What is this?

This is  a continuation of Cicierega's work as well as a parody of  Rowling's Harry Potter books and movies. You must see Cicierega's animations BEFORE (to go press BACK or click here) or else, many puns and jokes will be completely lost on you. Such as the butterflies for example. Go back, all is there. Once you've seen everything, come back here!
Don't miss the butterflies or you won't get it!


I, Lady Claudia, decided to make this animated comic strip when I learnt of the existence of the Potter Puppet Pals Scene Maker on the Internet. I've always loved all of Neil Cicierega's Flash parody animations of Harry Potter, and I wanted to do something like that. I could not come up with such an original and funny idea, so I decided to make use of the Scene Maker instead of inventing everything from scratch. Also, I know how the Potter Puppets have been popular and I've read enough comments on how fans miss them and want more, me included. But it sounds as though Cicierega is quite busy, unfortunately for us. So I decided to start this in honour of the Cicierega and, of course, J. K. Rowling without whom this would never have been possible.


 From the Scene Maker, I made static images by moving the characters around so it would be like a small comic book. I intended to use one sentence for each image... but I ended up using two or more pretty much all the time.  Then, I decided to add some special effects, and then some sounds, and finally music... along with new ideas I got while working on it...  No need to say that this simple pet project of mine got quite large. However, I do think it was worth it for I amused myself very much, trying to find ways to use Harry Potter clichés in a funny way and so on. Music was the toughest! It's so hard finding the appropriate one for each scene.  

What format?

I used Power Point to make this because, as I said before, it was supposed to be short and sweet. I upgraded my account so now I'm down to 3 files only!! Yeah!!! Much better than 12!
 I'm rather good at this program so all is well timed out nonetheless. There are "pauses/breaks" between each.   I could have used Macromedia Flash, but I didn't want to start on that program again (I did in the past), because it was supposed to be very simple in the beginning. Oh well! Maybe next time I'll do so, except I can't have the voices of the characters which is my greatest shame for this!! Just imagine them!

If you have problems, e-mail me!  


Adventure 1

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