I finished Part 6 but you didn't mention it, so I suppose this did not make it. I had sent it to myself twice and I got both. So if you still haven't gotten this one, it means your server is to blame.  I really hope you get it!!


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Again! X_x  Gee!  One of the servers is an e-mail eating machine this week!  Again I'm sending two copies to me. Let's see if you get it. 



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Hi!! I've just finished Part 6 ^_^  I read the last three chapters and before I knew it, it was over.   See below for my review!


I'm so glad you'll help me!  I admit that it is very hard for me to have resolve about this on my own.  And yes, if I can transform my life like I did by moving to Toronto, I can surely take control of my body once more like I used to. I tend to forget that, thank you for reminding me. Also, I trust you to come up with the right exercises, too, don't worry I should be able to do them all because I'm still pretty flexible.  As for the scale, maybe you're right. I didn't have one in Japan, my clothes told me how much weight I'd lost so maybe I should keep it at that. Loose clothes are always encouraging, unlike a scale.


I went after ordering healthy Japanese food (fed me well and the leftovers will make 3 good meals at least, so I won't have to bother cooking good food while in this state). I bought things considering fat, sugar and sodium.  I know how to check labels according to daily percentage and grams/serving. There's been a lot of info going around about the importance of checking the label but especially the ratio. That's how you know if the company is trying to pass off 1 cookie or 3 cookies with the same amount of sugar. Then I'll know which product to discard.  I found some little things and I bought some more eggs.  Lucky I don't have any chocolate or ice cream left here ; )  My house is sugarless in terms of a quick fix since I'm really in no danger to start cooking anything myself! Ha ha! Anything to keep me from cooking and cleaning up the mess.  Many things at the store had either a lot of sodium or sugar in them as you said, but I'll go shopping at the supermarket where they have a huge selection. Then I will be able to find products that have a good balance between fat, sugar and sodium, unlike processed or dry food.  One ramen bowl of less than 300 g had 1400mg of sodium O_O  No thank you!  I'll also eat along with Kitty Snape because he likes fish a lot so that will motivate me to cook or buy more of it.  Then he'll be by my side when I eat it. ^_^ I also have a rice cooker.  I'll resume drinking green tea, too.  I really shouldn't have stopped because it's really good for water retention.  I'll try to get hold of those non-sweet Japanese rice cakes, too. It's red beans inside and it's very good for your health (I know, so many Japanese told me ; ) and I learnt to love the taste as a dessert, too.


Is orange juice (the frozen type made of concentrate) made of natural sugars or not? What about honey?



Claudia xxxxx


"You only saw Dumbledore die.  I had to kill him!  Think on that.”
Against their better judgement Harry and Hermione exchanged a smile.  How like Snape to complain – even when


He was talking of having had to murder someone."  Well, I can't say I blame Snape ;) Ha ha!


Dementation Draught!! So that was the potion he worked on in secret! How clever you are, I totally forgot


About it! Foxy!


This chapter is a lot about setting the bluelines for the rest of part 6 I presume... I have to keep on


Reading! :D
You were right about that tent-bag! Hermione had one in Book 7.


Snape unpacking underwear in front of Harry?!  Ha ha ha!


You gave Snape an easy exit to explain why he called Lily a mudblood. You're far kinder than Rowling ;)


Funny banter they have, and then that delicious line "“You know when you’ve been Hermione’d" ^_^


Oh! I just love this part "There was an awkward silence, then–
“Point taken, Potter … May I see that book?”
“He might manage a please next time” Hermione whispered " hahaha


Words of wisdom :"“I expect when Snape looks at you he sees James” she whispered back.  “Can’t be easy for


Either of you.”


Would Snape really leave Harry to the Death Eaters? So he could help bring down Voldemort or just to secure


His hide?  I was always of the opinion that he would lay his life for the boy no matter what, but of course


that's confirmed only thanks to Book 7.


Good thing you used Felicis because that potion was kind of forgotten in Book7. Couldn't have things work out


Too well, now could we!


What a lovely chapter! Gloomy for obvious reasons but how I wish they had interacted together in Book7, just


Like that. So I'm very happy that you provide a version where they have that opportunity.
Whoa! I was so enthralled that it was the end before I knew it and could write anything about it. Way to go


With Part 6 my dear!!! So I assume Part 7 will be the 7th Harry year and the downfall.  IT's interesting how


You have used elements of Book 6 to bring to life an alternate plot and story using some similar points


Rowling used.  Being a Japanese animation fan, I've always loved alternate universes because it's great being


Able to see how characters ould develop if events were changed and other alleys explored. And thanks to


Internet, all the fans over the world have the opportunity to tell their own version of the same characters


And basic action. 
And so I really liked that part!! Good job!