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Dear Lady Claudia,

Here is my Why Do You Love Snape Answer and I've done my level best to be honest and accurate.  As I've hit on any points I think are key to my personal responses I've shown those in bold:

The first point is that I noticed him.  What made me notice Snape in the book / film?

Then I kept watching out for him.  Things that maintained my attention in the book / film:

Having 'observed' Snape, what did I find?

Why would I want to impress Snape?

Being a caring person (up to a point) I also want to see Snape healed.  But that only leads to the question 'Why care?' since I don't care about everyone.  Perhaps that is because he seems worthy of care.  Why does he seem worthy:

If a physical relationship was possible between us would it flourish?

Could I become Snape's friend?

That's it - the best I can do - even I don't know all the secrets of my own mind (probably just as well).  Wishing you all the best.

Kind regards,