Iíve never seen anyone admit to this

opinion on the message boards, but I say he was the

perfect person to teach Harry occlumency.  Even if

Harry would have been more willing to learn it from

Dumbledore, Snapeís the one he should practice with,

because he needs to be able to use it against someone

he hates.  And who better to teach DADA then someone

who knows all the death eater tactics?  DADA is a very

interesting issue to me.  It seems like they (not

entirely sure who exactly I mean by ďtheyĒ) are afraid

to prepare students for the real world.  The thing is,

you canít teach defense without indirectly showing

them about the spells they are defending against.

Even if you donít actually teach them the dark arts,

you will put ideas in their heads which they might go

off to the library or wherever and figure out for

themselves.  Itís sort of like... no one would dream

of suggesting that kids should be taught how to safely

handle firearms in school, or how to fight with a

knife.  Any kind of self defence (boxing, wrestling,

all the martial arts, etc.) is strictly

extra-curricular.  I donít know where Iím going with

all this... but next time Iím in a particularly evil

mood I should bring it up on a message board--bet I

could start one hell of a flame war!  >:-)