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I created this web site to get to know people who want to discover more or discuss about this character in a serious and logical manner (with a pinch of fun too of course!). Why is he so popular in fiction when in reality, Snappish people are not? That's the question that started it all!  This is my lair and where I try to seriously analyse in details what makes Snape who he is, why he acts the way he does, what makes him so popular, and all that is related to this wonderful fiction hero!  
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To non-Snape fans visitors: I've noticed that now not only Snape-fans visit my site, but also more and more HP fans due to the Half-Blood Prince book. First of all, let me thank you for visiting me! Why a special message? Because I'd like people to understand something essential about my web site: I do analyze facts and such, however, I also allow myself to expression opinions. I do so because it's my way of helping people understand Snape's motivations, especially when it comes to characters that bother him like Harry. Why? Because I myself am much of a Snappish person. I call myself a 'happy Snape' but a Snappish person still with similar opinions though have no fear, I do not insult people like Severus!  Nor do I show open disdain unless I'm talking about complete dunderhead strangers while not in their presence. In any case, my analysis are half objective (from my neutral and logical point of view), and half  subjective from my Snappish point of view.  I'm doing this so people will understand Snape more based both on facts and emotions, therefore, I'm trying hard  to think like I assume he does. Thus, please do not take it badly if you see something like that in my analysis:  "Finally! He admits it! And just to answer your question, Harry: "No! Snape surely won't take that as an excuse!" I am doing it like this to show some of Snape's hidden emotions (and mine when faced with such situations)! In a word, you will find much objective ideas, but make note that I trust Snape and I did not based my theories on his being evil in the first place. I believe he's on Albus's side all the way and that I try to think from his perspective when I write subjective comments!  Thank you !

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