To put a form on your Angelfire site, you need to know a bit of coding. We can provide you with a sample script (see below) that handles the request of the person's browser. Just note that if you need further assistance on something more complicated, we suggest resources such as visiting the Angelfire Blog or searching the Internet for other helpful resources. If you want the results of the form emailed to you, the code is different from having the results stored in a file on your site. Here's an example of a basic contact form:

Information Request

What is your name?

What is your email address?

If you want the results emailed to you, enter your email address where it says "", and remove the line If you want the results saved, and not emailed, remove the line Remember to change the "" to the page you want to display as a "thank you" page, or END URL. Be sure to put the full path of this page as the link. Also, if having the email results sent to you, keep in mind that it is extremely likely that your ISP will filter this as spam, especially if a lot of them are sent daily. This is unavoidable in today's day and age.