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Created on July 11th, 2003

What is it?
In this new section, you will be able to share your thoughts about Snape.  I've been asked for this for a while now so here it is!  I've been reluctant to it because there are always so much stupid stuff being said in normal discussion pages all over the Internet, especially when it comes to fans arguing with fans.  That can become pretty ugly!!  But after a lot of people asking me, I've decided to do it anyway, but in my own way!  

Fans should be able to argue about what I have written in my Book Analysis, what fans wrote in the Why do you like Snape? section or the Analysis & Theories section as well.  People should also have the opportunity to talk about subjects, themes or questions that I have not covered yet. You can talk about anything you want.  I have already provided some subjects, but if you have other ideas, please send them to me!  

Why not use a discussion forum?  
Well... this is a very delicate question.  I'll be very honest: I don't want this space to be a forum where anybody can write any stupidity, obscenity or angst about Snape or about the answers of others.  I also hate slang or non-punctuated texts, especially on an international site like mine. Keep in mind that people around the world are reading this.

 For these reasons, I want to keep control of what is being posted here without having to come everyday to delete unwanted messages.  To do so, the easiest way is e-mail.  With e-mails, you are sure to keep everyone's privacy and we're sure of the quality and seriousness of all posts.  Everything will be kept anonymous: each post will have a number plus your nickname to it.  No e-mail address will be given out ever unless the two parties agree to it.

1-Choose a subject
2-Argue, tell me your ideas, agree, disagree or share your thoughts about the chosen subject.
3-Choose a nickname (suggestion for more privacy: don't choose a nickname you are already known for through the Snape network!)
Send me your e-mail
(please use the same name as the suggested argumentation-subjects for your e-mail subject. If you have a new subject, write "new subject")
5-Screening process: I'll post it in the right section as soon as possible.
( If your answer is a response to another post, please mention the post number and nickname so I can put it next to it)
 My assistant, Ann, will help me in the task of screening spelling mistakes, angst, obscenities or incoherent or irrelevant comments.


Color code:

White: Original post
Brown: Answer(s) to original post
Red: My own views or opinions


Subject 1 - The Philosopher's Stone book analysis

Subject 2 - The Chamber of Secrets book analysis

Subject 3 - The Prisoner of Azkaban book analysis

Subject 4 - The Goblet of Fire book analysis

Subject 5 - The Order of the Phoenix book analysis

Subject 6 - Why Snape hates Harry so much?

Subject 7 - ...

Subject 8 - ...

Subject 9 - ...

Feel free to propose any other subjects!!