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Dead serious!

From Trailers and Promotional media

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 New!!! Bigger and good quality, too! Click to see it full size! Thanks to Safiyyah!

Another one, obviously from Headpress International something - can't really make it all out so I didn't find where that image came from. Sorry! Again thanks to Safiyyah. I'm more than happy to have at least one shot of this scene!!!


Bad quality, but do we care?! Nah!! Just knowing that Snape is going to be there amongts all the numerous characters of this movie is good enough for me!

Wonder if Snape will pounce on them. See the next picture and you'll know what I mean!! He he! Just as he pounced on Harry in the last movie while teaching DADA.  

Isn't that a funny shot! Can't wait to know how come he did this!  It's not like him to 'touch' students.


I wonder if Snape will show some traces of knowing what's really going on in the film or not?! He's usually so perceptive so I am curious.  

Between Snape and Moody, I'd say Moody was the Death Eater ; ) Ha ha! In fact, they all look very dark on this picture so you couldn't tell if this were the first time one was to look at those characters. 

Look at him, he seems anxious wriggling his hands like that!

Not Quidditch this time. I'm glad Severus is so close to Minerva in this movie! We 'often' see them together. Unfortunately, he was not there for the dancing lessons! Ha ha!! Always serious and grim. I wonder if he's still ticked off by Harry having been chosen for the Triziward Tournament or if he's worried for the boy. I think it may be both in a way because as we know, he doesn't suffer Harry too much but he doesn't want him dead either. And from a logical point of view, Harry is too young to participate, not to mention that Snape, ever the suspicious one, may think that this competition is rigged and meant to harm Potter.  

And of course the Yule Ball. Now sorry here but I am very disappointed!  Didn't they have at least some budget for McGonagall's and Snape's ball clothes?!  Are teachers at Hogwarts so poor they cannot afford anything else?!  I would SO have liked to see Snape in dress robes with a cape or something at least. But NO!! : (  Someone who dresses so formally for teaching is usually not one for presenting himself in ordinary clothes in such a big event! He's been in Slytherin for long enough, he should know that presentation is important. Hence, I am disappointed that the clothing manager did not think about this!

Only Snape  With a frame (small)

Ah! Don't you wish to see him like that more often?! Unfortunately, this is only a production shot... for which I am very grateful!

This is such a HORRIBLE cage!! No wonder he tries to save his neck if that's any indication of what Azkaban looks like! They sure haven't been to Canadian prisons or they would think themselves the most barbaric people of all.  I wish they had not used it then maybe the rating would not have been so controversial. Someone didn't think about it in the first place. A shame!  I wonder if Snape had to go through this?!  And if in the movie we'll get to hear Karkaroff unveil Snape's name as a Death Eater?! That's the least if they decided against having the scene where Snape shows his Dark Mark to Fudge.







Find Waldo... euh Snape! ; ) Almost as obvious as McGonagall.

Ah! Finally a closer look at our favourite Potion Master ^_^
And of course he's suspicious that Potter was allowed in the game ; )

Next to Moody (frankly, I thought Moody was ugly but that his eye was not so bad while it's the opposite!  And I thought Bagman was not looking like this at all. I thought he'd look worst and would be larger.  Both Snape and him look grim however!  

Looks painful! x_x  It was never said retrieving a memory for a Pensieve was so intense was it?!  I've put it here because we know Snape often used it.