Posted June 7th, 2003

From Lady Claudia:

 General appeal to help Numair Magelet, the author of the fanfiction Annoying Professor Snape (alternate link).  The thing is, Numair needs help to be able to update it more often. A lot of you know how serious I tend to be. Yet, this fan-fiction always lights my day!  That's why I proposed to help Numair.

The fan-fiction: it's inspired from  the 404 ways to piss of Snape by Amanda.  Hermione is always challenged to do things that will annoy Snape (99 in all).  Yes, Hermione's out of the canon character just by the fact that she agreed to this in the first place, but the last chapter is a remedial to this.  Also, if you believe that Snape tries not to give in to the temptation of showing how annoyed he really is, he doesn't appear so out of character. Therefore, a humorous situation ensues.

Here is what you can do to help: In the different tasks that Numair is writing about, some have notes, stories or newspapers used to annoy or scare Snape.  Those kind of story details are essential but long to write. Thus, you could be the writer of those.  Here are some tasks you can work on and e-mail her. She's give you full credit on them of course and you'll have my full appreciation!!  I'll add more tasks when Numair issues them.

 Hermione's Task: Leave anonymous notes on his desks. Have them say things like 'Remember that summer in 72, Severus dear?' or 'Meet me in the restricted section...and bring a friend!'>
Your task: Write cute, funny or scary little notes to Severus, so that Hermione can leave them lying around for him to discover and worry.  

Hermione's Task:  Send him Valentines in August. Also: to avoid suspicion and create more annoyance give vague hints in these Valentines that they are from people surrounding him.
Your Task: Write Severus Valentines.  I know some ladies out there just dream of doing so, therefore, let your imagination run wild! And then maybe at the end, hint the fact that these come from Draco, Hooch, Minerva, Harry Potter... Free to you!
Hermione's Task: Publish a newsletter detailing his life and everyday activities. Call it 'The Daily Snape'
Your Task: Write the said articles of the Daily Snape.  You can imagine normal activities he would do or that students expect him to do. One could be very accurate to make Snape feel someone is spying his every move, or another could be a severe critic of his teaching ways or prowling techniques to catch students, etc.