Order of the Phoenix Movie 

Here are the pictures I was able to fish out of the Leaky Cauldron's galleries. Not mine!  
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Not much but still!

High resolution! Great!

hp5_snape012.jpgBoohou! So little Snape in this movie x_X Hell, I even wonder if he'll make an appearance in the next movie to his name!  We were supposed to know Snape's been a Death Eater which is a VERY important plot element. But no, instead we saw Umbridge's life at Hogwarts in and out.

Official members of the Order of the Phoenix

hp5_snape062.jpg No really, did you actually think the movie deserved the title of "Order of the Phoenix?" Did you see those people here often in the movie? I thought it should have been called "Harry Potter and Umbridge " ; )  Hey! They forgot Tonks! Bad bad ; )

Occlumency scene


hp5office_detailed2.jpgharryindungeons2.jpgI thought we missed lots of info on the progress of Harry on this, as well as his reluctance to actually try to master it!  I mention it because it's supposed to be important in the next two movies after all!


You've never seen his eyeball this close up ; ) Unless you're his wife or you are one of the few who acted with him ^o^ Haha!  I was very disappointed here as well, the scene was very important for Harry to understand his father better and his mother, too. But we had no time, we had to see all the new rules put up one by one.  Harry never actually got screen time to think about Snape's memories of his parents nor how he felt ashamed and bad for Snape even : (  Sulking!

"They've got Padfoot, you know where"

hp5_snape042.jpgI can't remember if that's what Harry said exactly, but if he did say that, it proves too much was cut because "you know where" has never been covered in the Occlumency lessons. Not with us.   Snape's face as he said : "No idea!" was excellent though. Perfect!

Wand details and costume