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Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
Dragonlance Saga.

Raistlin is the brother of one of the main characters, and pretty much has sold his health, and perhaps his soul for knowledge and the promise of power, but somehow, you can't help but relate to him and "love" him (though he in true snapish fashion would despise you for this). And in one of their books in a note at the end the authors talked about how surprised they were at their readers' response to the character.

About Raistlin:
Very Weak
Very Sly
Very Powerful Mage (He kick ass the Goddess od darkess)
Very Dark
Sour/bad Attitude
Get hurt by people alot.
Passionate about his magic
Think people around him are stupid like his brother
Poeple do not tust Raistlin
Do not trust people
Care of a handfull of people like Bupu (gully-dwarf), Palin and his brother Caramon
Keeps very quiet
Rarely Eat
Very harsh to people
He see the World as a unfair place. 
Have Hourglass eyes - It is a curse. He see things crumbled around him 
He know how is the dark side like. and he did not want his brother or Bupa to follow him. 

Short thing about him in the Younger days:
Raistlin, The most powerful Mage on Earth. His twin brother Caramon tall, handsome and everyone loves him. But Raistlin weak, a bit short, everyone do not like him. When Riastlin was born, he was about to die But his half sister Kitiara Uth-Matar save him. They are pretty poor. Their father died. and mother too. But all the years past, People make fun for him and etc. When he was very young, he told one of the mage that he will make those people who look down on him to bow to him one day. So Raistlin was called Sly when he was in the Magic school. Master Theobald, his teacher and the studest fear him. His brother fear him too. But his brother was do anything to help Raistlin if to go into darkness, Caramon will go there.

What I think about Raistlin:
Some Readers love him and Some hate him. He is not really evil or bad. It is just that he is fighting with his demon in him. No one understands him. The Pain and hurt that people do to him is hurtting him.  


- Oh he not only sold his soul to the (at the time of the soul selling) most powerful wizard in Krynish history, but he went back in time and killed said evil wizard thus becoming the most powerful wizard.  (Until his Nephew surpasses him in power that is...but thats beside the point)


- Was Evil, but did help the Companions (The White Hats) defeat Takisis (And evil Goddess).  Because it was not only the right thing to do, but because the bitch just kept pissing him off. 

  • - Powerful
  • - Dark
  • - Ambitious
  • - Cunning
  • - Very Sarcastic
  • - Sarcastic
  • - Perfectionist
  • - Had a rough childhood, was teased because he was smart and frail.
  • - Because he was physically week he became magically powerful.
  • - Intense (His eyes are hour class shaped, and he sees everything dying and decaying)
  • - Beautiful and graceful hands.
  • - Evil, Evil, Evil (But is willing to help the good guys when it suits his purpose)
  • - Sexy...ooo baby ooo baby.
  • - (I recommend reading the Legend series: Time of the Twins, War of the Twins and another one I can't recall at this time...but its pretty good.)

Raistlin and Snape are so alike that you should put him on top of the list. You simply have to read the saga. His relationship to the cleric Crysania is so fascinating and I believe that Snape would react to a woman he exact same way that Raistlin does to Crysania.

If you like fantasy books such as Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Northern Lights (Philip Pullman), Alanna (Tamora Pierce) you should read the DragonLance saga. It's well worth it.


Raistlin, twin of Caramon, was born 326 AC. He very nearly died at birth, the midwife having left him for dead. It was only because of Kitiara, his half-sister, that he survived.

Throughout his childhood he was very weak, but also scarily intelligent and perceptive – very unlike his brother. He was also very courageous, living with pain for most of his life. He never cared much for the arts of war, preferring to study.
This, his strange stare that seemed to see through a person, and his cynicism meant that he was never very popular with his classmates or teachers.

He took to magic very well, having been born with the gift, learning to read the language almost instantly. He sought knowledge, power, and answers above all things. His ambition grew with his power, until he took the test of high sorcery at the tower of Wayreth. There he was aided by Fistandantilus, a powerful magic user who had lived since before the Cataclysm, in return for which the spirit entered his body and dwelt there, which had the effect of sapping Raistlin’s strength. During the test he was attacked by a dark elf. He survived due only to Fistandantilus' help, but his skin turned a metallic gold.

The mages at the tower gave him pupils shaped like hourglasses that saw time as it affects all things to try and teach him compassion. Thus he was cursed to see all life around him slowly dying and withering.

After time, Fistandantilus planned to take over Raistlin, but with the power that Raistlin gained from Fistandantilus’ spiritual force and a dragon orb, Raistlin overcame Fistandantilus and fought for possession of his life-force.

He then traveled back in time to learn more from Fistandantilus, then became him, possessing his body and spirit. Raistlin was now the most powerful magic user that had ever lived. And as his power grew, so did his ambition. He sought to enter the abyss, defeat the Queen of Darkness and become a god. He manipulated and used Crysania, a cleric of Paladine (who fell in love with him), and Caramon, his brother to this end. When he entered the abyss however, he failed when he found out that this would lead to the destruction of Krynn and all beings except for himself.

It was later said that he sacrificed himself to save the world. Raistlin in fact sacrificed himself so that he might continue to live a meaningful existence. Unfortunately, this was constant torture at the hands of the Queen of Darkness, but he had a chance to return to Krynn.

Later, he left the abyss to help Palin Majere, his nephew, and Usha defeat the forces of Chaos during the second cataclysm. When the Gods left he went with them.


      "Death is life’s one great certainty"

      "Someday you – with all your strength and charm and good looks – you – all of you, will call me master!"
      "You never did understand me, Caramon"

      "I don't need you! I don't want you around! Go ahead! Play with those fools! You're all a pack of fools together! I don't need any of you!"

      "All my life, I was my own person. The choices I made, I made of my own free will. I was never held in thrall by anyone or anything; not even the Queen of Darkness herself! Bow to others in reverence and respect, but never in slavery!"

      Raistlin to Caramon
         "Would you?" Raistlin asked softly. "Would you go with me into darkness?"

     Caramon hesitated, his lips grew dry, fear parched his throat. He could not speak, but he nodded, twice.

     "I truly believe you would," Raistlin marveled, almost to himself.
      Kitiara talking about Raistlin to Caramon
       "Raistlin's using you! He always has, he always will! He doesn't care a Flotsam penny for you. He'll use you to get what he wants, and when he's finished with you, he'll throw you away as if you were a bit of rag he'd use to wipe his ass. He'll make your life hell, Caramon! Hell!"

Staff of Magius

A ball of bright crystal, clutched in a disembodied bronze claw, carved to resemble the talon of a dragon, at the top of a polished mahogany staff. Its powers are limited only by its user; once the mage learns the staff's true nature, great power may be summoned.

It was owned by three of the greatest magic users in the history of Krynn – Magius, Raistlin and Palin.

Written by Selim Cambazoglu