia: I'm glad that point came up because I've talked about it in my book analysis, but nobody has ever said anything else about it!  That's mainly why I love Snape myself, yet this part is often overlooked!

  We look up to Snape because we don't know him personally, unlike the characters of the book. (Very nice thinking! It's true it might explain a lot of things!)

I think the Snape paradox is very interesting indeed. Why is it that so many people like him in real life, and most people hate him in the story? I think it's because the sort of people that we look up to and admire might not be the sort of people who we can live with everyday. We have not actually met Snape; we only heard of his actions in third-person perspective, if you will. This is knowledge by description, and it differs from knowledge by acquaintance. Snape is one of my favourite characters ever because of his complexity and his qualities, but I do not think I would want to be with him everyday. I think it would be difficult to enter any sort of relationship with someone like that, unless it's one-sided, as it is now.

  Intelligent and witty


Bad misunderstood men type

Snape's expected to act like that (I find that point fascinating.  It calls up to the Pygmalion effect!)
Snape is human like any of us: he has faults.

As much as I love Alan Rickman, I was obsessed with Snape before I saw the movie.
So why do I love Snape? Well, he's intelligent, witty and mysterious for one, but I think there is more to it than that.

There are two reasons that I can fathom of the reason I love Snape. The first is that I have always had an affiliation with the bad guys. Especially the misunderstood ones. I think it began with being cast as the evil bad person in the roleplaying games that were played in my primary school years. It was either that or I was by myself, lonely. I was cast as evil even though my character hadn't actually performed any evil deeds. My character (not me personally) hated the characters my friends played for no reason than that it was expected of her to do so. So I believe it is the same with Snape.

The second reason is that Snape is human. I love Harry Potter, but lets face it, he can do no evil. he is couragous, friendly and honest, and the people love him for it. Whereas Snape, although he is basically a good guy, does bad things. He bully's Neville Longbottom, and he has a past he would rather forget. Don't we all? And Harry Potter? He has no regrets. He is a perfect angel who has been deeply wronged by his muggle family, but finds a home and soulmates in Ron and Hermione.


He is so mysterious it makes me love, like, fancy, have a crush on, drool over, want, enjoy ect.... He saves Harry's life or tries. He is so sexy!

  Resembles every little girl's bad-tempered dad (Interesting point of view in its different approach!)

He is the reinvention of the little girl's bad tempered father .. which many or most adult women try to renavigate time and again in an attempt to reinvent the parent child relationship and triumph, thereby healing the emotional damage caused by the emotionally unavailable father.

 If you look at the things that make Snape grin, then I think it is pretty sure that this man is sour right through .. very little chance of him ever changing.  No hidden core of sweetness there, for the information of all the heaving bosoms!

  Snape's not your black or white hero or antagonist! (I love this analysis, it's true for me! I am always bored by characters who are too perfect)


Defies categorization!

(I like this comment about the Gryffindor/Slytherin rivalty)

Stricking eyes and voice

Commands attention
Alan Rickman too!



I'm a very recent convert to Pottermania; I didn't read the books until August 2002. When I put down "Goblet of Fire", I was captivated by the series, and that captivation is very much due to the character of Severus Snape.

While the books are charming, they are rather straightforward. The good guys are very good and the bad guys are very bad. Malfoy and the Dursleys have no redeeming qualities; Dumbledore has no faults and Harry has no serious faults. Well, perhaps this doesn't bother the books' youngest readers, but I'm past my teens and I like to think I'm old enough to appreciate a little complexity, some grey areas, in my reading. I'd like either a sympathetic villain, or a less-than-sympathetic hero, to spice up this black-and-white mixture.

Severus Snape provides that complexity, via the latter route. He defies categorization. He's an ally, but he's not a brave-clean-and-thrifty Gryffindor like all the rest of them. He's bitter and cruel; his hatred for James Potter and Sirius Black is practically tangible. Mind you, I like Harry and Sirius. But I positively *revel* in Snape's virulent hatred for them, because it represents the blurring of a hitherto solid line between Slytherin and Gryffindor, nasty/evil and nice/good.

The descriptions of Snape in the novels are quite fascinating. On the one hand he is physically unattractive; greasy, sallow, hook-nosed, etc. On the other hand, he has striking eyes ("fathomless", "dark corridors") and a compelling voice; which can be silky as well as strident. He commands attention. You cannot dismiss him, overlook him, or ignore him. His intensity practically leaps off the page. I'd rather have a dark, intense character than a nice bland one. (I should add here that I'm a huge Alan Rickman fan and he has the absolute perfect voice for the role :)

Snape's good qualities are incredibly compelling and attractive, even though they aren't "warm fuzzy" qualities. He is incredibly intelligent, he is intensely emotional, he is honorable (he repays a debt to a man he hates), he is loyal, he is brave.

I will certainly be getting "Order of the Phoenix" the minute it comes out... and my number one wish for the book (and the two after it) is that they be rich in Severus Snape.

  Alan Rickman
Snape's mean, dark and hateful

Its the tall dark and handsome thing about Alan Rickman as "Snape"  He seems mean, dark and hateful but then he has that other side like when he was trying to save Harry in the first movie. As for falling for him OH YES I only wish I could tell Alan Rickman that his role as Snape is the best he has ever looked it suits him well. Tall, dark, handsome, he just pulls you in!

  Woman dream of being THE one to change him
Alan Rickman

  I love him, because every woman has a fantasy about a man like him.  They fantasize that they and they alone can win his heart and change him.  That they alone have the power over his heart.  I love him because he reminds me of a boy I once loved who died before I could ever tell him.  He died alone.  I sincerely hope that J.K. Rowling does not allow this to happen to Severus Snape.  I also love him because I love Alan Rickman.  He is an awesome actor and only he could bring Snape to life.  Love ya Alan!

  The looks

Irradiating power
Not completely evil

Author can identify with Snape's values
Bad type

He, he what a question! Having read what's on the site I think I'll just be repeating what a lot of people have already said...but nevermind. I'm a huge fan of the books but I didn't really love Snape until the film. What can I say- I love a man with longish hair and dressed in black but thinking about it, it isn't just because Alan Rickman looks gorgeous as Snape but because of the power he exudes and unlike Voldemort he's not completely evil and inhuman, he's just a bit bitter and frustrated and thinks revenge is a dish best served cold. He's well spoken, doesn't tolerate fools too easily and in the way he dislikes persistant rule breakers that get away with blue murder. I suppose I'm like that myself so I guess I can empathise with him. Not only that of course as he's also one of those mysterious, "bad" rebellious types that women (whether they admit it or not) are automatically drawn to...well fellow females would you love Snape so much if he was the door holding, "after you" considerate sort? I'd wager not. (Lady Claudia: If you allow me to say so, I don't totally agree here because Snape has manners and is not rebellious out of the blue.  True, Snape may not be the type to say "After you", but I reckon he would still hold the door and wait.  We've seen enough proof of his good manners in the books to advance this.) In the books he's also one of those characters that has a great deal of depth, I'd love to probe his mind and see what was really going on in his mind. I suppose to sum it all up in one word he's simply fascinating.

  Tormented character Hides his pain



Need for the reader to help/save him

Im naturally attracted to this type of character; call me a freak (you wouldnt be far off) but I find tormented characters so attractive. But what makes Snape stand apart from the rest is the fascinating way in which he cloaks his pain. On the outside he seems nasty and snobbish, but underneath he is very insecure, and its out of this insecurity that springs his nastiness and his need to hold grudges. He may be aware of his intelligence, but hes certainly not aware of his worth as a person. He puts on a self-assured air, but underneath he seems very self-loathing and self-doubting. The reason for his insecurity and self-loathing remains unanswered, which makes him all the more dark and mysterious. He finds it easy to express his feelings of hatred, but deep down I dont think he truly hates anyone (except Voldemort of course); he is simply cruel to boost his own low self-esteem. Other than hatred, he has a very hard time expressing his emotions, or revealing who he truly is. Theres something so downtrodden about Snape, something that makes you want to just give him a hug and tell him everything will be alright that he doesnt have to live in misery. I guess thats why I like him.


Posted Nov. 25th

I've had some very interesting analysis since last time!  Please, read!

Snape's a good villain!

Well characterised












Snape is both his nasty and human side

It's been said, time and again, that what a good drama needs is a good villain. I would add to that. Good characterization needs some difficult characters. And they don't come more difficult than Severus Snape, at least not outside of a Mickey Spillane mystery.

 But if Snapes were just a nasty piece of work, we wouldn't have much use for him.

 Let me give a "popularized" reason why I ... um ... am in "like" with Severus, through two comparisons.

 (1) Frank Burns and Charles E. Winchester (III).

(2) Lex Luthor (through the courtesy of Michael Rosenblum)

 Burns and Winchester, for those of you who do not get endless reruns of Amyrrhican (American written with a strong accent!) "sit.coms.", were two characters on the TV version of M*A*S*H. Burns was a wretched soulless git with the moral integrity of a periwinkle. Nothing became him so much as his departure from the series. Enter the snotty, acid tongued, quick witted, well disciplined and short tempered (ring any bells?) Major Winchester. Sonorous, long-winded, pompous, didactic, self-absorbed, and yet ... and yet ... so human, so tender on the inside, so noble in his own peculiarly snotty way. We LIKED Charles. I don't think anybody really like Frank. He wasn't likeable. "Chas" was. There you go.

 And Lex. In the new U.S. series "Smallville", Clark Kent is in high school, doesn't wear glasses, and has no idea where all this "strange visitor from another planet" jazz is going. And Lex, of all people, is in town, on his own, trying to break clear of dear old dad, and become his own man. In this show, Lex looks at Clark, and sees a living disproof of the cynicism and amoralism he's been taught he should embrace. Clark is proof to Lex that decency, and altruism, and devotion to a Greater Whole, CAN triumph and make a real, lasting difference. This Lex is torn in half. Half of him is the dark, power-hungry sociopath we all "know" he "has" grown into. And half of him is somebody we cheer for, who we want to grab at the shoulders and scream "Do the right thing! You know it's what you really want to see happen!"

 And so our beloved Severus. He struts, he sneers, he glowers, he relishes in letting his rage burn freely. But somewhere underneath all the fertilizer is one solid, real, good man, for whom we can root, and fervently pray that the Authoress does the Right Thing about him.

Tri-dimensional character

Anti-hero type


Snape is the dominant type, not a follower


It may sound strange or shocking for some people, but I'm sure this fan holds a big element why many people love Snape! Not only because of sado/maso relasionship, but rather the power Snape irradiates.
Snape's the most passionate teacher with high expectations. So much he hates bad students. (I agree!)
Funerary voice

  When I first started reading Harry Potter books, I was almost immediately intrigued by the character of Severus Snape.  This was no two-dimensional villain, but a sarcastic, cruel, intelligent man with a passion for his work and a strange, secret past.  And lovely, let's be honest.

  I'm usually attracted to antiheros, as it were.  Hannibal Lector. Dracula.  The Vampire Lestat.

  But I never questioned that so much...why Snape? 

  I am a dom,(dominant/master) for the time being, only a cyber-dom (which is unfortunate), although most of us refer to one another as 'teachers', because it suits polite society much better.  Now, as my dear pet was telling me, how he adores me, because he would do anything to please me, and that he is hopelessly in love with...because he knows that I don't care at all about him, and because I am generally cold and blunt with him.  Of course, I do care about him, but one must maintain one's roles.  He wants me to control him.  Naturally, since I am a dom, I'm rather compelled to be aloof, cruel, and strong.  Certainly not masochistic.  I don't typically want to be.

  But, ah, Snape...Snape could make me do anything that he wanted.  The first time that his disdainful black eyes sneered at me, I would be lost.  The crueler that he was, the more critical, the more hateful-- the more I would adore him and seek to please him.  The more I would treasure even the slightest sign of kindness.  I would do everything that I could to please him.

  Alright, maybe I've disturbed you with my twisted little personality...but...furthermore...

  Of the teachers at Hogwarts, Snape is the most passionate.  He hates that the clumsy students cannot live up to his expectantions.  He wants them to learn, even if he has to beat it into them.  He's an intelligent, wounded man.  Anyone who's ever been the butt of cruel classmates would certainly not resent his bitter desire for vengeance.

  He's morbid to the point of being ludicrous.  He dwells in a damp, gloomy dungeon, wears layers of black, and speaks in a funerary voice tinted with 'dark sarcasm in the classroom', to paraphrase Pink Floyd rather badly. 

To me, it doesn't matter if he cares about Harry.  Oh, I like Harry... but it doesn't matter if Snape does.  The fact that Severus can save Harry shows that he is truly honourable, which is much better a thing to be than kind. 

I only hope that dear Ms. Rowling can give us what we need now...a little bit more compassion for the man.  She needs to understand that we love him and need more of him.  But if she will not give us that...we always have dreams...*smiles*  which is really, all that we had in the first place...

Alan Rickman is a beautiful actor, but that's not all

Straight, honest and has a high level of ethics

He's a hero and never wants praise for it
Snape's not unfair, he gives what he gets
Dumbledore is lucky to have Snape! (that's so true!)

I'm truly touched by this mother's testimony! Reminds me of my own reactions!

I read your essays about Snape and about yourself with great interest. Its nice to see that Im not the only one who truly feels for Snape! I mean, there are quite a lot of girls or women who just find him "sexy", because Alan Rickman is a beautiful actor. But thats not what I mean (although it is true  <g>). I really like the character, in the books as well as in the films. From the beginning of my reading "Harry Potter", I felt about Snape like you did: I respect, even admire him for being such a straight and honest being, and for his very high level of ethics (Its much harder to save somebody you dont like!), and at the same time pitying him for his loneliness. I mean, he is even a hero, saving Harrys life or facing "Fluffy" and having his leg seriously wounded in order to save the others from Voldemort. Who would have done this without ever mentioning it? Snape would never praise himself for his deeds like a Gilderoy Lockhart! But does anyone ever say "thank you" to him? No, because he is just the freaky, unpopular Snape. They suspect him of the most terrible crimes (theft, even murder), but when they see it isnt true, they never feel a need to apologize. When Harry first sees that Snapes leg is injured, he wishes it to be painful - I dont think he ever regrets it or asks himself how this man is feeling, not even when he knows that he owns his life to him. Snape is "unfair"? But who was ever fair towards him? Sadly enough, Snape is right when he thinks he cant trust anyone. Its still the same as in his childhood: Who cares if Snape is gonna be killed? Its a fun. The only person who understands him and cares for him, is Dumbledore. Therefore Dumbledore has made himself the most loyal friend anyone can wish for: Snape.

I, too, know the feeling of being "different" very well. And like you, I have been searching for "soulmates" in literature from my early childhood. And its always been the dark and misunderstood creatures. Vampires for example: In my fantasy I created a whole society of them, as a contrast to the society I lived in and which would never just accept me for what I am. I have grown up, and I have two sons now, 6 and 3 years old. The older one is an extreme "Snape", more than I have ever been! He is extremely intelligent (according to the tests several psychologists made) and extremely lonely. He feels the difference between himself and the other children, he sees that they will never be his friends or have the same interests, and he reacts with a very aggressive behaviour - which makes him even more unpopular. At the moment, I am reading the "Harry Potter" books to him, and from the beginning he loved Snape. He said: "Snape is not a bad guy, he is a good guy. And this is very difficult for him, because he is a bit evil inside, but he wants to be good. He is like me! I try, but sometimes I just cannot be good."



Snape' similar to ourselves


  Seductiveness of characters like Hannibal Lecter (a lot of people have referred to him. I will add him in my Snape list soon!)
Snape knows evil is dangerous

Snape's sensitive and insecure.


  Interesting comparison! I've made it myself the first time I read the book!

I came across your site from a links page of another Snape site, and I just finished reading the analysis of his physical and personality traits--cheers to you for discovering that he is a dynamic character, not just a stock villain. Maybe it's because I have an English degree and adore analyzing literature, or maybe it's because I'm working on my master's in library science....or maybe it's because I've been cranky today and have just finished reading the first Harry Potter book to cheer myself up (3rd time to read it!). I think so many of us are attracted to the Snape character because we sense that complexity, that pain, that good in him that is similar to ourselves.  Alan Rickman sexed up the character in the movie, so that doesn't hurt either.  But I am so glad that someone else has recognized that the Potter books are not just little kiddy stories. They are complex, witty, and beautiful allegories of the trials of growing up, making friends, trust and bravery, and love. The first time I read the books I was going nuts with all the references to mythology, literature, and foreign languages! I've half considered going back for a master's degree in literature just so I can write a thesis on Harry Potter...ha ha!

Now, on to discuss the character of Severus Snape.  I was just thinking that his seductiveness to so many readers is similar to why we cheer for
Hannibal Lecter, but this comes more from reading Thomas Harris's books (especially "Hannibal") while the movies serve to complement the books.  Similarly, Anthony Hopkins seduced us with his portrayal of Lecter just as Rickman fleshed out Snape's creepy allure and barely-contained bitter insecurity.  In Harris's book "Hannibal" we learn a lot more about Hannibal's childhood and feelings, including his attraction to Clarice Starling, and his pain than we do in the movies.  I'm going to end the comparison of Lecter and Snape there, because Lecter very easily sidles over to the side of evil while Snape has discovered (sometime previous to the time the books take place) that evil is too powerful and dangerous of a force to be reckoned with....in a nutshell, Snape doesn't eat people's faces.

Sometimes it's hard to like Snape, especially after reading some of the horrible and cruel things he said to Harry in the 3rd and 4th books. It's one thing to taunt a student about messing up a potions experiment, but it is quite another to berate Harry's murdered parents. That's when I want to step in and say, "Hey, does picking on a child make you feel better about yourself?" Snape is terribly insecure and sensitive, as you stated on your site. He avoids opening up to people because he is so afraid of getting hurt (again?). Perhaps he trusted Harry's father and finally felt that he had a good friend that the strange betrayal (i.e., Potter saving Snape from a trick that was going to be played on him) cut so deeply that he hasn't gotten over the anger. Also, was he in love with Lily Potter? I've seen that question on other sites, and I don't think we are wrong to ask it. As a student of literature, I don't think that we are just wanting to figure out "what the author meant" to fill in the blanks on a quiz. It can mean many things to many different people, and that is what makes it so wonderful and timeless. I thought the Death Eaters were especially haunting and horrible because they remind me of the blatant racism that still exists in the United States, especially in the Ku Klux Klan in the Deep South (Missouri, Arkansas, etc.). Someone looking for a more spiritual slant could use the old analogy of good and evil, which almost all religions have at their basis. Others can compare it to Star Wars!--Harry's inescapable connection with Voldemort, the scar, speaking Parseltongue....I think Harry will be tempted more seriously than he has been in years to come. Anyway, back to Snape, he has to crack one of these days or his pain and anger will eat him up inside, and I sincerely hope that J.K. Rowling doesn't let that happen to one of her best characters. I don't think she will--look at how she had us all fooled with the first book!

Anyway, I could go on for hours about Snape and all the characters in the Harry Potter books. Sometimes I just can't wait until he slinks into a scene while I'm reading one of the books. :)

NOTE: I love this e-mail because it reflects the majority of what most Snape fans see in him!

Read this reader's first impression of Snape!







Snape's older. I think this is a reason why a lot of fans love him.That makes him more mature and sophisticated! However, I'm sure Snape was always like that.
Perfect English gentleman
His looks: clothing, eyes, etc 

Alan Rickman did a good job indeed!

Rickman did not only pretend to be a bad teacher!  Great comment!


Snape's dark and negative sides seem to be appealing for a lot of people!
She feels sorry for Snape, which is often seen in a Snape-fan.
People can identify to Snape
Snape can handle conflicting emotions within himself

The mystery and suspense surrounding Snape! He's enigmatic. (You know, I often hear that women are more attracted to men they consider "mysterious" on tv. Maybe that's part of the phenomena!)


Superior register (register is a powerful tool isn't it?)

Snape's subject

Snape's astrological sign would be Scorpio. (I saw a web-survey about that, and it's true people all said he was a Scorpio. He has a  strong-headed sign that's for sure!)

Why do I love Snape? What a question! It is a topic I could go on for hours 
about. But I'll try to condense my reasons into something of reasonable 
length. The very moment I fell in love with Snape/Alan Rickman was early one 
morning, while watching the movie at a friend's house. Until then I had never 
thought much of Harry Potter and had no desire to read the books, which I 
thought would be too long to be worth it. I couldn't imagine there was such a 
fascinating, intriguing, and downright adorable character who would soon 
become my obsession. When I saw him I immediately said he was gorgeous...but 
more than that, he was a dark, mysterious man who was obviously a bundle of 
controversies and who had experienced a most interesting past. So I hurried 
home and dug into those books, and lo and behold, Snape had hooked me before 
I knew it. Not that J K Rowling's rampant imagination couldn't have addicted 
me without him, but yes, it is mainly Snape who keeps me reading the books 
and watching the movies over and over till the next ones! 

For one thing, being a fifteen year old, it seems somewhat odd to most people 
that the love of my life is so much older than me. But I tend to love older 
men because they are so mature and sophisticated. Snape is a perfect example 
of this. Suave and usually soft-spoken, he is a perfect English gentleman. 
His deep, sexy voice doesn't hurt either. I adore Snape's physical 
appearance. Long hair isn't always necessary for me in men; sometimes it does 
it and sometimes it doesn't. With Snape, it does it, and it REALLY does it. 
His sleek, jet-black hair always looks well-combed and (I think) well-kept. 
Contrary to Harry's opinion, I don't think it's terribly greasy, and even if 
 grease is the word, baby! Now, if eyes are the window to the soul, then 
Snape must have the most beautiful and seductive soul of all time. His 
obsidian-like, penetrating eyes make me want to melt every time I see a 
picture of him, particularly the ones from the movie. As practically everyone 
seems to believe, Alan Rickman is a wonderful actor who embodies Snape 
perfectly. He obviously took JK Rowling's description of the character to 
heart and used it to portray Snape in the best way possible. He didn't just 
pretend to be a mean teacher who likes to yell at students. Snape is a 
multi-faceted character with so many secrets and aspects to his personality, 
it would be impossible to describe him briefly, and certainly "a nasty 
teacher" would never cut it. His looks are fantastic; what else can I say? 
He's no scrawny wimp, but heavy-set men don't appeal to me either, so I find 
his in-between build just right. Strong, yet thin. Probably fast. Graceful. 
Excellent. And being a black-wearer myself, it just doesn't get much better!

Would I like Snape if I knew him? Absolutely. Darkness and negativity make me 
happy (at least sometimes! I'm quite strange.) But I think if I knew him, not 
only would I want to get close to him in ways I won't mention, I'd want to 
get close emotionally too. He's obviously not a sunny, cheerful guy because 
his life has been pretty cloudy. While definitely threatening and able to 
hold his own in any argument (his biting wit and sarcasm can certainly hurt), 
his actual self-esteem is doubtful, and I truthfully feel a bit sorry for 
him. I'd want to know him so I could be close to him in a sort of motherly 
way, help him with this problems, and not just a girlfriend or friendly way. 
In a lot of ways, Snape is like me. Anger control is something we could both 
work on (actually, it's something a lot of people could work on.) Snape tends 
to fly off the handle after keeping too much rage and fury bottled up. He is, 
in a certain way, insane, like me and yet he is very mature, as I said, and 
sophisticated, and cunning, and intelligent, and sensible so once again he 
demonstrates his ability to be many conflicting things at once. 

The mystery surrounding him is particularly intriguing. With every book we 
learn something new about him. Snape is connected to virtually every 
character in the story and is a highly pivotal person, making him fascinating 
to think about. As much as we know, there is so much we don't. Why did he 
become a Death Eater, and why did he switch sides, knowing the consequences 
Voldemort would surely wish to bestow on him? What does he have against 
Harry, and then, why would he save his life? Why is he so fond of Malfoy? Why 
was he so displeased that James Potter saved his life? And most 
importantly who is he going to fall in love with? Did a broken bond with Lily 
Potter leave him deeply scarred and bitter? There are so many questions one 
can't help but ask about Snape. His relationship to the Marauders is 
interesting too; it makes me wonder about what his school days were like. Who 
can help but love such an enigmatic character? 

Snape as a whole is just wonderful. His superior vocabulary, intellect, and 
verbal skills are a plus, especially to someone like me, who values good 
speech. It is amazing that a character made out to be so evil comes off to me 
as someone who is actually a good, virtuous person, who is only 
misunderstood. Strong-willed, Snape is the kind of guy you would feel safe 
with. As for what he teaches, I like that he works with some things that a 
lot of people would consider "gross." Sissy people who wouldn't like the 
contents of his classroom annoy me sometimes. He is probably a snake lover, 
like me, so that ties in with it, and while I don't know his attitude toward 
animals in general, I would expect that he has a respect for them.  He is a 
true Scorpio, from an astrological point of view (just ask Trelawney), but he 
combines a lot of the best qualities from all the signs (and a few 
less-than-desirable ones.) But altogether Snape is simply fabulous. 

Cruel, but passionate

Snape can be cruel but he's passionate and nice deep inside. Also, his voice is hot!

Reminds us of some teachers

I must say it's my favorite character... I guess it maybe because he remind me some of these teachers we all had once !

NOTE: (I think Snape does remind us of some teachers, but I want to warn everybody that Snape's not any teacher. A cruel teacher is not automatically a Snape.  Please, see my explanations on Mrs. Tingle on my Myth or Reality page.

Alan Rickman!

I honestly like him because I saw the movie first. Alan Rickman is fine, I  must admit. That's my honest reason. His voice is so smooth and silky. After I watched the movie and read the books, and everytime I read a Snape encounter, I pictured Rickman walking around in that doggone black robe!

She identifies to Snape to a certain degree
Snape has qualities we lack and that we want! (That's true, I think this is a good point!)
Nobody acknowledges his good efforts! That's heroic!


(This is an important point! It's like a vicious circle for the kid. But from my experience, kids will act the same in high school, college and university! They're not serious!  I'm as serious as Snape when it comes to study, so I understand Snape perfectly!)

I believe the main reasons why I'm so fond of the character is that: 1. I am able to identify with him to a certain degree. I share some character traits with him and can relate. 2. On the other hand, Snape has character traits which I lack but I wish I had. He's someone that I can look up to. Let's make a short trip to MBTI-land. (Click here to learn more about the MBTI which is a personality type indicator) Clearly Snape is an INTJ, no doubt about that. Me, being an INTP, lack exactly what Snape surely has enough of and that is endless confidence in himself and his abilities. That's one of the reasons I always find myself drawn to INTJs. Gil Grissom of CSI or Hannibal Lecter manage to "mesmerize" me in the same way. One thing I particularly actually love about him is the character's gift for sarcasm. It stings. It bites. A weapon that if used properly can hit right home and hurt more than any physical damage. And as long as it's not directed at oneself it can be hysterical. ;) Snape really is "Harry Potter"'s tragic hero. He fights against stupidity, incompetence, indifference and lack of common sense but still nobody seems to acknowledge him for what he's doing, instead everybody seems to hate him for it. Yet he keeps going, stands up to everyone and defends his principles, no matter what. That is truly heroic and earns my deepest respect. The reason why so many detest him? Well, look above. It all adds up to plainly being misunderstood which is a shame but in the end also is a part of what makes him exactly who he is. Would I like him if I were at Hogwarts? Can't say. Maybe now, yes, because knowing what intentions lie behind his teaching methods, I'd respect him and wouldn't have too much trouble with him (or he wouldn't have too much trouble with me, that is :)). But would I if I were a 12 year old kid again? Probably not. My grades were often not better than average mostly due to disinterest which would be enough for Snape to "teach me a lesson", causing me to be furious. Problem is, at that age I wouldn't have understood that it's for my own good and therefore only would have gotten madder at him. But I probably would have payed attention to his class from then on and just kept my mouth shut. :)

Snape as a whole
Nothing comes in his way

Well Snape what can I say? I love him because he has all of the characteristics I like in a bloke, long dark hair, big nose, domineering presence. He has the perfect personality to deal with anything that comes his way and I always value intelligence in men, any man with brains is good enough for me (bonus if they have the afore mentioned characteristics)
Snape is wonderful and perfect the way he is. I think he is the best character in the books and he makes me go weak at the knees.
Snape is the best

  Neither all good or bad
Very loyal

Knows the difference between good and evil

"He has evil inside him, but he fights it" (I love the phrasing!)


Snape's true


He is a hard worker and competent at it!

I love Snape because he is interesting. He is neither clearly good (like Dumbledore) nor clearly evil like Malfoy. He has a strong sense of loyalty to Dumbledore, someone he respects and who helped him in a crucial time of is life (who would have hired a former death eater just after Volemorts fall ?) (Correction here: in the second book, in the pensive, we are told that Severus became a spy BEFORE Voldermort's fall). He has a very stong sense of good and evil. He protects Harry and other students, he helps making the potion for Lupin, although he doesn`t like either of them. He is protective. In GoF I sense he is really angry with Barty Crouch and Fudge when he says " When we caught the death eater responsible for tonight's events ..." (what a cool and distant description for the horrific things going on that night). He has evil inside him but he fights it. He is a fighter for good, even though he is more than a little bit cruel and cold. I think this is the thing that endears him most to me: He doesn`t give up like Lucius who just does the wrong thing, he seems to fight against his own demons, his lust at cruelty. He likes to have control. Very ironic it is, that in this aspect he is very much like Harry:  In Goblet he investigates (how cute :)) the wailing of the egg and the unforgivable happening of somebody breaking into his office. And so does Harry who wants to know who is in Snapes office. From Snape's point of view he always seems to get in the way. Maybe this is one of the reasons why Snape hates him. Furthermore he is extremely distrusting and even paranoid: He never believes Harry even if he is telling the truth. On the other hand, Snape is true. He is willing to stick up for Harry`s story at the end of Goblet even though it means he has to admit he has been mistaken about his suspicions about Harry. He is capable of cruelty. You see it in the pleasure he gets out of keeping Harry from seeing Dumbledore in Goblet and his bullying of a poor boy like Neville. He wants to prove himself and get respect like in his obvious pleasure and pride when Fudge announces he wants to give him the Order of Merlin. (Lady Claudia: I'm not totally agreeing to this) He is very bitter. We don`t know yet for what reasons but I assume that he is very lonely. This would be supported by the obvious jealousy he felts for James and his "strutting around with friends and admirers". He only had friends in Slytherin who became Death Eaters. How loyal friends are Death Eaters ? He is hardworking and extremely competent. This is the reason for his despise for less able people like himself. He is allowed to be arrogant because he really knows his remedies (both potions and Dark Arts).


She wants to see Snape redeemed (that's the feeling I got from a lot of people too)
Snape's a good character for a woman to want to nurture and take care of, in a motherly way (I also think a lot of women out there feel the same!!)
Snape may contain echoes of her parents
Snape's a good challenge for someone who wants to impress
A relationship with Snape would be too draining

NOTE: Read this one, I think it tells a lot about unconscious feelings most Snape fan have towards him. Her reflections are deep and they make a lot of sense to me, truly!

It's proving very difficult to pinpoint the reasons for my fascination for, or obsession with Severus Snape.  Maybe it's impossible to rationalise something that is purely emotional.  However, after much thought, I can offer a couple of slender clues as to why the Snape character is so special to me. But first some facts.  I'm sure I don't love Severus Snape, nor even like him.  My fascination with him results in a drive to seek out images of him and read stories about him.  No other character has ever produced such a strong reaction.  One other thing I'm sure of - the fascination is with J. K. Rowling's creation, not with the actor.  I enjoy Alan Rickman's acting but I'm not that obsessive about him - only with him as Snape. Most of all I want to see Severus redeemed I.e. emotionally and sexually fulfilled / happy / no longer angry / no longer cruel / healed of his own hurts which presumably are emotional.  This gives me Clue 1 - the fascination might relate to the nurturing side of my own personality that simply wants to be a healer I.e. to see everyone healed, not just Severus. I grew up in an atmosphere of family rows.  Consequently I hate rows and anger.  This gives me Clue 2 - despite my hatred of destructive anger, Severus' personality might contain echoes of my parents. After all, even though I didn't like some aspects of my parents' personalities they still remained my parents and so had a major impact on my development, and of course I share their characteristics. Some of my Snape fascination is to do the fact that Severus is not easily impressed and perhaps I long to impress him - this again could have its roots in parent/child relationships. I hate Shape's cruelty to the pupils, particularly to Neville Longbottom - if Severus was a real person in my life I would probably find his unwarranted cruelty unforgivable and would have to tackle him about it, no doubt leading to a permanent rift between us. Sometimes Severus' appearance attracts me but I honestly can't say why.  He doesn't look anything like people I usually find attractive. Being in the wrong doesn't seem to stop Severus bouncing back - I admire that strength, as I wouldn't have enough self-belief to act that way.  But that's hardly enough to explain my Snape obsession. I probably would not enjoy knowing someone who was really like Severus.  I suspect that in reality he would destroy any emotional relationship anyone tried to form with him, and that his company would quickly become demoralising or tiresome, and in the longer term possibly depressive to those close to him. Apart from my two clues I can't find anything that is exclusively Snapish to explain my obsession. For example I adore his voice when it is a velvet purr, but so what?, many actors have lovely voices.  And Severus pushes his authority to the absolute limit - I admire that, but again it's not exclusive to Snape. Thanks for the opportunity to comment and for such a lovely website.  I do enjoy reading what others suggest as their reasons for their fascination with this gorgeous villain.

  Gothic looks!
Wants to nurture him

I love Snape because of his very gothic appeal. Not to mention his sexy voice. I just wanna squeeze him and make him feel better.


Anyway, I'm not going to go into why I am totally obsessed with Snape and Alan Rickman (and this coming from someone who never had an actor crush at high school or anything, heh he) as your website and those who have contributed to it echo my sentiments well enough. I just wanted to say that a rather similar character has been written with the same response.

Sweeps you off your feet

Byronic aura

I love Severus Snape...because he impersonates the character of a man who simply sweeps you off your feet. His speeches and choice of vocabulary makes him a perfect partner for arguments, his attitude just calls for a woman to change it, and his melancolic and very Byronic aura dares you to break into. [Note: Byronic comes from Byron, the author of Les Liaisons Dangereuses, Cain. He often uses characters which are seen as "bad" but puts them in a good light.]
He is a great challenge for any woman and if you would succeed he would probably be the most passionate of all lovers, physically as well as mentally.
He seems like the type of man who would absolutely deny to fall in love, but if he does and if he accepts it, there would be no turning back. He would live and die for the woman of his heart.

Posted Sept. 16th


Intense verbal firepower



 Demands respect



 Complex character






 Sure of himself


 Can take care of himself

 Extremely picky
 Knows himself enough to control his emotions

  Interesting point of view!




 He's a survivor

 Alan Rickman

First of all, Snape has some intense verbal firepower. He can cut down a
person with his speech faster than a chainsaw on a sapling. Being rather
sarcastic myself and having sarcastic coworkers/friends, I enjoy
a good
match of wits and words
. Snape brings them out in a smoking goblet. On the
other hand,
he also knows not to waste words when a sneer or scowl will do.

Second, for being a disliked teacher at Hogwarts,
he demands some respect.
How would you like to put up with a class of Potters, Grangers, and Weasleys
for about 10 months out of every year--and all of them hate your guts? I'd
be rather caustic too!

Third, he is very complex.
Just when you think you figured him out, he turns
out another face
, adds another twist, and sends you down yet another path
trying to ascertain who he really is. He still has a lot of secrets and
uncertainties hidden under his swishing black cloak, adding to his mysticism.
This is, I think, a big credit to Rowling's writing skills.

Fourth, he's smart. Not just book smart, but street smart as well. Add his
cunning and ability to think on his feet, and
he becomes the Coyote, the
trickster in Native American tales
that not only fooled others with his
conniving and deception, but sometimes fooled himself.

Fifth--and despite some opinions to the contrary--
I don't see Snape as
self-loathing; in fact, quite the opposite.
He is extremely sure of himself.
He knows what he needs to do, and he knows how he can do it. Even though he
has that tragic, lonely, melancholy presence that anyone with an inkling of
caretaking in their personality would just want to swoon over (Here,
Severus, let me do ___, it'll help you feel better),
he can take of
himself, thank you very much. If he wants you, he'll let you know.

He's extremely picky because he knows he deserves to be. He knows himself enough
to have control over his emotions.
Even if it doesn't take much to make him
livid, he doesn't blast someone through a wall at the first insult.
(Otherwise, Rowling wouldn't have much of a story, since Harry wouldn't
survive the first book!)
I can pull a Trelawney and predict if Snape has
any kind of romantic interest any time soon, it'll be with someone who's
more Snape than Snape.  

he stands by those who he really trusts, even when it appears they
have gone completely mental. There's been many a time he could've wrote
Dumbledore off as a senile bumblehead, but he is loyal to the point of doing
good deeds for those he detests, and risking his life--because Dumbledore
said so. (Of course, by reason Three, in the next book he could twist again
and betray Dumbledore..who knows?)

he's a survivor. I'm a survivor, too. Pretty self-explanatory.

I've seen a lot of positive comments about Alan Rickman's performance in the
movie. Yes, Alan did a smashing acting job and is a heartthrob to me no
matter what he does. However, in the books Snape is, as James Potter
mentions in The Prisoner of Azkaban, "an ugly git." You can't make Alan ugly
enough (though he almost succeeded in Galaxy Quest).


 Intelligent, educated

I love Snape for several reasons.  He is tall, strong, powerful, dark, mysterious, a hint of danger, more than a hint of cruelty, but deep down inside he is a good person (ie. saving Harry's life during the Quidditch match).  He has a strong, masculine face, an amazing mouth, dark, piercing eyes, long black hair, and a voice like velvet purring.  He's intelligent, educated and highly placed in his society


Villain type
 Alan Rickman's handsome self

 Hidden broken heart

I never knew that what drove me wild about him drove everyone else wild as well. Ive always had a thing for villains. Alan Rickman plays my favorite villains. They all have that cute accent, that deep unique voice, and of course those handsome looks about them. Snape has to be my absolute favorite though. He gives the dirtiest looks, hes got the greatest costume, and hes just so MEAN. Yet, you know that a broken heart lies within him.  The thing about these men who have been hurt in the past is that just maybe, if I was to get to know him, I could help him show him love again. But, I doubt J.K. Rowling would ever do that because then that mystery and darkness would disappear and he would be just like any other character. But its the dreaming that makes it so fun. J

  Remains alone

Mysterious, dark, intense, sarcastic, you know all of the usual reasons, but most of all, even though he is surrounded by those whom he can trust he remains very much alone. Its that secrecy that he wraps around himself that creates such a compelling aura upon him.

 Author relates to him

I love Snape because of the eyes and the voice Alan Rickman gave him .
At the other side I like him because Im like him.
I often feel like he is described in the books . Ive the same point of view about humor, what kind of pupils we  should take in and about the way we should teach ( Im a teacher at a private school) . However, almost none of my fellow teachers agree with me.
And, Ive an habit to love mystical long haired man .
Lestat was the first, Snape is the next . (Lestat is from Interview with a Vampire)

Pseudo-evil appearances
 Dark anti-hero kind

Author associates with Snape
 Complexity of character

(I extracted the information that was for me only to see and put what concerned Snape here since I truly liked this original analysis)
Snape characters all appear evil on the outside, but once you examine their psyches you see that they have a rationale for their behavior and that in reality they may actually be the true hero.  Even their most heinous acts can be explained away and the reader begins to sympathize with the dark anti-hero.

  I believe love is narcissistic.  I love Snapish characters because I see a little of myself in them.  They are also very complex characters - they do not appeal to casual readers.  They are not necessarily what they appear to be.


Posted August 25th


  Death Eater past




His past/childhood


Potential lover life =

  What would happen if Snape fell for Ginny Weasley? (funny)

 The sexiest thing about Snape is his potential.  He has been a death-eater.  One can only imagine the atrocities he has committed in his past.  There is an underlying anger that seethes from him through the cold exterior: the contradiction of fire and ice in one person.  If he were to lose control of himself, as he did at the end of #3, he would be a force to be reckoned with.  If that loss of control were aimed at a woman, he would be the type of insatiable, passionate lover that would leave a woman breathless.  Unfortunately, due to his solitary nature and tendancy to withdraw from emotion and feeling, it would only be a night to remember, and would leave both of them hurt. 

It was said of him by Sirius Black that he "knew more curses when he arrived at school than half the kids in the seventh year" (Goblet of Fire).  It makes one wonder about his upbringing.  Was his father a death-eater, or at least an early supporter of You-Know-Who?  If others were aware that he knew these, he must have used them.  Was he reared with a thirst for power or was he so oppressed as a child that it was an obsession? 

Snape's sexiness stems from a meeting of a woman's nurturing nature and the fantasy of being swept off her feet by a rogue.  Gracious treatment in public, animal treatment in the bedroom, with quiet moments when he divulges bits about himself that a kindhearted touch from a lover can only heal on the surface. 

(As an aside, I think it would be highly amusing were he to fall for Ginny Weasley.  Can you imagine the conflict, not only of the forbidden teacher/student relationship, but of a man falling for a woman who has six older brothers who loathe him?)


Alan Rickman

 While dark and mysterious is usually appealing, I think this really boils down to Snape being portrayed by Alan Rickman. Who doesn't go for the intensity he brings to all his characters? And of course the voice... well cast indeed.

  Alan Rickman acting


Snape's role in the story

  Not emotional

 The truth is, I was never really interested in the whole "Harry Potter" series since it seemed to be getting annoying after seeing it everywhere and in everything. However, I like to think that I have an open mind so I rented it recently and absolutely loved it. I think what I made me so interested in it afterwards was Snape and how well Alan Rickman portrayed the character. Snape seems so intelligent and always aware of his surroundings. No one - not even the famous Harry Potter - was able to realize who was really after the stone. In the end it was Snape's keen sense of intuition and ability to catch evil in its tracks that were correct; not Potter's theory that Snape was the one who was after it. Snape seemed suspicious because he knew what was going on, which put Potter on his trail. Snape lead him to finding out the truth. Without Snape, Harry probably would've died. Beside's his intelligence, I like the fact that Snape isn't distracted by emotion nor is he attached to students, unlike some of the other teachers. Also, Alan Rickman is pretty damn cute, so that's definitely a big plus.

His role in the story

His eyes

Alan Rickman

I think the main reason why I find Professor Snape so interesting is because he plays his part so well. He is very mysterious and you don't really know what he is up to, and I find that very interesting.  Also, his eyes are so amazing, I love the way his eyes look.  I mean, if I where to see him in person, the first thing I would look at would be his eyes. I LOVE his eyes.

To me, he is  a very entertaining  person in the movie. I love to watch him,  he just takes my breath away.  I find Alan Rickman to be a outstanding actor. I just love to watch him act.

Posted July 30th


His mystery


His kind heart

His intelligence


"Snape, for me this is such an odd subject. I am NEVER normally attracted to this type, but there is something about him that I can't stay away from! It kind of drives me nuts... I'm not into this sort of thing, witchcraft and the like... but I know the kind of person I like. Snape is not your typical Christian, blond, blue-eyed boy, not at all! I think what attracts me to him is his mystery and power.
I love the kind of person who is such a mystery to everyone, I love "cracking the code" I love getting to know people that nobody else really knows, it is just something I can't resist.
Snape has this mystery that I so long to understand that it is addicting! 

I also LOVE guys with great hair, and Snape has great hair, I think it sets the whole ensemble. 

One more thing about the personality, though Snape seems cold and distant, he has got to have a heart of gold, I mean, he was the one trying to save Harry! That means that there is so much more to him than we understand.
He also has this wit that is wonderful, it is sarcastic but tame, and that is so attractive, he is not a dunce, he is completely educated and he uses it to teach people lessons.
I don't really understand what it is about him that really makes me this nuts about him, I have to confess I haven't read the books, I'm sorry, so I can't say if I liked him or not in the books.
I think he is sophisticated, powerful, mysterious, seductive, intense, and I can't figure out why. I came to this site hoping to find out. and I really think it helps and does a world of good to write it all down and at least get it out of your system."



Snape as a whole




  Snape's committed to teaching




Why people hate him:

" It's not sexual. It's not romantic. It's deep down inside in the guts. It hurts. It's all about him. Dark, mysterious, long black hairs, it's already my kind. Those black eyes that reach you deep in your soul, coldly, can run a shiver down to your spine. He's been hurt, right trough the heart. His hate, it's all about that. He can't give his trust to anyone. He's so lonely because he's so scared to let go... He's so rigid! When nobody seems to look at him, we can see a deep sadness in his eyes. But, he has no one to talk to. Remember, he's been on the dark side. It's not easy to come back like nothing has happened. That leaves a mark. Snape has a dark, sad past. It grasps him by the throat. He's not an evil man, he's a sad man who protects with stiffness the bit of sanity he still have. If he let go, he may crash down and have no one to help him. When I think of him, I see myself as a friend for him. A dark strange friend who's there when he needs to. Not a lover, but a confident; the confident of his tormented soul. I like him for his pain and the way he tries to overcome it. And... so much more...

We walk with determination; the burden of his past lives only in his sad eyes. He has a great commitment to teaching. It's all that's left. I see him alone in his dungeon, reading old dusty books by the candlelight. Not much more for a life. He's an intelligent man, but he's a prisoner too. He has a kind of distinction. And his voice... low but not quite a whisper, slow but not drawling. All of Snape, the way he moves his hands, his voice, his eyes, are parts of his dark and rich personality. And all of that grabbed my heart and intellect.

But why everybody (or almost) hates him? We must reconsider that for a moment. First, the other teachers respect him, a polite kind of respect. We don't know much about the relationship between the teachers. It's seems that Snape is a little bit alone out there. But he has the respect of the students of the Slytherin house. He's scary, he's stiff, it's why he's feared and hated by most of the students of Hogwarts. So, I think Snape is alone because it's easier for him. He's uneasy with feelings. It's better to be alone and never show his weakest parts. Snape don't want to appear hurt or weak. He's a proud, too proud, man. He likes to scare his student because it gives him a sensation of power. It's only to ease the pain. He's human. Even though he hates Harry, he helped him (the Quidditch match). The same with the werewolf professor (Remus Lupin). Even though Snape is jealous of him, he still helps him with his curse. It's the tricky part! It's the details that make Snape so human and not so bad. He is very dedicated with his work and responsibilities. Even when it might hurt him!

That's why I love Snape. That's why I read the books and see the film over and over and over. That's why I found your web site! Thank you for loving him too :)" 
Snape's dark side

His choice to remain on the good side

" I like his biting sarcasm, but that's just one of the things that makes him appealing. I think his appeal is similar to someone's favorite character in a soap opera, being the villain or liking the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks. He has a certain nasty quality that is charismatic. Also, he is such a full character, so full of good and evil like he can go either way but chooses to be good. Much better than someone who's always good. Just not realistic." 

He is complex

  Alan Rickman's interpretation

"I love Snape especially since book 4, where his character becomes deeper and more complex. I have closed book four wondering who he really was, and hoping to learn more about him in book five. Before, I didn't realize how much this character was interresting.
In book 3, I was amazed, because his hate for Sirius was so strong that it made him act stupidly at the end, quite madly, and it is a surprise that an intelligent man could lose his intelligence only by hate.
I love Snape because he is intelligent, complex, sarcastic, lonely, brave, strong minded,...and also because actor Alan Rickman is very handsome and good as Snape...:o)" 
Tragic hero


Artistic side (hidden)

  Alan Rickman's interpretation


Why people hate him:

" He is such the tragic hero.  He is cruel and mean, but it seems like that is just a cover for something, some terrible past he has had to overcome.  He is intelligent, but not just smart he is also cunning, logical, and very intuitive.  It's like he has a sixth sense sometimes--he always knows what's going on.  "He was putting two and two together as only Snape could..." 
He also is very complex -you feel like you could know him for years and never really know him.  You get the feeling that somehow there is an artist hidden behind his callousness--just the way he speaks about potions makes it obvious that he has some poetic quality.

Then of course, Alan Rickman brought to the part in the movie so much.  He was just unbelieavably sexy.  Those piercing eyes and that great hair and the incredibly menacing voice.  He has a look in his eyes like he knows everything you are thinking.  A great quote I read on a page said "his face is a study in annoyance."  His reactions are so subtle they are almost over the top.

Finally, my theory on why someone so damn cool in a book isn't loved is this.  The people who like him, I am speaking generally here, are all people who are pretty intellegent and who are artistically inclined (try to find a Snape page without fanfic/fanart and theories).  The one person who I've met who was Snape-like was generally disliked by mostly everyone, except for the few students who actually got his sarcastic jokes and obscure references to whatever.  I think that Snape can't stand people who aren't as intellegent as he is, but if you are smart enough to understand him then he becomes an entirely different person.  A really funny one.





  His courage






Why people love him:

"Why do I love Snape? God that's a hard one! I think my obsession with him started ay the end of book 1 when we discover that Snape's been protecting Harry all year. I thought "aww love him, he does care really, very very VERY deep down!". The most attractive thing about his character though has to be that he's the biggest mystery at Hogwarts, and that's incredibly sexy! He comes across as such a cruel, sarcastic person (actually he's a right bastard at times!), which is why he is so disliked and the object of suspiscion among the non-slytherin students. You sort of feel sorry for him don't you? He doesn't seem to have any friends, hardly ever leaves the castle,and never appears to enjoy himself (although I'm sure there's no shortage of muggle women out there who'd like to show him a good time!).

He's always being put down, bless him, and suffers disappointments (e.g. the loss of the Order of Merlin), probably why he's always in such a bad temper. But despite this Dumbledore and Hagrid are protective of him. Dumbledore is the only person he trusts and respects (he must do to have shaken hands with Sirius!), and also Dumbledore is the only person who knows why Snape turned to their side. The suspense is killing me! There are so many missing pieces to our delicious Potions Master that need filling in. Will Voldemort really kill him? Will he EVER be nice to poor Harry? Will he settle his differences with Remus and Sirius? Why does he favour Draco Malfoy when he knows his father's a Death Eater? Why did he flinch in book 4 when Harry named Lucius Malfoy as a Death Eater? And will he fall in love in book 5, 6, or 7?

Hmm....what have I missed? Oh yes, he's sooo brave! He faced Fluffy for a start, and then there's the spying against Voldemort thing. That's very sexy! And even though he's often the object of ridicule among the students, and sometimes unpopular with the Hogwarts staff, he's still on their side! He's also extremely bright and talented, though he's not perfect. He has a tendancy to get a little excitable (that "look of suppressed triumph") whether he's catching Harry or cornering Sirius, which is cute. He's also so serious he's funny, and I'm sure I'd fancy him even if I was a Gryffindor student at Hogwarts. I'd be getting detention in his office every lesson!
Another reason I think he's got so many adoring female fans is that he's not real, so you can't be disappointed by him (unless J.K. Rowling sends him back to the Dark Side, but that's not going to happen). I'm so addicted to the intriguing personality that is Severus Snape, I just know I'll be queuing outside the book shop at midnight to get my hands on book 5 when it's released! Although I've promised myself I'll get out a bit more before then...." 

His hidden goodness


  His heroism



Alan Rickman's interpretation

" This is my view on Severus Snape on why I like him and why I think others like him. These are only opions so I'm not speaking for everyone.

 I think there's more to Severus Snape than just a cold manner and witty, cynical remarks. I think that in him, deep inside, there's suppose to be some good. We know he'd never let anything hurt Harry even though he loathes the boy, and we know he has his loyalty were it belongs when it comes to choosing Dumbledore over the Death Eaters. I think he's a very well planned-out character with many dimensions to his personality. He's bitter, sarcastic, dark, but these are only walls built up around a heart that is actually made of gold.

Rowling's characters seem to be based on real personalities of people. They have more than just your sterotypical villian way to them or your typical hero and Severus Snape is a bit of both.

When we first look at him, we believe he's evil and in his past, with the Death Eaters, he probably was rather ruthless; but something in his past got to him. Something in his past made him change his mind and repledge his loyalty, consider his true values, and what really is the right thing to do and now, he is a hero even though a very unlikely one at that.. Yet, if you look at what he does and what he most likely had to put up in his past with the Death Eaters and such, you can see why he acts so heartless. People do that when they've had it hard and it can easily be assumed that Severus Snape has indeed had a hard struggle through his life. 

 Then as far as what attracts girls to him, he's tall, dark, and in our minds, handsome. The books describe him as greasy with a hooked nose but then again, we may be looking at him from Harry's point-of-view and MY point-of-view was sparked by the fact that they casted Alan Rickman, tall, talented, respectalbly good-looking, and charming... that doesn't help us see Severus Snape as ugly. He's dangerous, mysterious, and his voice is silky and low. So basically what I'm saying is the reason I like Severus Snape is because there is more there to him than some greasy, cynical, git with a horrible rep to match." 

His whole personality


One can relate to Snape


Snape possesses qualities some would like to have themselves




Would you like him if you were one of his students?

" I saw the movie before reading the books, so I have the Alan Rickman version of Snape stuck in my head, but to be honest, it's not physical beauty that attracts me too him. It's his personality and the way his mind works. I'll start with his personality.

Snape reminds me of myself in many ways. He's a loner. He prefers his own company and doesn't spend much time with others. He's bitter and resents certain people. Mostly the popular ones who really aren't that much more special then any other human being but everyone likes to put them on a pedestal anyway. The man is a perfectionist and doesn't seem to like to rely on other people. And he has little patience for most people, especially those who lack common sense. And deep down, it seems like he wants to be noticed for his efforts. Like he wants to appreciated for what he does, and probably, dare I say it, loved.

These are characteristics I understand all too well, since I have them myself. And because of that I can relate to him and that makes him a favorite. Snape also possesses characteristics that I myself wish I had.

First is his sarcasm. I love it. I wish I could be more sarcastic and beat someone down with a witty response. Also, he has no problem stating how he feels, and isn't held back by worrying about another person's feelings. While harsh, this is still one trait I admire because I feel like I get walked all over because I don't always stand up for myself. The man is also very clever and can figure things out quickly and is correct (most of the time) in his deductions.

And Snape is not a procrastinator. He gets things done and does so very well. And I love the way he controls his emotions. Sure this comes across as cold to many people, but he is able to keep his cool and not allow other
people to ruffle his feathers. Granted, Harry seems to really get him at times, especially at the end of book 3, but overall Snape cool, confident, and in control. God, I wish I could be that way.

Now if he were a real person and I actually encountered him at Hogwarts, would I still feel the same way? Hard for me to say. I admit that if I was pushed hard, I wouldn't be appreciative of it at first. And if I wasn't a Slytherin, I don't know if I'd really appreciate his bias towards his own house. I'm not always good about trying to understand other people or why
they are the way they are. Perhaps it's my own arrogance, or maybe I just need to work with my way of thinking more, but it would get in the way of truly understanding a person. As the years progressed and I got to see more of Snape and perhaps tried to understand him more, I do believe I would develop an appreciation for his talents and his intelligence. Then again, given my liking for dark and serious characters, I could just develop a crush based on his nature. ^_~

Anyway, that is why I adore Snape. Yes, I am very fond of him. He is an intriguing character and I do hope to learn more about him in the books to come." 
Snape's sexy in his pseudo-evil ways
" Snape, let's see...

    Well, he might be a right nasty pasty but that's one of the sexy things about him - he's a bad guy but not really a bad guy! He's a teacher.. that might be a bit kinky but I like it. He also has the sexiest voice in the whole world, the way he talks so.. very... slowly...YUM! 

    I can't really explain my fascination with him.  It started in Book 1 and then with the film everything just fell into place - Severus Snape is just so damn sexy it's incredible!" 


The complexity of his character within the story

  His contradicting ways





His concern for others

Snape is misunderstood



The hidden facts about Snape's life


I think it boils down to the fact that there is such a dichotomy about him, we know him almost exclusively from his relationships with other characters in the story and their OPINIONS of him...he speaks very little on his own behalf. Since opinions differ it's hard to decide what Snape is really all about. For example, there is the contradiction between his relationships to the children and his interactions with Hogwarts staff. He seems to have the respect of his colleagues, no one on the staff fears him, and he is in place at Hogwarts presumably because he has valuable knowledge that is necessary for the children to learn and that he presumably wants to teach even the dunderheads. Yet, it is entirely understandable why the students don't like him and tremble in his presence, (particularly Neville, whose most feared thing in "Chamber of Secrets" boggart lesson was Snape). If Snape were indeed as bad as the children think, we can be sure that Dumbledore would not allow him to work there. I don't think Hagrid would defend him either, and I trust Hagrid's judgement of character in people (if not beasts) because Hagrid is just that kind of guy you have to love and trust. Hagrid also seems to be able to see the good in people and express it in a way that convinces you he is right. We also know that Snape often appears to be doing the exact opposite of what he is really doing. Several times, the children in the story made the mistake of suspecting that Snape was doing evil when in fact he was battling it and protecting the children from it. We know, too, that Snape is deeply concerned for Hogwarts and all who reside there when we are led to believe that he is a conniving man who uses his position on the faculty at the school to stroke his own ego or bring ruin to Hogwarts from the inside. Another contradiction about Snape is when you think about it, he embodies all the characteristics of all the Hogwarts houses...he is academically brilliant enough to be a Ravenclaw, he is passionate and concerned enough to be a Hufflepuff, courageous enough to be a Gryffindor, and secretive enough to be a Slytherin. However, I would say that from what we know about Snape as an honest, tell-it-like-it-is kind of guy, he is least of all Slytherin-like, and yet there he is, leading the group which has produced every dark wizard so far and the group that is known for being deceptive and calculatingly mean. Actually, I suppose that Snape appeals to me in many ways because of this, because he is misunderstood by the reader AND all of the children in the story. Being misunderstood is definitely a situation that brings forth a certain amount of going against the grain and therefore, courage. I have to respect that Snape sticks to his identity even if we don't fully understand him, and no matter what other people think of him. But perhaps the most appealing thing about Snape's character to me is that I know there is more to his story...and that if I keep reading, I may learn the facts behind the mystery of Snape's character. I can't wait to find out more about him, and I am wondering what will happen with him in later HP installments, particularly to the relationship between Snape and Potter. I must admit I am quite torn between the two possible outcomes: it would be nice to understand Snape's past, to see him go a little soft, and to see him give Harry a break if not reconciling fully with him, since after all, Harry is relatively new at this wizarding stuff...on the other hand, if you respect Snape's backbone at all, it's easy to hope that he doesn't change a bit. All this has peaked my curiosity to see what Snape is really all about and I am looking forward to hearing more of his story in the future. Alas, once Mrs. Norris is out of the bag, will I really be glad I found out what kind of guy Snape is? Is it the thrill of wondering about the mystery or the unveiling of it?"